viXra is two years old

viXra is two years old. Happy birthday viXra!

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  1. Luboš Motl says:

    Happy birthday from a nearly 7-year-old big brother. 🙂

  2. Huping Hu says:

    My sincere Congratulations! Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Peter Fred says:

    I appreciate your stance and effort on giving us “crackpots” a place in the sun.

  4. aindaestouvivo Velez says:

    a present :

    A Self-Similar Model of the Universe Unveils the Nature of Dark Energy

  5. Wilhelmus de Wilde says:

    earth is moving together with the sun, milky way, and all the rest at 6000 km/sec then in the meantime we travelled 600x622x10^6 km=3,4×10^9 km and in the meantime still producing exellent information, congratulations

  6. Ervin Goldfain says:

    Congratulations viXra and many happy returns of the day!

  7. Kea says:

    Happy Birthday, little one!

  8. Kea says:

    I will be 7 at the end of the month …

  9. My foremost and sincere congradulations!

  10. happy birthday viXra
    keep up the good work Dr Gibbs

  11. Who two years ago would have thought vixra would go that far?

    It simply means it was definitely worth it, dear Philip…

    Thank you again.

  12. carla says:

    Phil, how much does it cost to run viXra every year and do you get donations or do you have to finance everything yourself?

  13. dear Carla

    I dont know if Dr Gibbs will tell here about the cost to run viXra or the possible donations….this is a particular issue

    but i hope Dr Gibbs have the needed resources to run viXra for years to come

    because in science viXra is a voice of freedom….. in other archives repository of scientific papers the articles submitted are moderated…..and suppose the moderator of another archive likes the theory A and is about to moderate an article submitted about the theory B he dislikes even if the paper is correct….the submitter of the article about the theory B would be in trouble

    viXra is the legitimate World Scientific Repository of scientific papers..ok recently some of my viXra papers were approved by another archive that is moderated (it was not arXiv) but remember that the moderator not always agree with the submitter of the paper…this is like a “trick of luck” or a “Russian Roulette”.

    the democracy..the ability to speech frely in science was almost lost….when Dr Gibbs appeared

    this is the reason why viXra is so important


    i hope Dr Gibbs have the needed resources to run viXra for years to come

  14. Philip Gibbs says:

    viXra shares server space with other websites that I run so it is not possible to give an isolated cost. Some modest amounts of money come in from donations and the minimal advertising on the vixra abstract pages (any advertising that may appear on the blog generates revenue for wordpress, not viXra.) This covers costs like domain services and the comment feature and contributes towards the server cost which is also supported by my other sites.

    Overall it breaks even on these terms, but the admin time and development time are contributed for free by me and some other administrators who also provide free mirror sites.

    This is a perfectly sustainable situation so the site should be able to continue indefinitely. Even if I fall off the face of the Earth the other administrators are authorized to take over and find some way to continue running if they have the resources. They have access to all the necessary databases. Even if they cannot continue to add new papers they can certainly retain the archive with its existing documents.

    There is no intention to make a profit from it at any time.

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