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viXra.org is an e-print archive for papers in science and mathematics that was created in reaction to the restrictive submission policies of the well-known arXiv.org physics archive. Since its launch just 7 months ago we has received 529 articles from 176 different authors. That is about 1% of the corresponding figures for arXiv.org and we consider that a very good result. 

The policy of viXra.org is to accept as many submissions as we can provided there is at least some scholarly content and no obvious legal issues. In fact only two authors have had rejections on such grounds so far and the same authors have had other papers accepted by us, so we feel we are living up to our main goal. Of course this policy means that we are open to submissions of a very low quality and many people have been very quick to criticise us for it. However the reality has proven to be quite different. Yes there are some articles that have very obvious faults, but at the same time there are many papers of a very high scientific quality. In fact viXra.org has over a hundred articles with comments indicating that they are already published in peer-reviewed journals. It is alarming to find  that so many worthy papers could not be archived in arXiv.org because of its moderation policy.

Another criticism we have faced is that as a small time operation we may not offer a permanent archive for these documents. The reality of this concern is demonstrated by a similar archive sciprint.org that ran for a few years before vanishing last summer. The good news is that with the help of the administrators of sciprint.org we have been able to recover most of the papers from a backup of the site and have began restoring them to viXra.org using the original dates. In addition, we now have a mirror site rxiv.org that is run entirely independently. This greatly increases the robustness of the archive and we aim to set up further mirrors of this sort.

This blog has been set-up to report news on development of the viXra.org archive, but also to report general news from the world of science and mathematics. It is a good time to begin such a venture because tomorrow the LHC is scheduled to restart and it should soon be providing new science results. We plan to follow the progress from here. Hope you join us for the adventure.

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