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With LHC and Tevatron insider physicists sitting on a growing mound of unpublished results from new data, excitement amongst the rest of the physics community is reaching fever pitch. Some of us are even looking daily at conference and seminar programs to try and identify where the next big real non-rumour result will emerge.

A couple of conferences have already passed this week including “Quark Matter 2011” at Annecy and “Flavour Physics and CP Violation 2011” in Israel. Sadly no results based on new data were presented as far as I can see, but I give you the links to the contribution lists in case you want to check the slides.

Hot favorite for first new results has to be the up and coming “Physics at LHC 2011” conference. There are many presentations that could include beyond-standard-model physics, especially over the last two days with even a 30 minute unallocated slot right at the end labelled simply “Extra Time for Experimental Talk”. There are closed meetings going on at CERN today with titles like “Exotica Pre-approvals for PLHC” and “SUSY Rehearsals for PLHC”

According to an article in the New Scientist new LHC results should be announced at a CERN seminar and most likely this would come under the “Joint EP/PP/LPCC” series where new results have appeared in the past. Sure enough there is already a seminar listed on “Studies of jets and their properties using the ATLAS detector at the LHC” by Jonathan Butterworth on June 7th. From the information given in the abstract this may or may not include new results but the timing is interesting as it falls during PLHC just before the (possibly) most interesting talks.

Watch this space!

8 Responses to Seminar Watch

  1. Luboš Motl says:

    My guesses are about 50:50 that anything new will be spotted at those hundreds of 1/pb which is pretty exciting.

    Maybe a trivial way to find out would be to ask some of the prospective speakers cleverly – you could find out whether the cat is alive. 😉 Like,

    Dear Dr. So-and-So, I can only imagine how you can’t resist to poo-and-poo to your pants and how you feel that the only way to stop it is to send me all your preliminary LHC documents. 🙂

    • carla says:

      Will the Indian supersymmetric island sink or swim? We’ll soon find out in June 😉

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      A swimming island would indeed be an extraordinary discovery 🙂

      • Luboš Motl says:

        People were always laughing to Alfred Wegener when he said that India was an Indian swimming island, but he was proven true and his critics were shown to be narrow-minded imbeciles and bigots, see this picture 🙂

      • Lawrence B. Crowell says:

        This story gets more interesting. Most geologists at the time were English, and once the Wegner theory was accepted depictions of the ancient Earth going all the way back depicted Britain more or less as it is today. They effectively said, “Everything on the Earth changes except Britain because it is the center of the world.” In fact some Wikipedia maps of the ancient Earth have this as well. Gotta love that!

      • Luboš Motl says:

        That’s a very interesting misconception, Lawrence. And when did exactly the geologists understood that the center of the world is the Czech Republic? 😉

      • Bill K says:

        Opinions on this seem to differ. I recently joined the Flat Earth Society, and the little plastic Not-A-Globe they sent me is centered on the Greenland ice cap.

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