LHC running with 32 bunches

The Large Hadron Collider is now running stable beams with 32 bunches per beam. The peak luminosity was 30/μb/s which is about twice the luminosity achieved with the same number of bunches last year. The improvement is due to a tighter squeeze parameter at the intersection points in the main detectors.

This year they will increase the number of bunches to about 900 compared to 368 last year so we should see a luminosity improvement of about five times taking the peak to 1/nb/s. This month they could reach 200 bunches which should bring them in line with last years luminosity record.

Here is a picture of an event in CMS captures a few minutes ago!

Update: This fill is still running and looks is approaching 0.5/pb of integrated luminosity for ATLAS and CMS. This is the first significant addition of collision data this year. Here is another collision.

Update (19-mar-2011): After 3 runs with 32 bunches provinding over 1/pb of collision data  they have moved quickly to 64 bunches giving a peak luminosity of 67/μb/s when stable beams were declared a few minutes ago. Last year they did not reach such high luminosity until October.

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  1. Bill K says:

    Let us know if you spot a Higgs.

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