Physics In Collision 2010

One particle physics conference ends and another begins. After Toronto, the next one is Physics In Collision 2010 starting tomorrow at Karlsruhe . Access to slides of the talks can be found here.

Further results from ATLAS and CMS will be presented tomorrow, and with the rapid increase in data collected there is always a chance that new plots will appear not seen in Toronto last week. These LHC experiments now have 3.6/pb of data collected. New negative results are possible. However, it is unlikely that they will show any results with positive hints of new physics because it would take longer to check and approve anything that exciting.

Speakers face a little dilemma at these conferences because they need to upload their slides in advance, but they don’t want to spoil the talk by showing their results in advance, especially if there is a risk that someone might blog about it. One poster presenter has tackled this problem by allowing some cats to wander in from hid critical result. If you are going to try this technique, don’t forget that it is possible to extract images and text from PDF even if they are hidden by overlays.

In this case we can reveal that the latest result for CP-violating asymmetry at Belle is

XXX ± 0.50 ± 0.22

Oh well…

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  1. Ulla says:

    There are some interesting lectures on top – bottom quarks etc. here. Do you make ref?

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