A Pint With Mike Duff

In a recent post I cheekily suggested that I could tell Mike Duff some interesting things about hyperdeterminants and elliptic curves over a pint. Mike runs one of the world’s top string theory groups at Imperial College which itself is ranked as the UK’s top research institution according to the Times list, so it was a quite an honour and delight that he took me up on my offer.

Imperial College is based in London and is only about an hours train ride from where I live so yesterday I spent some time with, Mike and two of his students Duminda Dahanayake and Leron Borsten partly in the pub and partly in his office. On Mike’s blackboard were some equations left after a recent visit by Witten that could have held the key to understanding M-theory and therefore the laws of the universe, but Mike had to rub off them off so that I could explain my work.

In the pub we talked about many things including M-Theory, viXra, anti-crackpots, and mostly hyperdeterminants. I learnt some fascinating things and I did indeed explain my number theory stuff and how it might connect to quantum gravity. It turned out that Leron had come up against some number theory problems he needs to solve while working on the classification of black holes, so it was easy to find common ground and discuss some useful things.

They were very welcoming and I got a lot out of the visit. To prove it here are some pictures taken after we had finished off a few pints.

5 Responses to A Pint With Mike Duff

  1. Lawrence B. Crowell says:

    I wouldn’t mind having a few pints right now.

    I started to get back to this business of hyper-determinants and some of the papers Rios referenced. I have a few questions, for anyone who might read this, particularly with notational matters. I am not sure what is meant by E_{7(7)}.

  2. Philip Gibbs says:

    Well I’ll go for a pint with anybody 🙂
    There is an explanation of the notation E_{7(7)} in the wikipedia list at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_simple_Lie_groups

  3. Kea says:

    Ah, sounds nice Phil. I haven’t had a beer for months, but if I was in the UK I’m sure we could find a nice pub somewhere!

  4. Lawrence B. Crowell says:

    I am doing some reading on the Freudenthal triple system. I did encounter this before, but never pursued it far. The linear product structure, often sympletic, and the trilinear product structure can have a noncompact form. So I will have to do some learning-review of this.

  5. Ulla says:

    Nice to have a face to talk to 🙂 Thanks.

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