Lots of Higgs webcasts coming up

We are used to looking at the slides from conferences and seminars around the world but we miss what the speaker actually says and the all important questions. So it is good to know that many of the talks to be given in the next few days about the Higgs boson will be webcast live from three continents. For your convenience (and mine) here is a short list with the appropriate links:

  • 2nd July : Not to be outdone by CERN, Fermilab will present its Higgs results 2 days earlier, but probably there is nothing new because they already gave us the full details at Moriond. If you are still interested the webcast is here
  • 4th July : CERN give their important update and possible discovery announcement followed by a press conference. This may just cover the most critical channels (e.g. diphoton and 4-lepton) Webcast from here.
  • 7th July: The Higgs results for each decay channel in fine detail will be presented at the ICHEP conference in the parallel sessions. Most of these will be updates with 2012 data. I am informed that one stream of talks will be webcast live from ICHEP for 5th-7th July and this will include the Higgs searches. Link to come later.
  • 9th July: The combined Higgs results from CERN for ATLAS and CMS (separately) will be presented in the plenary sessions at ICHEP. This will again be webcast.

While we wait there is an interesting audio interview with Peter Higgs at PhysicsWorld

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