ATLAS crushes new particle rumour

Once again the latest rumour of a new particle has proven too good to be true. With the first public plots using 2011 data at the LHC, the ATLAS collaboration have shown that no evidence exists for a new particle at 115 GeV, yet. The first 94/pb of 2011 data on its own did look tantalising, but inconclusive and certainly not a 4 sigma effect as originally described. If the 2010 data is added the apparent effect fades away as shown in these two plots. The result is explained in a note released today.

Note that the 131/pb is the amount of data that was available on 22nd April when the rumour first broke. To find a standard Higgs signal in this region it is expected that at least 100 times as much data will be needed.

According to a report in the New Scientist a leaked internal CMS presentation on the 25th April also concluded that there was no signal. This was followed by the most detailed “No Comment” in the history of particle physics leading to an interesting discussion between Tommaso and a NS editor about whether or not a power point presentation is a “document”. Once again the dust settles, until the next time.

This latest report was first seen on Not Even Wrong where the original rumour started.

Update: The report is also covered nicely by Lubos and Tommaso.

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