Luminosity 1.6/nb/s for LHC

Since the end of the technical stop last week, the Large Hadron Collider has now worked its way back to fills with 1380 bunches in each direction. This evening it reached a new record peak intensity of about 1.6/nb/s beating the previous record of 1.28/nb/s.

So far about 56/pb have been added to the integrated luminosity since the stop. Most runs have been short with dumps due to UFOs and other glitches. The new record brings hope that the collider is getting back towards long clean runs and will soon be clocking up data at a faster than ever rate.

4 Responses to Luminosity 1.6/nb/s for LHC

  1. Disco_Pete says:

    I too was happy LHC was back at the point they were before MD and tech stop. Of course minutes after expressing this joy on twitter Cryo broke down again (pesky Plc) forcing another approximately 24 hour delay. Scientists probably don’t believe in Jinxes but I’ll curb my enthusiasm lest more malfunctions and delays result.

  2. Disco_Pete says:

    I have a public pw for the AB-OP elogbook see LHC OP Mon. 18-07-11 23:44

    As I write this they are at Flat top but having vacuum issues.

  3. Disco_Pete says:

    If you like to follow the luminosity progress closely CERN has provided this handy statistics page.

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