A Fields Medal for Cedric Villani

Cedric Villani has worked as a mathemtical physicist on kinetic theory and especially the Boltzmann equation and its variants. It may come as a surpirse that new and important results can be discovered in this area that dates from the nineteenth century, but that is indeed the case.

Villani is a French mathematician who studied at the Ecole Normale Superieure. He is now the director of the Institut Henri Poincare in Paris, His best known work is on optimal transportation theory and convergence to equilibrium.

2 Responses to A Fields Medal for Cedric Villani

  1. Anurup Chatterjee says:

    hello sir i am planing to send you a project but i need your e mail adress please can u give it to me

    i am indian from kolkata i know that you are from ecole my brother is doing msc in physics at ecole paris

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      It’s a bad idea to send “projects” to Fields medallists. Write it up as a paper and submit it to viXra instead.

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