viXra is one year old today

Happy birthday viXra. It is one year since we started posting papers online including many that arXiv refused to accept. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in many ways. This especially includes all those who submitted their work, plus everyone who has provided links to our site or written blog articles in support, and thanks to many others who have helped in numerous other ways.

4 Responses to viXra is one year old today

  1. happy birthday viXra

    Dr Phillip Gibbs keep up the excellent work you are doing

  2. ervin goldfain says:

    Keep up the good work Phil!

    Your service to the scientific community is truly appreciated by many.

    Happy Birthday Vixra!


  3. Xavier Terri says:

    Gracias Phil por todo tu trabajo y por contribuir a la difusión del conocimiento verdaderamente científico, siempre en movimiento.

  4. hbar says:

    We do really appreciate and Phill.
    What we want is not journal but freedom of speech.

    Happy Birthday Vixra!

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