International Women’s Day

Today March 8th is international women’s day. Among the events is a special day at CERN where the control rooms will be operated by female members of the teams. This is an excellent way to raise awareness for women in science by showing that it they can be involved as much as men.

Sadly science is too often portrayed as a male preserve especially in science documentaries and that can only discourage girls from an early age. The few who shake off the stereotyping can then face discrimination when looking for a job. It is good to see that places like CERN are succeeding in getting women involved.

There is an International Women’s Day CERN webpage at with details of the event and live webcams from the control rooms so you can check to see how things are going.

Unfortunately some technical problems have stopped the beams until at least this afternoon, but progress has been good over the last few days as they have been tuning the beams and debugging some of the new systems. The plan for later this week and the next included some low energy collisions and tests to ramp up the energy of the beams.

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