Ray Munroe 1958 – 2012

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Ray Munroe on who died on March 11th. Many readers of viXra Log will know of him through his web presence and his love of physics.  Last year his FQXi essay which ended in 27th place, a very respectable result for an independent researcher. He had worked professionally as a physicist studying cosmic rays and liked to be known as Dr Cosmic Ray. His last comments here were left just a month ago when he said “I’m excited to be living during such ground-breaking times.” His obituary can be read here.

Our condolences to his family, we will miss him too.

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  1. PSTJ Editor says:

    I’m also very much saddened by Ray’s untimely “translation” into the eternal domain. May his Maker bless his soul!

    Ray published four papers in PSTJ. He will be missed not only as a decent human being but also a valuable contributor to physics and PSTJ.

    PSTJ Editor

  2. Lubos Motl says:

    Sad. RIP.

    The last comment is like from a movie.

    He left 42 comments on my blog, too…

  3. Jason says:

    I am sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family. He left quite a few comments on my blog too.

  4. Lawrence B. Crowell says:

    This is a unfortunate. I wrote a short paper with him a few years ago.


  5. Tony Smith says:

    Ray was from Tallahassee which is not far from Valdosta where I visit from time to time, and Ray and I had planned to meet for lunch in Thomasville (mid-way between Tallahassee and Valdosta).
    About 5 weeks ago Ray wrote
    “… getting together in Thomasville sounds good, although I probably need a little bit more recovery time (my surgery was on Jan 7th, and a couple of hours of public appearance still wipes me out). …”.

    His death is a painful loss.


  6. Ray was a wonderful human who loved life and loved math and physics. He was always a gentleman and he will be missed.

  7. Ervin Goldfain says:

    A sad loss for the physics community. Ray’s spirit will live in our hearts and our minds…

  8. Ray Munroe says:

    Ray was my beloved son. I am so proud of him and his work and hope that someday he will be properly recognized.
    Peggy Munroe

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