2011 Gruber Prize for Cosmology

The 2011 Gruber Cosmolgy Prize has been awarded to Marc Davis, George Efstathiou, Carlos Frenk and Simon White for pioneering numerical simulations of galactic structure formation that provides strong evidence for the Cold Dark Matter theory.

The prize of $500,000 will be shared among the recipients.

This award was a good call because of all the remarkable developments in cosmology over recent years, this one has been one of the least recognised. Congratulations to all.

The prize is awarded by the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation which also sponsored this years FQXi essay contest, the results of which are due to be announced at the World Science Festival in New York any day now (if the judges have reached a conclusion in time). The festival which has already started has a strong web presence with live broadcasts for those who can not make it in person.

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