Prof or Hobo Quiz

I think this has been going round for some time but in case you have not seen it, please have a go and let us know how you score. I managed an average 7/10.

15 Responses to Prof or Hobo Quiz

  1. 10/10…just look at his eyes.

  2. Where to one gets the right answers?

  3. Hey, the one displayed above in this post could even resemeble Santa Claus gone “hoboized” because of summer time unemployement…

  4. I got that too… but it gave me fond memories of when I was bearded and living on the street in Chapel Hill waiting for schooling that never came from the VA… for a couple of years the young students would go out of their way to open the doors for me even in the fast food restaurants. I asked this one lady why and she said “Oh, I thought you were a professor.” 🙂

  5. Dilaton says:

    8 / 10 🙂

  6. carla says:

    It’s a valid point though – why do so many mathematicians, scientists, engineers etc have beards? They could be classed as schizophrenic in not being concerned about the way they look

  7. Bill K says:

    8/10. But I protest one of the answers. The first guy is clearly John Wheeler.

  8. kneemo says:

    I got a 9/10. The guy with the brown hat and jean jacket apparently isn’t a geology prof afterall. 😛

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