Lunar Eclipse in Progress

This is how the Moon looks near maximum eclipse as seen on Google/Slooh. Still a little time left to view it. Hope some of you have clear night skies unlike us!

In case you haven’t noticed you can see the eclipse live on the main google search page.

The intense red colour of the moon is due to light being refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere which scatters the blue light leaving just the red end of the spectrum to bathe the moon in a warm glow. The colour is said to have been deepened by dust from recent volcanoes.

In 2009 Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter took some spectacular pictures of a similar eclipse from lunar orbit. The Earth passes in front of the Sun making it look like a solar eclipse except that the Earth is bigger than the Moon so the Sun disappears for much longer. The atmosphere of the Earth continues to be illuminated by the Sun from behind like a continuous ring of twilight. In this sequence the eclipse was rising above the moon’s surface which blocked the beginning of the eclipse as aseen from the orbiter. In the final frame the Sun emerges again from behind the Earth.

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