XtraNormal Physics

I see that Sean Carrol over at the Cosmic Variance blog has discovered XtraNormal animations. Here is a short video he posted.

Not bad Sean! For those who did not see it before here is a version of the stringwars video I did a little while ago.

This was an attempt to highlight how ridiculous the “string wars” are. String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity really do have common origins and common features that should suggest they can build on each others strengths, yet the theorists just criticise each other instead of trying to work together. I wonder how people will look back on this era when more is known.

Making XtraNormal videos is very easy and great fun so if you have some time to spare go and see what points you can make with the laconic humor at http://xtranormal.com/ If you come up with anything science related you can share it here by adding a comment with a link.

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