Wednesday Eclipse of Moon on Live Webcam

On 15th June 2011 you can watch a total eclipse of the moon. Total lunar eclipses are not very rare, they come on average once a year, but this one is exceptionally long. Firstly,  the moon will pass through the centre of the Earth’s shadow which last happened about 11 years ago, but also because the sun is more distant at this time of year and the Earth is a little closer to the moon. This makes the Sun look smaller and the Earth look bigger from the moon’s surface. In fact the eclipse will be total for 1 hour and 41 minutes. That is only five minutes short of the longest possible.

The Eclipse will be visible over most of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and South America, leaving only North America and a few other corners of the world with no chance to see it. About 90% of the world’s population can view at least part of it directly, weather permitting. For the rest the internet saves the day with some live webcasts of the event. So far three organisations are planning webcasts so it is unlikely that they will all be clouded out.

Sky Watchers Association of North Bengal: here or here

Eclipse Chaser Athaenium New Delhi: here here

Google/Slooh: here

From first contact to last, the eclipse is visible from 17:23 to 23:02 GMT on Wednesday

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  1. FemtoBarn says:

    And just 43 hours before eclipse starts, so in something like 9 hours we will be celebrating: 1 fb-1 delivered !!! but because of recent d0 nonconfirmation, i don’t remember why any longer…

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