Europhys HEP opening address (poll)

Last year at the ICHEP conference President Sorkozy surprised everyone by turning up to deliver the opening address.

ICHEP runs every two years but the Europhys HEP Conference in Grenoble follows the same format and has an unallocated slot for the opening. Perhaps Sarcozy will appear again, or perhaps he has set a precedent that another world leader will want to follow. On the other hand they may be all too shy, leaving the place to some scientist or celebrity.

So who do we think it could or should be. Cast your vote in our poll!

Update 21-July-2011: The voting is running neck and neck for the DG and Miss World, please keep voting.

Update 23-Jul-2011: Since I added the pictures Miss World has run ahead. I hope the conference organizers can make the necessary arrangements.

3 Responses to Europhys HEP opening address (poll)

  1. Luboš Motl says:

    Klaus, Pope, and Miss are now 1-1-1 tied. Too bad that Klaus is right now on his flight to Australia where he will fight the climate hysteria by $180 lectures in 5 cities. 🙂

    • Luboš Motl says:

      The winners are like from the Zeman joke.

      The Pope and Klaus come to the Heaven.

      The Pope is invited to the audience in front of God and shown a disappointingly old lady, Michelline Calmy-Rey. Well, she’s still much younger and more attractive than Ratzinger but he knows that they’re getting 72 virgin from Allah, and so on. So he’s disappointed. God says:

      “You have been doing sins all your life, so you will have to have sex with Ms Calmy-Rey for the eternity.”

      Then there’s still Klaus over there.

      Another lady, Alexandra Millis, Miss World, appears next to God. And God says:

      “You have been sinning your whole your life, Ms Millis, so here you have Klaus…”

  2. […] plenary sessions of EPS HEP 2011 start today and we still don’t know who will give the opening address in one hours time.  This is a good moment to review what we have seen so far about the Higgs […]

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