3.5TeV beams circulate at LHC

There is great news from CERN this morning with word that beams have beam accelerated to 3.5TeV, three times the highest accellerator energies ever seen before. This is the energy that the LHC will run at this year. It will be a huge relief to everyone because until this point nobody could be really sure that the magnets could take the required current of 6000A without a drastic failure like the one seen in 2008.  For the next two weeks or so they will be performing further tests including the first collisions this year at 450 GeV. There will also be runs with 4 on 4 bunches which are required so that all the experiments can see collisions at the same time. Then on 30th March they will perform the first collisions at 3.5TeV and that will signal the start of real science at the LHC. For further reports around the blogosphere try Cosmic Variance and Not Even Wrong.

Meanwhile the Atlas collaboration have posted their first paper using data from last years collisions at 900 GeV. For details on that you want The Collider Blog

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