Vote for your choice of FQXi essay contest topic!

The Foundational Questions Institute is gearing up to launch its third essay contest, and this year they are holding a vote on what the subject of the essay should be. The topics for the previous two years were “The Nature of Time” and “What is Ultimately Possible in Physics?” The great thing about this contest is that it is open to everyone. The FQXi are one of the few organisations that accept submissions as freely as does, so many people who use this archive will also be interested in this contest.

Even better is that the last two years have seen essay submissions from amateur and professional scientists alike, so it is a wonderful David and Goliath fight. So far the score is 2-0 to Goliath but I think the organisers genuinely want to see some outsiders win something, so anything is possible. Even if you don’t win you will have the opportunity to discuss your essay and other people’s work on the same subject in the FQXi forums prior to judgment day. That is more valuable for many people than the potential prizes.

So if you are interested go over to the voting page now and have your say on the essay topic. You can vote for any combination of the 10 possible questions and you can only vote once. This means that the information content of your vote is maximised by selecting exactly 5 of them. Whether you are a David or a Goliath you should feel encouraged to vote and to enter the contest once it is announced.

2 Responses to Vote for your choice of FQXi essay contest topic!

  1. It is however mentioned on this forum that the poll score will not be the only way to decide what the next subject will be… If true, then too bad for me, because the current winner “Is the Universe continuous or discrete?” is one I have long been thinking about, and for which I have arguments gathered on my mind… Let us hope the poll will weigh much anyway on their decision.


  2. Philip Gibbs says:

    I like that question too. It’s not too broad like a few of them are, but still a topic that most people have something to say about. Fingers are crossed.

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