Prespacetime Journal Focus Issue on Cosmology & Gravity: Call For Papers

The Prespacetime Journal will be publishing a focus Issue on Cosmology and Gravity. You are invited to submit your papers now. I am very happy to have been asked to act as a guest editor for this focus issue along with Jonathan Dickau. I look forward to reading the submissions. If you are interested in participating you need to read the Call For Papers and follow the instructions from there. Here is what we are saying:

We wish to receive submissions covering all aspects of Cosmology and both Classical and Quantum gravity. We invite both papers discussing empirical evidence, and those that cover developments in mathematical and theoretical Physics. Both review or overview papers, and those which dwell on specific research of the authors, will be considered for inclusion.”

We encourage the submission of both more mainstream and more unconventional or controversial work, noting that we have a policy of open peer review (which will appear in the same or ensuing issue) so that both authors’ opinions and scholarly criticism may be published. We reserve the right, however, to require a reasonable level of scholarship for any submission to be considered.”

Remember that even if we do not have room for everything and your paper does not make it into Prespacetime your work need not be wasted. You can submit it is at any time where all scientific works are accepted. So you have nothing to lose, get writing.

7 Responses to Prespacetime Journal Focus Issue on Cosmology & Gravity: Call For Papers

  1. HHu says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you. PSTJ and its Advisory Board wish you and Jonathan great success with this focus issue on Cosmology & Gravity.


  2. Ervin Goldfain says:


    Here is an idea: publish in this focus issue a condensed version of our recent debates on energy conservation in GR, SUSY and Higgs physics. I thought that these exchanges are enlightening and deserve to be disseminated to a large audience.



  3. Philip Gibbs says:

    Ervin, it’s a good idea, we might discuss something like that. Obviously we can only include comments where we have permissions.

  4. S. Sayed says:

    Dear sir,
    I am an engineering student. I want to submit a paper on cosmology. Can you give me some idea about the submission procedure? Is there any template that I should follow writing the paper?

    • HHu says:

      Hi S. Sayed,

      The submission proceedure is here:


      • S. Sayed says:

        Dear Sir,
        I wanted to know whether there are any restrictions on font size, font type, page mergin etc. The link says that I have to email the paper. Should I submit as a word document or pdf?

    • wman says:

      As far as I’m aware (and I’m not affiliated with the journal, so this is not official), any restrictions on fonts, margins, etc. only come into play, if at all, after a paper has been accepted; they don’t apply to the initial submission. Also, pdf is fine.

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