Best science blog post?

viXra Log is nominated for best science blog post at 3QuarksDaily. Voting end tomorrow.

Update: Currently in about 28th position, needing to be in top 20 to make final round.

Update: We didn’t quite make the cut but thanks for all the votes, I think we were about 28th position out of 70

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  1. i voted…viXra is the 87

    Congratulations viXra

  2. anon says:

    My favorite is not among the nominees:
    “Edward Witten And an Inconvenient Truth”

  3. Wilhelmus de Wilde says:

    I voted yesterday but we need a lot more votes

  4. Simplicity says:

    I have also voted for Vixra.

    Congratulations to Philip for an excellent blog, and for giving the world a real science archive.

  5. Philip Gibbs says:

    Thanks for the votes guys, we’re not doing too badly.

  6. The top-ten is near to be exclusively made of posts dealing with a something of sexuality : beautiful woman researcher, animal penis, high-heels… Not quite sure it’s a bad sign being not top-ranked in this chart…


  7. hi Jerome..a long time no see

    if you say so then i accept

    viXra dont need bad publicity…..viXra needs good papers in order to prevail and fortunately checking the last submissions(i check arXiv one time in a week for the subject “Warp Drive” but viXra i check every day ..all the submissions in Relativity and Cosmology ) viXra is in a good way

    by the way Jerome see this…one of my viXra papers in the best mathematical institute of France the same of Laplace,Legendre,Poincare etc .,.,

  8. Hi Fernando,

    I am quite impressed!!! You succeeded in publishing from your student house !!! Congratulations, I never did so good… Your article is out of my field of expertise, but I can see how good its laying-out is, so I would say its content may be well layed-out too.

    Yes Fernando, I try to come back on internet as often as possible, which is not enough most of the time. Nice to see you remember me like I remember you and your great enthusiasm for vixra 🙂

    As far as I am concerned, I still publish short articles on my blog on subject I find important to develop. Eventually a whole bunch of posts may lead to an interesting article…

    So once again, congratulation for your publication. You may have the energy and the will-power which fit the requirements, or else it would not have been a success for you, that’s for sure.


  9. dear Jerome..i am celebrating another victory

    this was the last email i received from Conseil Nationale de La Recherche Scientifique.Institut Nationale de la Science Mathematique
    Bonjour Fernando Loup,

    Votre document hal-00599640, version 1 est maintenant en ligne sur HAL ( ).

    Le lien pour visualiser votre article est :

    even my high-school French can translate this

    browse thins link Jerome

    the funy part is that HAL or CNTS or INSMI works together with arXiv

    but fortunately these are not “arXiv Colonies”

    i am celebrating Jerome

  10. So what’s the next step now Fernando?

    Are you hesitating between Science and Nature at the time ? 🙂


  11. dear Jerome

    you ask very well…what will be my next step

    certainly i will not send to Science or Nature because peer-review system is often conditioned by the will of the editor or the peer-reviewer and these conditions unfortunately do not always agree with the scientific truth

    see viXra:0907.0020 and you will know what i mean to say

    my next step is to melt my papers viXra:1101.0085 and viXra:1103.0087
    (my HAL papers HAL-00599657 and HAL-00599640)
    with the arXiv papers gr-qc/0110086 and gr-qc/0406083 but giving all the mathematical demonstrations of the equations of the Natario Warp Drive QED(Quod Erad Demonstratum)..i already started this in an appendix of viXra:1101.0085 or viXra:1006.0028 where from the spherical coordinates in
    R3 and using the Hodge Star i demonstrated how Natario arrived at the final expression of the Natario Vector

    also from the Extrinsic Curvature expressions given in
    gr-qc/0110086 andgr-qc/0406083 i can demonstrate mathematically the Einstein Tensor for the
    Natario Warp Drive (i already did it….it took me 16 pages pen and paper…i still did not TeXed this but this will appear in my next viXra paper…(and i hope in my next HAL paper if the moderator awakes in “good mood”…until now i am plently satisfied with HAL))

    from the Extrinsic Curvature making the calculations “backward” i obtained again the Natario Vector and this result agrees with the Hodge Star but i need to demonstrate step by step how the Extrinsic Curvatures can be derived starting from the Natario Vector

    now the best part…Warp Drives as solutions of the Einstein Field Equations of General Relativity requires that the so-called Energy Conditions must be “violated” i.e normally the Stress-Energy-Momentum Tensor of the Einstein Equations always gives a positive result ..negative results are “forbidden”
    by Classical Physics while Quantum Physics allows in certain circunstances negative results:the so-called “exotic matter”…..

    “exotic matter” is a “violation” of the Energy Conditions and unfortunately the Stress-Energy-Momentum Tensor for the Warp Drive is always a negative result….

    this means to say that Warp Drive requires “exotic matter” to be generated and maintained

    the correct choice would be to rewrite the Warp Drive equations in a real theory of Quantum Gravity but the real unification between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics did not happens yet and i cannot wait 65 million years waiting for the arrival of a Quantum Gravity theory in order to proceed my studies or the Warp Drive would be part of the Jurassic Park.

    Fortunately “exotic forms” of Electromagnetism “reproduces” or “mimics” the “exotic matter” described by Quantum Mechanics and i found in arXiv a paper written describing how the “exotic matter” can be “emulated” but for the Alcubierre Warp Drive (arXiv:1009.5663)

    my next step Jerome is to rewrite this paper but for the Natario Warp Drive and send it to viXra(and HAL)

    (btw:65 million years ago we were in the Cretaceous Period but probably Crichton and Spielberg believed that Jurassic Park sound better than Cretaceous Park)

    au revoir Jerome

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