Peter Higgs: My Life as a Boson

Tomorrow Peter Higgs will give a talk at CERN Bristol about how he discovered the Higgs Boson. It will be webcast live. He has given this talk several times before and there are both printed and video versions of it online, still it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about the latest results from the LHC. I am planning to write something about the intricate and controversial history of the theoretical side of the discovery later on, so stay tuned.

Update: A recording of the talk is online.

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  1. mcirelli says:

    The talk is not at CERN (which, by the way, is closed for holiday today) but in Bristol. It’s only the announcement which is hosted on the Indico server of CERN.

  2. I have given this some thought and tend to think, and your list was excellent as to the development of these authors of the theory, that no one among them should get the prize- I mean did one man invent the television set in all its components?

    On top of that I feel the theory progressively absurd and obsolete before it is completed as a model for the discovery of what may remain even by announcement elusive results of our science experiments. Yes, the spirit of it is on the right course, but who gets such a prize for pure theory?

    Let us not for the sake of funding only give this social reward for the enhancement of prestige. You have raised some important questions in the advanced physics of our time.

    But what do I know, I am only a layman?


  3. Bornerdogge says:

    Did they record the stream somewhere? I apparently missed the talk… The video on vimeo is of poor quality…

  4. Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar says:

    Higg’s boson bring out permanent changes in humanbiings to bringout change on themselves to havea command over the matter and nature an evolution an evolution of mind .Thisisrequire forhighe evolution.This is brought out by proper practice and meditation.

    • Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar says:

      This can not be possible by tunable scientific instruments,only by love and affection and by praying.

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