LHC on the run again

While we wait for ATLAS and CMS to deliver their latest results the LHC has reawakened from a week-long technical stop and is once again injecting beams. It could take a few days before they are back to collecting data at full luminosity. This run will last 6 weeks and will be interrupted by TOTEM physics, floating MDs and VdM scans leaving about 4 to 5 weeks for normal running. The previous run that delivered about 5.5/fb lasted 7 weeks so there is less time in this run. Bunch intensities will however be increased beyond the already impressive figure of 150 billion protons per bunch, remember that the LHC was designed to reach a nominal maximum of 115 billion ppb but there is an ultimate maximum of 170 billion ppb because they are running with a lower 50ns bunch spacing.

One consequence of such high beam intensity is that some parts of the LHC are feeling the heat. The kicker magnets have warmed up to 70 degrees centigrade during long runs and the control centre needs to wait for them to cool down before they can start a new fill. Despite such difficulties and the shorter time I am sure they will be hoping to at least match the 5.5/fb delivered in the last run. After that there will be another technical stop followed by a final proton run. All being well the total data delivered should be enough to bring out some detail in our view of the Higgs boson, and perhaps it will also show us something else new.

3 Responses to LHC on the run again

  1. carla says:

    The run has been extended by two months so looks as if they want to collect more data for the Higgs.

  2. ondra says:

    LHC status presentation at ICHEP with this years run plan

    Protons till Xmas and pPb run in January/February.
    And no technical stop in last period, which is good idea because maybe they could already figure out that you should not touch what works :), if not necessary.

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