First collisions at LHC for 2011

Last night at midnight central European time the Large Hard^H^Hdron Collider collided protons for the first time in 2011. They used two bunches per beam and a squeeze beta* of 1.5m at 3.5TeV per beam. Various setting up tasks are still ongoing before the number of bunches can be increased and serious physics can begin, but to have reached this position after just two weeks of running with beams is a very good sign.

Update: Here is a preliminary schedule plan for the first half of 2011 from the Chamonix summary meeting with some extra annotations. Click on it for full size.

6 Responses to First collisions at LHC for 2011

  1. Luboš Motl says:

    I am personally disappointed by the 2011 speed. Why is the waiting just for the recovery of the 2010 routine lasting nearly up to the mid March?

  2. Philip Gibbs says:

    The only answer I know is that it is a very complicated machine and there are a lot of things to setup and check after anything is changed.

    The middle of March should be when they are ready to start running while increasing the number of bunches. It should take only two weeks from there to get near last years luminosity but there wont be much physics during that time and as soon as they reach that point they will start another set of procedures. This will include a technical stop for 4 days, an intermediate energy run lasting 5 days (not sure what this is for), then a scrubbing run lasting ten days (this is to remove the UFOs etc). Then real physics runs will start is mid April, with luminosity being gradually increased further through the rest of year.

    I’ll add a schedule diagram to the post, but it may already be superseded.

  3. Bill K says:

    Yeah, it’s been frustrating to watch, and they’re not scheduled to start physics collisions until the end of the month. But as I understand it, they have a lot of tuning adjustments to make if they’re going to reach the planned luminosity. Beta* was what, 3.5? And they’re currently talking about 1.5.

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  5. Bornerdogge says:

    They are setting up for the first stable beams of 2011 right now! 🙂

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