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This is just an admin note for submissions of e-prints to the viXra archive. I am happy to say that there is now a system of web-based submission forms that authors can use to send us their articles for upload.

This system should free up the administrators (mainly me) to give us more time for other things. It will also mean less errors and more control for submitters. We will still honour submissions and other requests sent by email for a little while but please expect the form submissions to be dealt with usually within 24 hours, while e-mail submissions could take a week or longer.


13 Responses to viXra submission forms

  1. I have already tested the system;-). It makes life easier for everyone.

  2. number26 says:

    Great work Philip, thanks ):

  3. Nick says:

    It leaves you more time to watch the LHC livecam and report on the findings. It’s really a fascinating camera feed and all should watch it to learn about the LHC, Higgs Boson, etc.

  4. Kea says:

    Excellent, thank you for all the ongoing effort.

  5. Huping Hu says:

    Thanks, Phil, for all your hard work and continuing efforts!

    To show appreciation and support viXra, may I suggest that the ones who have the financial meaning, care about and/or use viXra make a donation to viXra during this Holiday Season!

  6. Congrats for the form. I will check with my next submission.

    Only a minor question, the form says:

    You can include basic HTML is the abstract for formatting if necessary. (e.g. subscripts, italics, line breaks and special characters) Please do not use links, images, bold, font changes or character sizes or colours.

    Does this mean that previously accepted HTML-formatted abstracts as 1111.0024 will be no more accepted?

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      We are just trying to prevent abstracts that use tricks to try to stand out from the others. Some uniformity is important. there is nothing much wrong with your limited use of fonts though so just continue if you wish. If we don’t like anything we will just remove the formatting.

      • Ok it is good if you remove anything you do not like. I wrote because I want to know better the rules for avoiding to submit format that after you would eliminate (less work for both of us :-).

        My intention was not “to stand out from the others”. Simply I use this formatting in all the paper, including the reference section (I also use this formatting in my website) and I submitted the HTML abstract as close as possible to the paper abstract.

  7. Carl Brannen says:

    LOL! I just discovered that PRX corrects vixra references to arxiv in its automatic citation finder:

  8. Mohammad Shafiq Khan says:

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