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All the main summer conferences have come and gone but ATLAS and CMS are already sitting on about 2.5/fb of data with most published results using only 1/fb – 1.6/fb, so when will we next get an update?

The latest Higgs search results used about 1.6/fb in most important channels with some exceptions. ATLAS used 2.3/fb for the ZZ → 4l channel but only 1.08/fb in the important diphoton channel. CMS updated only the cut-based analysis for the dominant WW → lνlν channel with the best MVA based analysis limited to 1.09/fb. The potential therefore clearly exists to significantly improve  the sensitivity for Higgs searches, so when will they do it?

If you follow the viXra log science calendar you will already have noticed that two previously scheduled LHC seminars now have titles. In one weeks time on 13th September CMS will present “Higgs Searches with CMS“. Then on 20th September ATLAS brings us “Diboson Higgs Searches at ATLAS“. I have no idea how much new data if any will be revealed but with so many presentations already delivered at conferences and workshops I don’t think there would be much point to these if they did not add something new. Then again, I have been caught out before.

One more Higgs workshop has popped up entitled “Higgs Days at Santander 2011” on 19th-23rd September with yet more discussion about combinations and implications. All the important people will be there. Remember that the Higgs combination promised for Lepton-Photon 2011 never materialized except in the form of a leaked early version that closely matched my unofficial combinations. Will an official version finally be allowed out or will theorists have to continue to rely on their own sketches? Keep watching, the next installment in this gripping story is coming up.

Update 15-Sep-2011: A special seminar for tomorrow entitled just “Seminar DG” was scheduled at short notice last week and cancelled at even shorter notice today. Was this to be a special announcement by Rolf-Dieter Heuer the CERN director general? An anonymous comment on Resonaances suggests it was about some 6.1 sigma anomaly: A rumour or a prank? If anyone knows what it was really about please do tell.

Update 20-Sep-2011: Neither of the Higgs seminars discussed any new data beyond that shown at Lepton-Photon 2011. The Santander workshop is proceeding with no slides being posted online so far. We are waiting for the OPERA neutrino seminar of Friday where the growing rumour says they will report the discovery of tachyonic neutrinos.

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  1. JollyJoker says:

    Logically there’s no reason not to reveal new data as the analysis gets done. On September 13th, they’ll have had two more weeks of analysis and will probably show some new stuff.

    Over the next seven weeks the LHC should deliver 3-5/fb(?) more, so with the analysis taking 2-4 weeks(?) depending on channel, we should have significant new data revealed throughout the next three months.

    • carla says:

      I think the 4 weeks from data to publication of analysis, is when they work their butts off for conference deadlines. Expect an 8 week delay from the last LHC proton-proton run in late October to publication in early January.

  2. Note that the Welcome in Santander is by S. Heinemeyer, so expect that some of the work will be about the Mastercode project.

  3. Philip Gibbs says:

    There is now an abstract for the CMS talk and it does not indicate that anything new will be shown. I’d like to at least see the missing MVA based analysis for WW

  4. JollyJoker says:

    Slides up

    At a glance, I’m unsure if there’s anything new. Did the diphoton channel get more data?

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      No new data I’m afraid, not even the MVA analysis for WW which was described as “coming soon” at LP.

  5. Tony Smith says:

    Even if there is “no new data” some of the CMS slides seem to me to be interesting:

    slide 66 shows (Tevatron EPS11 expected and observed)
    deficit from 100 to 120 GeV
    excess around 130 – 140 GeV

    slide 15 shows for Higgs digamma (CMS 1.66/fb)
    only low 1-sigma-or-less stuff from 110 to 135 GeV
    an over-2-sigma peak around 140 GeV

    slide 54 shows for Higgs digamma p-value (CMS 1.7/fb)
    not much over 1 for 110 to 135 GeV
    about 5 for a peak at 140 GeV

    If you think that the Tevatron and LHC digamma are the most accurate ways to see a Higgs below 160 GeV
    (since the Golden Channel does not yet have many events)
    it seems to me that the high-resolution “good stuff”
    is saying that the 120 GeV or so peak is not there
    that there is something like a SM Higgs at 140 GeV
    (although its cross section may be only about half of
    what you would expect from the SM single-Higgs picture
    that is what I would like because my model has 2 other Higgs states at about 200 and 250 GeV to make up the other half of the expected SM cross-section).


    PS – I am deliberately downgrading low-resolution stuff (like some WW channels etc) that, when combined with digamma
    drastically suppress the p-value of the 140 GeV peak (see slide 65)

  6. Tony Smith says:

    Over at Resonaances an Anonymous said that “Seminar DG”
    about a “crazy 6.1 sigma anomaly”
    “Not cancelled! Delayed to next Friday.”.

    There is a seminar for 23 Sep 2011 entitled
    “New results from OPERA on neutrino properties”
    I am not sure whether or not it is the one to
    which Anonymous referred.


  7. AnonymouS says:

    Yes, that it the anomaly.

  8. Philip Gibbs says:

    I am not sure if it was a joke about anomalies being cancelled 🙂 but there was a seminar entitled “seminar DG” with no description that was entered into indico a few days ago and removed yesterday, perhaps that was a coincidence. The OPERA seminar has to be watched now though.

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      Perhaps we should have a sweep-stake on how many tau neutrinos they have seen since the last one in 2010. Top bets would be zero or one 🙂

    • carla says:

      “How could you have missed the one that the OPERA detector apparenly has seen faster-than-light travel of neutrinos between CERN and Grand Sasso?” And on that note, we can sleep tonight, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing new apart from silly rumours 😀

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