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One thing we’d like to add to viXra is some basic statistics on paper downloads. It may be a while before that is available across the site but in the meantime I have compiled a short list of some top downloads and here they is the top 25. This is based on number of distinct IP addresses that have downloaded each PDF (shown in brackets). Of course it is biased towards those that have been here longer, so it’s not to be taken too seriously.

  1. vixra:0908.0045 (757)  Cylindrical Wave, Wave Equation, and Method of Separation of Variables, by Hamid V. Ansari
  2. vixra:0907.0020 (738) How to Reject Any Scientific Manuscript, by Dieter Gernert
  3. vixra:0907.0002 (664) 3×3 Unitary to Magic Matrix Transformations, by Philip Gibbs
  4. vixra:0907.0018 (528) Is the Sun’s Warmth Gravitationally Attractive?, by Peter Fred
  5. vixra:1003.0082 (420) Neutrosophy in Arabic Philosophy, by Florentin Smarandache and Salah Osman
  6. vixra:0907.0040 (403) From Ancient Africa, by Tony Smith
  7. vixra:0907.0008 (403) Is Ratio 3:1 a Comprehensive Principle of the Universe?, by Yuri Danoyan
  8. vixra:0910.0038 (386) La Relatividad General de Einstein es a lo Sumo Una Teoría Sobre la Gravitación (Errónea), by Xavier Terri Castañé
  9. vixra:0911.0035 (376) Human Development and Life Stages General Systems Models, by John A Gowan
  10. vixra:0907.0001 (363) This Time What a Strange Turn of Events! , by Philip Gibbs
  11. vixra:0910.0032 (357) The New Lorentz’s Transformations (II) , by Xavier Terri Castañé
  12. vixra:0907.0015 (355) Hypothesis of Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Negative Mass, by Hyoyoung
  13. vixra:0908.0055 (327) A Deliberation on the Limits of the Validity of Newton’s Third Law in Electromagnetism,  by Hamid V. Ansari
  14. vixra:0908.0051 (325) Solution to Four-Color Problem,  by Hamid V. Ansari
  15. vixra:0907.0003 (295) A Review of Anomalous Redshift Data, by Hilton Ratcliffe
  16. vixra:0907.0052 (288) Does Lateral Specialization in the Brain Arise from the Directionality of Processes and Time?, Jonathan J. Dickau
  17. vixra:0907.0007 (284) The Math of Hua Luogeng Another Game in Town, by Tony Smith
  18. vixra:0911.0066 (272) Principles of a Unified Field Theory: a Tetrahedral Model, John A. Gowan
  19. vixra:1003.0119 (270) Funny Problems! , Florentin Smarandache
  20. vixra:1005.0078 (261) An Experimental Evidence of Energy Non-Conservation, by Yu Liang, Qichang Liang, Xiaodong Liu
  21. vixra:0908.0067 (257) Why Evaporation Causes Coldness; a Challenge to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, by Hamid V. Ansari
  22. vixra:1002.0007 (257) La TEORíA Conectada Soluciona el Problema DE la Materia Oscura DE la Relatividad General DE Einstein. (Dark Matter) , by Xavier Terri Castañé
  23. vixra:0912.0031 (253) El Simple FENóMENO Del Redshift Gravitatorio Demuestra la Necesidad DE la Nueva ECUACIóN Fundamental DE la TEORíA Conectada, by Xavier Terri Castañé
  24. vixra:0908.0073 (247) A Treatise on Information Geometry, by Chris Goddard
  25. vixra:0907.0009 (244) The N Particle Model, by David Martin Degner

If you are curious about stats for other papers you might find the answer here.

13 Responses to viXra Top Downloads

  1. carlbrannen says:

    I just sent in a paper for publication citing “3×3 Unitary to Magic Matrix Transformations”. I was going to try Phys Lett B, but I just couldn’t make the paper intelligible and under their page limit. So it’s 14 pages and at Found. of Phys.

    It seems like quantum information theory is a way of getting certain things past the phenomenology / high energy particles people (who are the worst at rejecting perfectly rational papers), so I’m directing my efforts in that direction.

    And so the paper is titled “Quantum Information Theory and Unitary Mixing Matrices”.

  2. philipgibbs says:

    Thanks for the cite and good luck with the new paper.
    Given the surprising popularity of the 3×3 paper I may have to consider putting it through peer-review too

  3. HHu says:

    The 3×3 paper is due out in PSTJ soon. There are plenty of capable peers around to review the paper and be so noted as such.

    Apparently CB is trying to fit into the mainstream/establishment and the danger of doing so is loosing independence, being rejected as outcast, and maybe even creativity. What is the point of that?

  4. HHu says:

    Oh, also a peer-reviewed section can also be setup in PSTJ, if that is what some of the authors would rather to have.

  5. HHu says:

    For example, this paper went through two rounds of peer reviews by two trained mathematicians and was recommended to be published as an essay instead of article (it was so noted in the footnote). It went through peer-review because the editor was not sure the quality of the paper.

    Also this paper was peer-reviewed by three capable peers at the request of the author and it was recommended for publication and was so noted in the footnote.

  6. philipgibbs says:

    Oh yes I was forgetting it is going in PSTJ, that should be good. Perhaps what I should really be doing is generalize it to bigger sizes, but I think that is a hard problem.

  7. HHu says:

    I bet that you’ll have a lot fun and also frustration doing that!

  8. carlbrannen says:

    Philip, the new paper has better justification for the problem, and some numerical results from randomly chosen unitary matrices that might be useful:

    I’d like to see Vixra thrive, but with my current lack of reputation, putting my papers here isn’t going to help. If I get enough of an academic job that I can have my teeth fixed, I’ll start putting papers here as arXiv is a pain.

  9. HHu says:

    From the perspective of a researcher trying to get an academic job or stay within the academic before getting a tenure position, I perfectly understand the importance of comformity (“fit-in”).

    Baisc life needs and functioanlity (especially when one is supporting a familty) is of utmost importance.

  10. philipgibbs says:

    I personally think the perceived danger to reputation by using viXra is an illusion. It is only the IT crowd who judge a paper by which archive it uses. The reaction from real scientists has been more laissez-faire. But, if you feel you are treading a narrow path to respectability and don’t want to take the risk, then it’s fine.

    If you can get papers into arXiv and well established journals with references to papers in viXra and/or PSTJ, that helps us too.

  11. Golden says:

    Hi Guys,

    I like the conversation here. I for one am looking for a job and I post my papers on viXra because I think arXiv is just lost it altogether. I have two papers accepted by the good and reputable Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal, they are holding them, for what reason — God knows. First they told me I should get them published and they are, but they won’t let them out, they are on hold as I type this note. This is serious censorship at its best.

    Rather I don’t get that academic job than to be subdued by non objective people who parade as scientists yet they are politicians.l

    One must just be brave enough to stand by the truth. Gandhi once said; be the change you what to see. I want to see honest science, so i will be that change and risk it all. Actually there is no risk, viXra and arXiv are non-peer review archive, so, as Phil say,: “I personally think the perceived danger to reputation by using viXra is an illusion” True that.

    Chario guys.

  12. carlbrannen says:

    Philip, do you have a list of peer reviewed papers that cite vixra? The paper I sent to FoP would be one.

  13. philipgibbs says:

    There are references in Prespacetime Journal, Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

    Others from vixra are cited by journal reference e.g my most recent number theory paper which was published in Integers is cited in Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. Those references are hard to track down so there are probably others.

    There is a time lag for such references to come through so there should be a lot more in a year or two.

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