Large Hadron Collider passes 100 inverse nanobarns

Thanks to a few healthy runs over the last week, the Large Hadron Collider has surpassed an integrated luminosity of 100 inverse nano-barns for the CMS detector with the other experiments not far behind. That is one ten thousandth of the way to the inverse femtobarn that they hope to collect by the end of 2011. It may not sound much but this milestone has been reached a little ahead of schedule so the build up is progressing well.

They have now switched from a 7 bunch filling scheme to 10 bunches per beam. The number of collisions per turn is still four so the luminosity will not improve, but this new scheme should have less problems with interactions between bunches. This will mean better stability and longer runs if they can avoid other hitches.

The experimenters are now preparing their results  to present at the ICHEP conference that opens in two weeks time. They will probably not be able to include data taken in the July runs because it takes time to approve the results for public viewing, but they should have a bit more data in use than they did at the previous Physics at LHC meeting.

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