Mini Higgs Update

Today at La Thuile physicists from the Tevatron and LHC have been giving out a few teasers in preperation for the next Higgs updates expected at Moriond.

Dzero have released a diphoton plot as their first Higgs channel result using the full Tevatron dataset of 9.7/fb (Satish Desai Desai)

This is a companion to the equivalent plot from CDF published a month ago. At the LHC this is the most exciting channel but at the Tevatron it does not reach the sensitivity required to tell us anything about a standard model Higgs.

Slightly more interesting is this WW channel plot from CDF which improves on previous limits by about 10% (Richard StDenis). This is close to the sensitivity where some excess could have emerged but nothing is apparent.

The real interest for the Tevatron is the Higgs decay to two bottom quarks (bb channel) . For that and the combinations we are told to wait until next week which probably means Moriond.

ATLAS and CMS have not provided any new plots yet but ATLAS have reminded us that they still have to update WW, bb and ττ at 5/fb and we are also told to expect news at Moriond from them.

The ATLAS+CMS combinations previously expected for Moriond have apparently been abandoned. With the peak excesses from the two experiments in slightly different places the benefit of doing the combination may not justify the resources needed to produce it. Instead they look set to aim for independent discoveries from both ATLAS and CMS by the end of the year. This will not be an easy task as this plot at the bottom of the ATLAS talk shows (Junichi Tanaka) The 8 TeV energy improves the cross section by 30% and 3 sigma sensitivity is within easy reach with 2012 data, perhaps even in time for ICHEP, but 5 sigma discovery quality results require the full years run and some good luck. A run extension and a combination with 2011 data may be needed to polish it off. The same goes for CMS of course, and there is always the possibility that they will end the year with one team having better luck than the other.

In any case the arrow on this plot shows that they already know where the Higgs is 🙂

CMS also presented today (Josh Bendavid) but they have already given us everything they have for Higgs in 2011 data.

6 Responses to Mini Higgs Update

  1. Tony Smith says:

    Moriond (Sunday 11 March 2012) program at 11:55 has

    “… discussion:
    Standard Model Higgs:
    to be or not to be …”.

    Will it be webcast ?


  2. Saibot says:

    I like your title, it looks like you tried to avoid writing “Little Higgs Update” 😉

  3. Lubos Motl says:

    The data are out.

    D0+CDF sees a 2.2 sigma excess between 115 and 135 GeV, mostly in the bottom-antibottom channel.

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