We need to find the Theory of Everything

Each week the New Scientist runs a one minute interview with a scientist and last week it was Lisa Randall who told us that we shouldn’t be obsessed with finding a theory of everything. It is certainly true that there is a lot more to physics than this goal, but it is an important one and I think more effort should be made to get the right people together to solve this problem now. It is highly unlikely that NS will ever feature me in their column but there is nothing to stop me answering questions put to others so here are the answers I would give to the questions asked of Lisa Randall which also touch on the recent discovery of the Higgs(-very-like) Boson.

Doesn’t every physicist dream of one neat theory of everything?

Most physicists work on completely different things but ever since Einstein’s attempts at a unified field theory (and probably well before) many physicists at the leading edge of theoretical physics have indeed had this dream. In recent years scientific goals have been dictated more by funding agencies who want realistic proposals for projects. They have also noticed that all previous hopes that we were close to a final theory have been dashed by further discoveries that were not foreseen at the time. So physicists have drifted away from such lofty dreams.

So is a theory of everything a myth?

No. Although the so-called final theory wont explain everything in physics it is still the most important milestone we have to reach. Yes it is a challenging journey and we don’t know how far away it is but it could be just round the corner. We must always try to keep moving in the right direction. Finding it is crucial to making observable predictions based on quantum aspects of gravity.  Instead people are trying to do quantum gravity phenomenology based on very incomplete theories and it is just not working out.

But isn’t beautiful mathematics supposed to lead us to the truth?

Beauty and simplicity have played their part in the work of individual physicists such as Einstein and Dirac but what really counts in consistency. By that I mean consistency with experiment and mathematical self-consistency. Gauge theories were used in the standard model, not really because they embody the beauty of symmetry, but because gauge theories are the only renormalisable theories for vector bosons that were seen to exist. It was only when the standard model was shown to be renormalisable that it become popular and replaced other approaches. Only renormalisable theories in particle physics can lead to finite calculations that predict the outcome of experiments, but there are still many renormalisable theories and only consistency with experiment can complete the picture. Consistency is also the guide that takes us into theories beyond the standard model such as string theory that is needed for quantum gravity to be consistent at the perturbative level and the holographic principle that is needed for a consistent theory of black hole thermodynamics.

Is it a problem, then, that our best theories of particle physics and cosmology are so messy?

Relatively speaking they are mot messy at all. A few short equations are enough to account for almost everything we can observe over an enormous range of scales from particle physics to cosmology. The driving force now is the need to combine gravity and other forces in a form that is consistent non-perturbatively and to explain the few observational facts that the standard models don’t account for such as dark matter and inflation. This may lead to a final theory that is more unified but some aspects of physics may be determined by historical events not determined by the final theory, in which case particle physics could always be just as messy and complicated as biology. Even aside from those aspects, the final theory itself is unlikely to be simple in the sense that you could describe it fully to a non-expert.

Did the discovery of the Higgs boson – the “missing ingredient” of particle physics – take you by surprise last July?

We knew that it would be discovered or ruled out by the end of 2012 in the worst case. In the end it was found a little sooner. This was partly because it was not quite at the hardest place to find on the mass range which would have been around 118 GeV. Another factor was that the diphoton excess was about 70% bigger than expected. If it had been as predicted they would have required three times as much data to get it from the diphoton excess but the ZZ channel would have helped. This over-excess could be just the luck of the statistics or due to theoretical underestimates, but it could also be a sign of new physics beyond the standard model. Another factor that helped them push towards the finish line in June was that it became clear that a CMS+ATLAS combination was going to be sufficient for discovery. If they could not reach the 5-sigma goal for at least one of the individual experiments then they would have to face the embarrassment of an unofficial discovery announced on this blog and elsewhere. This drove them to use the harder multivariate analysis methods and include everything that bolstered the diphoton channel so that in the end they both got the discovery in July and not a few weeks later when an official combination could have been prepared.

toeAre you worried that the Higgs is the only discovery so far at the LHC?

It is a pity that nothing else has been found so far because the discovery of any new particles beyond the standard model would immediately lead to a new blast of theoretical work that could take us up to the next scale. If nothing else is found at the LHC after all its future upgrades it could be the end of accelerator driven physics until they invent a way of reaching much higher energies. However, negative results are not completely null. They have already ruled out whole classes of theories that could have been correct and even if there is nothing else to be seen at the electroweak scale it will force us to some surprising conclusions. It could mean that physics is fine tuned at the electroweak scale just as it is at the atomic scale. This would not be a popular outcome but you can’t argue with experiment and accepting it would enable us to move forward. Further discoveries would have to come from cosmology where inflation and dark matter remain unexplained. If accelerators have had their day then other experiments that look to the skies will take over and physics will still progress, just not quite as fast as we had hoped.

What would an extra dimension look like?

They would show up as the existence of heavy particles that are otherwise similar to known particles, plus perhaps even black holes and massive gravitons at the LHC. But the theory of large extra dimensions was always an outsider with just a few supporters. Theories with extra dimensions such as string theory probably only show these features at much higher energy scales that are inaccessible to any collider.

What if we don’t see one? Some argue that seeing nothing else at the LHC would be best, as it would motivate new ideas.

I think you are making that up. I never heard anyone say that finding nothing beyond the Higgs would be the best result. I did hear some people say that finding no Higgs would be the best result because it would have been so unexpected and would have forced us to find the alternative correct theory that would have been there. The truth of course is that this was a completely hypothetical situation. The reason we did not have a good alternative theory to the Higgs mechanism is because there isn’t one and the Higgs boson is in fact the correct answer.

Update: Motl has a followup with similar views and some additional points here

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  1. Well, every physicists might dream on ToE but daily routines in order to get food on the table are the road block. Job, family, friends, hobbies… you have to sleep also.

    Besides that scientist can’t be too bold. There is a danger of losing your reputation. Bad rep-> bad jobs -> bad everything 🙂 Losing your head (as happened in history) might actually be better alternative than losing your reputation. You know what I mean.

    Respect to all bold (and of course beautiful) scientists! One other thing… ToE is important, it shifts us to the next level in science. Usable antimatter, “dark matter” explained and so on..

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      I didn’t say that finding a TOE is the only thing we have to do, or even the most important, but there are 7 billion people on the planet so plenty to be farmers without holding back the goals of physics. As for jobs, well physicists can do more than one project and perhaps people who work as independent scientists with other jobs to make their living should not be so excluded.

      • Leo Vuyk says:

        I think that reputation fear.is the main objection to think out of the box, and if we don’t go out of the box there is no hope.
        see my raspberry multiverse Quasars interpretation

      • vmguptaphy says:

        All of us are in search of developing understanding of universe as we observe directly and through the prism of our knowledge. I donot see it as a project management exercise to match resources with objectives of the projects.

      • Project management? well, the universe at a certain threshold say of dimensions becomes a game that can play itself regardless of what is the particle, the wave or the board.

    • G Srinivasan says:

      Hello Kimmo

      Perhaps you did it as a joke? . In any case you hit the nail on the head. You have indeed derived a holographic Universe.
      All forms in a real substratum , formed through and with the components of that substratum can only be a hologram axiomatically. See the close parallel in a real functioning axiomatic theory that derives everything from axioms in l”www kapillavastu dot com index htm”

  2. Dilaton says:

    Hi Phil,

    I like your answers to the questions :-).

    But I guess in the question:
    What if we don’t see one? Some argue that seeing nothing else at the LHC would be best, as it would motivate new ideas.

    The term “one” refers to extra dimensions, BSM particles, or such rather than the higgs?

    There are indead many sourballs, wannabe Einsteinian revolutionars, etc … who would love it if the LHC sees nothing new apart from the higgs (a prominent sourball is indeed celebrating every kind of more or less important null result very excessively … :-D)l


    • Philip Gibbs says:

      There are some who have predicted that nothing BSM will be found, and more who predicted that SUSY wont be found, but that is different from saying that it would be the preferred outcome for particle physics. Did anyone say that?

  3. Ivar Nielsen says:

    What if the cosmological scientists just have buried and blinded themselves because of not seeing the most obvious and simplest movements of cosmic formation?

    Take for instants the observed “galactic rotation anomaly” that really contradicted the “laws of celestial movements around a gravity centre”. If looking at the galactic formation as a spherical electro-hydro-magnetic circuit, the scientists wouldn´t have to add “dark matter” and then they could discard the ancient gravity deas that keep on confusing and contradicting the scientists.

    – So, in my opinion it should be fairly easy for sceintists to construct a TOE just working with the 3 known elementary week and strong forces, leaving all the hypothesis and contradictions of gravity behind as a skeleton of the past.

    Of course this explanation have to be discussed further on, but I don´t know if this is the place to have such a discussion.

    NB: I also know that this leaves us to explain the “feeling of weight on the Earth” and otherwhere, but this must vait until later.

  4. Ivar Nielsen says:

    NBB: The “week and strong forces” are really one and the same, just with different electric/eletromagnetic charges. And the point “where it all collapse” for modern scientist is the Bennett Z-Pinch effect located in all centres of formation, small or large.

  5. Vladimir Kalitvianski says:

    TOE implies correct physics. How can we construct TOE if we still count on renormalizations? We still make mathematical and physical errors that are later corrected with coefficient renormalizations. We still have no idea how to construct correct equations without invoking never observed “bare” particles. Our guiding principles are too superficial and thus misleading, I think. See my popular explanation of our errors here:


    • Philip Gibbs says:

      Renormalisation is needed at the level of quantum field theories to make them consistent. A theory of quantum gravity which would be part of a TOE will not be a quantum field theory so it will have other criteria for consistency. String Theory for example is perturbatively finite when you use the right gauge groups.

      • Vladimir Kalitvianski says:

        Dear Philip, “renormalization” is needed not only on the quantum filed level to make solutions consistent, but also on the “classical mechanical” level, as I show on a simple classical problem. And we can do without renormalization if we formulate the equations correctly. Pity that you do not trust me.

    • Ivar Nielsen says:

      Vladimir Kalitvianski,
      If we are talking of dynamical formations, how can you possibly make mathemathical equations that describes something like a ful circuit of motions? I mean, the mathematics also collapses when it come to describe the funnel in galaxies, where the so called “black hole” is assumed to exist.

      • Vladimir Kalitvianski says:

        Dear Ivar, I now nothing about galaxies, unfortunately, and I do not like BH since, I think, the GR is badly constructed either.

      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        I don´t like BH either, but I like to describe these BH´s as “funnels of dynamic formation in a spherical 3 D cell-like structure”.
        NB: Both GR and SR is badly constructed since they obviously fail to describe a TOE 😉

      • Vladimir Kalitvianski says:

        It is funny, but in SR we still do not have a self-consistent equation for a single charge. And the other theories are constructed by analogy with SR (gauge theories).

    • Dilaton says:

      Nah, renormalization (or coarse graining) is quite a useful concept in a whole bunch of very different applied or more fundamental fields …

    • G Srinivasan says:

      I agree with you Vladimir.Re-Normalization is an escape route, just as the principle of uncertainty. Dividing any parameter by zero will produce absurd results despite the all he elliptical arguments to support it. As a starting point why was it necessary at all to create an E = Mc^2 ? Because M hid the c^2 value due to a REAL cause. Did any one find out what was that cause? Because it was not, re-normalization became the route to equate all such hidden factors. There is an extremely simple and obvious fact that occurs at the real level which is the cause of this fiasco. Avoiding jargon an ordinary experiment would expose it. Let ten people clap once one after another and the observer will hear and count those ten. But let those ten people clap all at the same time ,simultaneously, the same observer will count only one clap but louder. The nine claps that escaped the counting process was merged and hidden in the one clap interval but it turned up as intensity or mass or inertia. Cosmology is ridden with this aspect for the photon is NOT a single quanta for it has 1.27 e + 16 oscillatory states merged in it but being simultaneously radiated as a single unit it has been measured as the Planck’s constant h. The net result a plethora of dark matter / energy anomalies have turned up just like the 9 hidden claps. Heisenberg was forced to create the principle of uncertainty for the same reason . One quanta and yet the interval was too long between two units. Now try to differentiate a merged interaction where the interval is zero because it is simultaneous you would get an absurd result. So renormalise. But what ? time? distance?
      density? It goes on but dealt with at an intellectual level it is at once evident that it is indeed a blunder. If not convinced see ” www dot kapillavastu dot com/index html ” and see Sankhya slide ppt and PHO state to understand what is really hap penning in a three dimensional world made up of real things.

  6. Wondering if my comment went through…

  7. Guess it did not, so I will try to recall what I posted.

    I too do not hold Lisa’s comments (nor her idea of branes) as deep.

    My term for all this is OMNIUM (and that suggested by Penrose too) of which I am still waiting for surprises or breakthroughs new in the sciences that does not fit into this theory.

    http;//www.pesla.blogspot.com if you want some of the answers, for many say we need a TOE to solve other problems- but if we have one more of a new interpretation rather than new mathematics and physics- why is it not applied?

    Theorists inside academia and establishments and those in the periphery outside like Pitkanen have valuble life work to offer and these paths are on a level waiting for others to catch up. Such inquiry is too wide for saying who uniquely discovers what and when, there is a lot of work to be done on these simple ideas.

    I agree with Lisa we should have buildt the supercollider (I lobbied for in in my state

    can God make a strativaris with strativaris (theorieician

    • I see this topic is a hot one on the web since Lisa’s interview. I see the interpretations as to what is the reference frame to which we may declare which theory as the best description of some general unity. I posted Generalized Theories of Everything on my Pe Sla blogspot to sum up my efforts before I go on to other things. I did not expect this topic to be as widely interesting to our inquirers. I will be available for questions should anyone desire clarification- we should not simply invert the Feynman diagrams or extend them as simple quantum analogs to deeper space tho this is part of it all. Nor say at the frontier at least of these transcendental realms we do what is seen in physics and not its inaccessible hidden dimensions.

      What can it mean that matter is a coordinate of abstract space as the very diverse background rather than just spinning and folding of the vacuum?

      Good Inquiring… The Pe Sla

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Hi Edgar, your recent art makes your position much more accessible. I see an octonion rendering of a crystal lattice with spin orientions. Convention still does the lattice and the spins with different formalisms, but mathematicians are now exploring orientifolds where the manifold has direction. Still, for their own reasons of continuity, this math doesn’t range easily to octonion representations, so you are still safely ahead of the pack.

        All this interests me because paramagnetic and ferromagnetic salts, with this degree of complexity, appear among the Schussler cell salts. These saved many lives in the last great influenza epidemic, in 1918.

        There is a fascinating background here in Paracelsus and esoteric crystallography/spiritualism: an intuition of the twelve salts in a ‘cosmic circuit’ which somehow captures the degrees of freedom essential to life.

  8. kneemo says:

    Excellent answers, Phil. At this time, what do you think are the best guiding principles in the ongoing quest for a complete nonperturbative theory of quantum gravity and ToE?

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      As you know my views start quite mainstream. I dont think we can ignore the lessons of string theory. The holographic principle is very important and suggests a huge symmetry with a degree of symmetry for each field variable. On the boundary you are left with the charges associated with the symmetry so it needs infinite rank. A deformation of the symmetry could also work. I think the solution is essentially algebraic. The qubit correspondance also suggests an algebraic approach. I think the relationship between monstrous moonshine and string theory is overlooked. How would mathematicians approached this problem if they did not have string theory? You can explore connections between elliptic curves, linear codes and symmetries. It is hard mathematics but if the right people got together and understood the big picture something could be done. I still prusue the “strings of qubits” idea

      • kneemo says:

        Indeed, the quantum information route is very enticing. From a bird’s eye perspective, the black hole/correspondence has mostly involved “diagonalized” versions of the charge space vectors. This is tantamount to saying, there exists special forms of the charge vectors that transform as entangled qubits. And in those cases, the charges must be complexified to be mapped to entangled qubit systems.

        In the 5D and 6D cases, the black hole charge vectors, in their full non-diagonalized forms, transform as qutrits and qubits in an octonionic quantum mechanics. Here the correspondence makes use of the full E6 symmetry and the correspondence is saturated, in the sense of interpreting E6 in terms of a complete set of octonionic quantum gates. (Note: the split-octonions and bi-octonions are included here, giving E6(6) and E6(C), respectively.)

        The 4D and 3D cases do not yet have a full interpretation. In the 4D case, for example, the charge vectors are elements of a Freudenthal triple system. In general, they describe dyonic black holes. What is the interpretation for a general charge vector? When a given charge vector has electric and magnetic Jordan algebra charges diagonalized, we can interpret it as a three-qubit entangled system. A general charge vector, however, likely has a much richer intepretation. The most conservative intepretation would be in terms of dyonic topological quantum computation.

        At the end of the day though, in the non-perturbative picture, the charges must be integer valued. So we can push the black hole/quantum information perspective only so far. However, this isn’t such a tragedy as the integer valued charges allow us to make contact with the Leech lattice, monstrous moonshine and automorphic forms.

      • Philip Gibbs says:

        Yes I agree, and with monstrous moonshine the only connection between the Leech lattice and elliptic curves requires gping via string theory so you have to ask what is the missing link between them in pure maths. If you look at the classification of complex reflection groups and their invariants you will find that there is a connection there, and these groups are related to systems of qubits etc.

      • In the pure math world and the real world the holographic is rather weak as a concept and should be merged with the fractal concept and it has distinct formulations… and what is the Leech lattice but the array of 24 fold objects or patterns in number theory as that self dual polytope in 4 space? This is indeed a missing link in the theory of which our complex planes and manifolds, and isolated universes of Monsters are simply not general enough. While we may not sense or see or distinguish systems by their spectral vibrations it does not mean they are not there at least from the view of a structural basis for distinguishing (and unifying) the physics.

      • kneemo says:

        Yes, there are pieces that need to be filled in. Shimura varieties appear to be helpful along this path. These varieties can be seen as moduli spaces of elliptic curves. To build these varieties we take a quotient of a Hermitian symmetric space over the rationals. Two such relevant Hermitian symmetric spaces would be: E6/(SO(10)xSO(2)) “the complexified Cayley plane” and E7/(E6xSO(2)).

        The space M=E6/(SO(10)xSO(2)), otherwise known as (CxO)P^2, can be related to the Leech lattice using R.A. Wilson’s octonionic Leech lattice construction. Essentially, one can build the Leech lattice using triples of octonions in O^3. In another paper, Wilson showed that the full automorphism group of the Leech can be generated by symmetries induced by 3×3 matrices over the octonions. Playing with these matrices a bit, one can show they are E6 transformations. Hence, the symmetries of the Leech lattice are also symmetries of the Cayley plane.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        This is a great lead, hot off the lecture circuit, where new math gathers PhD students. I’m struck by the fact the 8! = 20160 matches the ordmag of the ‘string landscape’ = (in my view) just the Anthropic landscape. Apparently the genetic code reduces to E(8), so E(8) x E(&) x E(6)…. does look like an adequate language for a theory of all stuff (TOAST).

  9. Robert L. Oldershaw says:

    If the “nightmare scenario” does not energize the current theoretical physics community to seek radically different ways to think about how nature works, then I suppose our best hope is with coming generations of science students who are more open-minded and less indoctrinated with regard to the paths that have led nowhere.

  10. G Srinivasan says:

    There is a theory of everything already derived from axioms and completed with precise proof. But the scientific community would not even look at it even though it has been on the web for 20 years. Why?. It is from Vedic science that is over thirty thousand years old and is derived on the basis of austere logic that everything starts from one thing. I dont think anybody from the scientific community cares two hoots for any theory but their own left brained irrational derivations. If any body in this group that reads this letter is truly interested visit site “www kapillavastu com index html” and see the unified theory that derives the cause of all phenomena from one single dynamic state in a space that is defined mathematically , in front of your eyes

    • nilesh says:

      Mr. G. Srinivasan,

      Thank you for posting link. “the unified theory that derives the cause of all phenommena from one single dynamic state in a space that is defined mathematically , in front of your eyes” form this statement can you please explain few phenomena for all of us to see objectively?

      • G Srinivasan says:

        Sure Nilesh.

        First and foremost the underlying problem in any theory is to derive the basic cause of dynamism in the Universe. Then It becomes a process of creating combinations that predict and define other levels of phenomena. For instance the periodic table is a model of predictability after have established the basic state of a hydrogen atom. Therefore the definition of a hydrogen atom must be be derived austerely and logically to make the periodic table meaningful which then leads to the TOE of that manifestation regime. Physicists created the Standard Model but without the mathematics to solve its various states. Re-normalization was invented but it promptly led to the heirarchy disease at the fundamental level approaching “zero time interval”.

        The quantum (theory) was derived empirically by experimental observation without defining what a quantum actual is. The association of the quantum with dynamic oscillatory states led to the attempt to derive the mathematical formula that created and maintained it as the Harmonic Oscillator (HO) but without success. For had that been done the enigma of creating the weak , strong and nuclear forces (with its incumbent Standard Model) would have been eliminated.

        Sankhya the Vedic Science theory that has been on the web for the last 20 years, solved the problem elegantly through axiomatic numerical derivations that match experimental findings. See the PHO . Pdf on the web site ” www kapillavastu com index html” to witness the derivation of the Perpetual Harmonic Oscillatory state (PHO ) as a replacement for the HO. Not only does this remove all the gamut of forces that create interaction sates but the mass value of the Neutron, Proton, Electron, Neutrino and other values unknown in Physics drop out of it with 6 decimal Place accuracy in comparison with the experimental findings in Physics.

        Please the Sankhya. PPT slide to understand that the ubiquitoius force of gravity is just caused by the unbalance of the PHO state. The so called electromagnetic , weak and stron forces are the combinations of the PHO state along x, y and z axis ithe spatial enevironement it is. It leads to deriving the elementary mass of the quantum as the combination of 8 PHO states and goes on to deriive the stellar, Galactic and Universal mass by the same algorithm but in its own time standard.
        more later

        what is a hydrogen atom must be

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        The ancient Samkhya-Patanjali cosmology seems to be predicting something like the candidate E(38) particle that turns up predictably in (White) Russian physics. That’s White as in White Vedas, with Brahmana commentaries. In general in Indian metaphysics, universals are prior to particulars, and hence ensambles to what we call particles. This is very hard for the Western mind to comprehend, but it points to the elusive viscosity factor now emerging from new quark-gluon plasma physics.

        As I have already remarked, the entropy-viscosity relation looks like the stringy factor that won’t go away. New physics is happening stuff, for those with the wit for it.

  11. Hi Phil,

    thank your for a nice posting. There is a very nice critical article about the recent situation in quantum gravity from the point of particle physics by Nicolai: see http://arxiv.org/pdf/1301.5481.pdf.

    Part of the message is that the best manner to make progress in quantum gravity is to understand why standard model gauge group is so special. For instance, fhe fine tuning of Higgs mass requires correlation between Planck scale and TeV scale so that low energy physics is very relevant to Planck length scale physics. To this question existing approaches have not answered or not even tried to answer. Separation of quantum gravity from other interactions is the worst thing to do. I cannot but agree.

    A second interesting comment came from Weinberg (discussed by Lubos, see http://motls.blogspot.fi/2013/01/weinbergs-evolving-views-on-quantum.html). At the age about 80 years he has been able to change his views about “interpretations” of QM and admits that there is something wrong here. The history of physics shows that single anomaly or even paradox is infinitely more valuable and tons of data. Therefore standard TOErs make a fatal error when they pretend that Copenhagen interpretation is the final one. At some day we must include conscious observer as part of the physical system, and the interpretational problems of QM give strong clue how to do it.

    Concerning the questions.

    a) TOE of is a must for every good theoretician. What TOE means depends on the mathematics available (besides mathematical abilities of TOEr;-)): mathematics evolves so that TOEing poses evolutionary pressures on mathematics itself. First example: the geometrization program of Einstein leads to the notion of “world of classical worlds” whose very existence as Kaehler geometry requires infinite-D isometries and strongly suggests its uniqueness at the same time (already for loop spaces Kahler geometry is unique). This is extremely abstract mathematics but leads to the vision that infinite-dimensional existince is unique, a good news for a TOEr. What is amusing is that in this approach holography reduces to general coordinate invariance and Bohr orbitology usually regarded as approximation generalizes and becomes an exact part of quantum theory. In infinite-D context also Born rules are the only possibility for purely mathematical reasons.

    Second example: the idea about number theoretical universality of physics is very powerful guideline in attempts to fuse real and p-adic number based mathematics to something more general. The problems are very concrete: for instance, how to integrate in p-adic context! This mathematics will certainly be beautiful and abstract but the need for it is forced by physics at concrete experimental level (in my own case the original motivation comes from mass calculations based on p-adic thermodynamics plus conformal invariance). Number theoretical vision involves naturally also quaternions and octonions and they relate very intimately to standard model symmetries. Standard modely looks messy only if one has no idea about the meaning of the underlying symmetries and sees the group as just one choice among infinity of other choices.

    b) The story of Higgs like particle taught to me how valuable experimental input is. For me the basic lesson was that Higgs mechanism is the only possible description of massivation in QFT context but just a mimicry, nothing more.
    The predictive description must be in terms of a microscopic theory and if this theory has QFT limit then Higgs mechanism is the phenomenological parametrization this limit.

    c) Speaking about new physics: it is quite well possible that we have been seen it for years but our theoretical conditioning – forced by methods comparable to those applied by Pavlov to his poor dogs – prevents to realize that we see it. The too high rate for the decays of Higgs to gamma pairs could be due to an additional wide resonance decaying to gamma pairs. Fermi satellite has reported 135 GeV bump which the existing paradigm wants to interpret as dark matter particle and this leads to problems. Perhaps the most important finding was made by RHIC for seven years ago: the production of charged particle pairs for which members tend to have parallel or antiparallel momenta as if they were produced in decays of string like objects. This is not at all consistent with perturbative QCD predicting QCD plasma but people soon introduced the notion of color glass phase to save QCD. My personal bet is that M_89 hadron physics (as I call it) is doing its best to inform the stubborn theoreticians about its presence.

    • Ivar Nielsen says:

      @Matti Pitkänen – You wrote:

      “The history of physics shows that single anomaly or even paradox is infinitely more valuable and tons of data”.

      AD: I totally agree, just think of what I wrote January 27, 2013 at 2:20 pm:

      “Take for instants the observed “galactic rotation anomaly” that really contradicted the “laws of celestial movements around a gravity centre”. If looking at the galactic formation as a spherical electro-hydro-magnetic circuit, the scientists wouldn´t have to add “dark matter” and then they could discard the ancient gravity ideas that keep on confusing and contradicting the scientists”.

      – Unfortunately the scientists just added another epicycle (of “dark matter”) to the contradicted “law” instead of extracting the knowledge of the contradiction, namely that the formation in our galaxy goes in a circuit, and therefore the total mass in our galaxy cannot be subscribed to a “heavy gravity point” in the galactic centre i. e. there cannot be a “heavy black object” in the galactic centre because all mass is floating in a circuit. Just as “the galactic rotation anomaly” really indicates.

      – The scientists keep holding on to some long time consensus models even when these are contradicted by concrete observations- and then we get nowhere very fast.

    • Wes Hansen says:

      Lubos Motl concludes his blog post (referenced above) with: “The advocates of “realism behind quantum mechanics” are running an industry of arguments that is analogous to creationism and its claims that Darwin’s evolution has lethal flaws.”

      Edwin Jaynes was one of the foremost authorities regarding Bayesian probability theory and he stated that, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, quantum mechanics is “an incomplete, epistemological mathematical structure which could, with a great deal of work, evolve into a bona fide physical theory.” For certain QM according to the Copenhagen interpretation is no solid foundation for any kind of TOE. In my opinion, speaking of TOE is incredibly premature. Some issues to consider:

      Predictive physiological anticipation preceding seemingly unpredictable stimuli: a meta-analysis (http://www.frontiersin.org/Perception_Science/10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00390/abstract)

      The Heart as Brain (http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/Heart,%20Mind%20and%20Spirit%20%20Mohamed%20Salem.pdf)

      Can the Orthodox interpretation explain this? It seems a direct violation of the 2nd Law: (http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/2002/04.18/09-tummo.html)

      And finally, Mr. Barclay Powers demonstrates the longest running continuous longitudinal study ever conducted by human kind which most definitely defiles the 2nd Law, Darwin’s evolution, and a whole slew of other things: (http://www.integralworld.net/powers5.html)

      See also: (http://noetic.org/library/audio-lectures/the-rainbow-body-phenomenon-with-father-francis-ti/) this is a Catholic Priest talking about a phenomenon known to occur with relative frequency amongst the Tibetan monastic community.

      By the way, I’m still learning the mathematics I need to understand the subtleties addressed by Phil but I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for well over a decade and I find materialism and its Priesthood baffling. To those who are open minded and interested, according to my own experience with the “Kundalini Awakening”, the Golden Embryo is located in the prostate gland . . . and, yes, females have a prostate also called the Skene’s gland (http://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Skene_s_gland.html). Any rebuttal from Mr. Motl, or any other Materialist, would be graciously received: PonderSeekDiscover@gmail.com

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Check, on Jaynes and the hard-to-find math on information: arXiv:1211.4795v1 [cs.IT].

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Mr. O’Dowd,

        Thanks for the link to the information paper; I’m a big fan of Kevin Knuth’s work (and the crew around him of course). He uses Order Theory to generalize the work of Richard Cox and then derives calculi from the Partially Ordered Sets. He has made some rather significant progress (see http://arxiv.org/a/knuth_k_1 for his papers). His paper on the Physics of Events is kind of cool and relates somewhat to Phil’s Event Symmetry.

        It is my humble opinion that the Theory of Theories will eventually emerge from Information Physics; it just needs to be extended to the perspective of the Universal Observer – IT from QUBIT or, less poetically but perhaps more accurately, IT from LOGON. Of course, when talking of TOEs one must keep in mind TOE = {TOE}, Ha, Ha, Ha . . . The Liar, don’t listen to the Liar! Ah, the ghost of Russell . . .

        The Jaynes quote above was taken from his classic paper, Clearing up Mysteries – The Original Goal, presented to the Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods Workshop (http://bayes.wustl.edu/etj/node1.html) and I misquoted him. His actual quote was, “The Copenhagen theory, having no answer to any question of the form: ‘What is really happening when . . . ?’, forbids us to ask such questions and tries to persuade us that it is philosophically naïve to want to know what is happening. But I do want to know, and I do not think this is naïve; and so for me QM is not a physical theory at all, only an empty mathematical shell in which a future theory may, perhaps, be built.” In the same paper he uses Bayesian methods to generalize the efficiency of a Carnot heat engine to biology and concludes that the estimated efficiency for an ATP driven muscle is 76.5%. Using this logically derived estimate he demonstrates that the upper temperature for the muscle must be 5060 K! So, in other words, ATP molecules are like little bursting suns which, to me, seem somehow related to the g tum mo heat yoga referenced above; somehow these monks are using concentrated consciousness to control the ATP hydrolysis procedure. Of course I’m not a bio-engineer, bio-chemist, or bio-anything so this is just a conjecture . . . One thing is for certain, consciousness is manipulating information which is manipulating matter/energy!

        You know, I’m a student of mythology myself. I’m Danish/American by default but a citizen of the world by choice and I thoroughly enjoy Morgan Llyelyn’s works, especially her tale of Cuchulainn and The Red Branch. It would seem Cuchulainn was rather adept at manipulating the ATP hydrolysis procedure himself . . . of course he had “supernatural” help!

      • L. Edgar Otto says:


        Thank you for your kind remarks. Most scientist in a survey were not sure about the right interpretation of quantum theory, next came theories of what is the observer or not in the influence on the universe. But as we come to take the theory as fact and a sense of the real, at least as it is formulated, it is right up there with our sense of “information” in this information age having a sort of physicality. (but to me those who throw virtual mud are just simulated games and not very real events at all.) For a long time we have needed to revise the theory somehow.

        I am not sure how many levels of physics goes beyond this or how far, I only know that some questions we ask can have simple explanations on the next level. Information is very much a part of it. See a problem proven after 80 years in our natural view of n dimensions now solved that leaves something fixed in all the space. Would this not suggest something like the “axis of evil” in the cosmology?

        As I commented earlier the holographic principle is rather weak, although it does fit some of the geometry we can imagine of the organization of our minds. So at the linear level I can imagine a space where if there are strings (not say branes) that in a sense are real with zero thickness, these are but a pale shale of the next theory of everything that tries to encompass the universe much as with those who want to see it in quantum terms alone. A string is better defined as having a direction after the reversibility of the chaos in its complexity. Generalized strings to far to encompass much of our universe in concept (but not branes as such for we are dependent on our previous conceptions- of which as with computers and in a sense action in definition the wasted heat is the limits measured, the eracing of memory takes the effort. So we need a more thermodynamic idea of core strings.

        Action is Et yes? well, the t can be a measure of the entropy as well the usual heat- so energy times entropy in a philosophical sense is to ask of the something times the nothingness- so in what sense may we say any constant like h is truly fundamental?

        The PeSla

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Hi Wes, I’m glad that was interesting to you. I always wanted to know the efficiency of muscle, as part of the puzzle of ergonomics.

        There is a research effort on alternative medicines sponsored by the NIH in the US, and their cautious view is that the aura measurable by Kirlian photography as cold electron discharge is somehow driven by the very slightly radioactive Potassium 40 atom. That’s saying the microbursts of energy dissipate their entropy through a nuclear instability. I now keep an eye open for axions, and spent a season examining Matti Pitkanen’s work.

        Now I find (after an epic rap with Stephen Crowley) that everything he seeks in the quadratic Kahler metric and more is right there in quadratic Lyapunovs, even a Hamilton-Jacobi-Beltrami equation, and a whole slew of optimal control results in queuing, priorities, network management. Its like the whole program transposed into the dimension of time, where Bergson turned.
        Its been a strange journey. Earlier I found myself working on the Yoga-sutra. The text is not in good shape – the editorial seals – ‘iti’, meaning ‘thus’ at the end of a chapter – are misplaced, although there are still just four of them. I pieced it back into 4×50 lines, and found something seriously ancient, very beautiful, from the early days of alchemy.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Mr. Otto,

        I’m convinced “information” does have a sort of physicality – both static and dynamic – but I’m an Objective Idealist in the sense of Charles Pierce. This is what I like so much about Information Physics and the work of Mr. Knuth in particular. Information Physics from the Bayesian perspective makes clear the demarcation between ontology and epistemology, it designates context. Taking entropies and probability theories out of context often leads to many conundrums. Mr. Knuth’s work, as far as I understand it, is all about deriving contextually meaningful calculi which I find to be profound on a pragmatic level.

        Imagine flipping the script: rather than using the Principle of Maximum Entropy as a constraint preventing the assumption of too much, use it as a form to mold structure! Probability Theory, which, when derived in a CONTEXTUALLY MEANINGFUL manner, applies to virtually every area of science, is really a generalized Evolutionary Theory with probability or degree of plausibility taking the role of fitness! As Karl Popper and company have demonstrated, scientific theories evolve; in fact, they tend to evolve as hyper-secure preferred attachment networks. So imagine using a CONTEXTUALLY MEANINGFUL probability theory with its correlated entropy to MAXIMIZE FITNESS with regards to the core – to EVOLVE the network (which is to say, the theory)!

        I guess I don’t really comprehend your “axis of evil” statement – to me there is no “good and evil” there is only isness – Ha, Ha, Ha . . . You know the Buddha said all life is sorrowful; it’s sorrowful because it’s transitory and the only thing “fixed” in space is this transitoriness (if that’s even a word). Even the Universe reincarnates. When one unites the three bodies and achieves “enlightenment”, the sorrow doesn’t end, rather, the one who experiences sorrow ends; they become acquainted with the infinite duration. But, based on my own experience, even that is encapsulated in dynamics . . . good and evil, mother and father, all these dichotomies are just illusory aspects of the infinite duration behind the temporal dance. That said, I was born to serve the Mother . . .

        Mr. O’Dowd,

        Yeah, the Unifying Variational Perspective . . . paper is pretty heavy; I’m still masticating on it – kind of like my dogs gnawing on pig ears! I love proofs though, especially when I’m able to “see” all the way through – and when they’re elegant. The Kirlian photography research is interesting and I too plan to spend a bit of time perusing Mr. Pitkanen’s work.

        You know, this is what I find so remarkable about mathematics: the fact that these logical realizations just magically emerge from the underlying structure; the fact that these logical realizations can be derived in so many, and in some cases mutually exclusive, ways. I would be interested in seeing what you discovered in the Yoga-sutra; does it perhaps relate in some way to the I Ching?

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Wes, now that you mention it, I found intertextual echoes with early Kabbalah – on Brownian motion, more or less – and Confucius on balance and cultivation. That now seems to echo again in the way Adi Shankara extended the astanga to a yoga of fifteen aspects, I’m working through Shankara now on the way to posting.

        Thanks for the interest.

  12. Did you Philip know what happens with this kind of blog post? 🙂 Every ToEr is posting their own ideas in form of reply… this thread will end to a chaos. Should I promote ToEbi? Nah… 😉

  13. To Kimmo:

    To my view the main excuse for the existence of physics blogs is discussion of new ideas and theories. They are desperately needed in the recent period of stagnation.

    Or should physics blogs allow only the (somewhat boring) discussions of bread and butter physicists whose only ambition is to make an academic career?

    • Of course not! But when every reply is a description about reply submitters own theory conversation might get quite complex. To get at least my attension, is provide some concrete experiments for the new theory. If ToEr has a really powerful theory, he should be capable of doing that.

      Also, it wouldn’t hurt to explain some of known anomalies through that theory 😉

  14. Ivar Nielsen says:

    Hello everybody,
    Excuse me for interrupting this discussion with a question of how it´s going with the suggested VIXRA-FORUM? It seems to me that we really need it in this kind of exchanging opinions and replies.

  15. To Kimmo:

    Too often completely general critical comment is labelled with “own theory”. Why not read the comments bravely without a fear that one encounters a thought that is original;-)? Original thoughts are not poisonous;-)!

    For instance, some of my main points relate to Nicolai’s quantum gravity article and Weinberg’s views about measurement problem plus extremely general ideas and problems related to the construction of TOEs which every TOEr sooner or later encounters. For more detailed comments see my blog posting extending my comment at http://matpitka.blogspot.fi/2013/01/do-we-need-theory-of-everything.html. Also Lubos has also written a post about these topics.

    Also my comments about Higgs and possible new physics at LHC are very general. Given the inability of Higgs mechanism to really predict masses, the natural manner to see it is as a mere mimicry of a microscopic and predictive description – the best possible at QFT limit approximating particles with points. Beside this I raise the question whether we might be already seeing the new physics but that our theoretical pre-conditioning does not allow us to realize this. I fail to see this as a selling of some pet theory.

    • G Srinivasan says:

      I saw your blog post. Your point on consciousness is valid. There is a theory that covers all aspects of manifestation mathematically , based on axioms and the principle of self similarity and scale invariance.. Consciousness, spirituality, intelligence, quantum complexities, cosmological misinterpretations and more through combinatorial mathematics. Also even before we start such a dialogue the main reason for the lacuna in Physics will be spelt out so that you can see the logic of why another theory can succeed. Further it has its own internal proof that the mathematics is correct. All the anomalies in physics are solved Do you have inclination to dialogue on it seriously and if you like outside this form.? I would look forward to such a dialogue with a physicist.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        I’m not a professional physicist – my exceptional talent is mathematics – but I have visited your site before, and I do appreciate the insight into the seven-point interval scale for approaching scale-invariant phenomena. With that said, you are asking a bit much credibility upfront for a reflexly skeptical audience – science is like that. And no, your reading of the Samkhya sutras is not guaranteed nor set in stone – but see, we are coming from different orthographies for Sanskrit, with all the historical baggage that entails. As I read the history, the Samkhya-Patanjali cosmology was followed and usefully applied by Jains who kept a reflex tolerance for diverse perspectives – and the yield was preserved in Ayurveda. Yes, the need for combinatorial medicine is as strong as ever, giving varied patient responses. That’s why I’m interested in Schussler cell salts, and all the combinatorial theories of crystal and more abstract symmetries….

  16. Lubos tells about Lisa being a phenomenologist, and I think that this split -ph, -th is part of the problem blocking the advancement towards a ToE. It seems that we need, as Ivar says above, a next step, strong-electroweak unification, before to attack the last slope. This step should be a theory already with some hints of uniqueness, but producing mostly the standard model particles. Problem is, -ph people do not worry really about uniqueness of this mini-unification, and -th people do not worry really about the mini-unification itself because they have a bigger unique theory to play with.

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      What you say is perfectly reasonable but I can only give my honest opinion which is that this may not be the best approach. While you are stuck on the South slopes some of us are looking straight up the North face and wondering if there is a direct route to the summit. It may well be that physics between electro-weak and GUT scales tells us little more about the final theory than chemistry or nuclear physics does. Instead you have to look at arguments about the need for consistency between gravity, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics etc. The phenomenology at the Planck scale should tell us about things that can be observed when we look at the relic of gravitational waves from the big bang and such like. It may not answer questions about low energy particle physics at all, either because the calculations are intractable or because too much depends on the solution rather than the equations.

      • A Rivero says:

        It is more, that some guys (*-th) have bought an helicopter ticket to the summit -or at least, to the base of the summit- and they have not idea about how to go down, so they have started to do geology study or whatever up there, while some others (*-ph) enjoy its time with local training at the base camp and are not putting effort to establish camp station one. Yep, in the long run a deep study of the geology of the peak can be able to derive a way to go down, but it is not granted. And yep, it could even conclude that there are obvious geomorphologic reasons that exclude the existence of a preferred way down.

      • Philip Gibbs says:

        I can’t push the analogy any further than that 😉

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        The metaphor here is curiously old: Herakleitos declaimed, “The Way Up and the Way Down are the same,” which would simplify matters. But to realize that one has to chop every statement up into an iterated AND, which seems fine for separable Hilbert space. Reductionism deluxe, which of course won’t pass entanglement, or correlated electrons, for Fisher’s information = covariance, comparable to Shannon redundancy. Seems these are concepts that need examining.

  17. Hello,

    If I may add to this discussion by taking on a contrarian position, I attempted in the most recent FQXi essay contest to give a cogent argument that a ‘theory of everything’, particularly in the sense that it unifies general relativity with quantum theory, is a myth.


    Given that this seems to be the minority view, if anyone cares to take the time to point out any potential weak points in the argument, I’d be grateful for your investment of time and effort. I did receive plenty of comments on that essay thread, but unfortunately only few of these consisted of questions reflecting genuine interest, or criticisms (most were more or less direct invitations to read other participant’s essays), whereas I have from experience found that being pointed out where I might have gone wrong, thinking about the criticism thoroughly and then taking appropriate action is among the most effective ways to improve my fundamental understanding.

    I have cross-posted the paper (along with almost all my others on fundamental physics and related issues) on vixra. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them either on the fqxi or the vixra thread.



  18. Ivar Nielsen says:

    Talking of taking on a contrarian position . . .

    Once upon a time mythology was the Theory of Everything and it still is the most natural explanation. Unfortunately most people have forgot to decipher the symbols and connect the telling of creation to the right celestial objects and formative movements.

    • G Srinivasan says:

      You are correct. Ivar. Look into the sky and the answers are indeed there. But formalism is based on rules which has a blind side. Reality is three dimensional and a movie makes things clear . Because along with every event on the screen there oodles of simultaneous events that eye absorbs and the brain collates. Try mathematics there and it fails because the time interval is zero between those simultaneous events. Try simultaneous equations and you cannot connect them simultaneously because one has to follow the other. How can Physics understand reality by measurement ? Because while he is measuring his very presence has coloured his readings because in continuum all is realted. Enter a lake and see if your presence is transmitted to the distant shore. Can you stop it?
      Hence Science is based on holistic intelligence not observed probabilities. Man must learn to see his own deficiencies before pontificating. The Cern experiment is ludicrous. Busrst a ballon in the atmosphere which is a continuum and then try to frantically detect the molecule of air that burst out. When is man going to recognise his own inabilty to deal with nature at the obviuos level.. See ” http /www.kapillavastu com/index html?”


      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        Hello G Srinivasan,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I´m working with mythology as my cosmological basis because of the natural and cyclical understanding in the Stories of Creation which, understood in a modern way and reading “deities” as “cosmic forces of creation” which makes much more sense than the linear ideas of Big Bang.

        Phil was so nice to open a vixra-forum for all of us and I´ve posted this topic “Stories of Creation – The Primeval TOE” located here:


        Hope to see you there and give som respons and some of your own experiences.

        Cheers Ivar

  19. G Srinivasan says:

    HI Orwin,
    I am glad that you are knowledgeable on the Sankhya tradition but there is a caveat. The Kapillamuni Sankhyakarika is pre-glacial or as identified in the Atharvan , about 33000 years old . Hence almost all reference to “Samkhya” is a post glacial tradition and perhaps you may look at comparison. pdf on the website to get an overview.
    The major setback was in not recognizing the austere mathematical presentation based on axiomatic logic.

    Essentially Sankhya Physics is identical to the derivations as presented in the standard model but its depth is more and removes the anomalies of dark / matter energy caveat, quantum tunneling entanglement puzzles and more strongly the unification pf GR and SR with quantum mechanics by eliminating the need for principle of uncertainty.

    The important aspect that Physics / Cosmology is floundering on is the concept of simultaneous interactions. Ten claps one after another from one person can be heard and counted precisely. But if there are ten more people also clapping exactly in time and simultaneously with the first only ten claps can be heard and counted but with a louder sound. The hidden ten claps, because it was simultaneous depicts the undefinable mass factor that increased the time interval in Physics , which further confused the lab-top measurement regime into creating the principle of uncertainty. Clock time then becomes a luxury for the perpetual harmonic oscillator state in space becomes the scale invariant clock the steals the SR thunder. Hence once it is seen in this perspective it becomes abundantly clear that mode of interactive states in space or the atmosphere on earth are identical except for the hidden mass factor.

    In this light the Cern experiment was like exploding a balloon in air and the frantically trying to detect the one air molecule.

    How can one break this cycle of learnt behaviour in Physics that borders on the Pavllovian canine syndrome?

    Hence my effort to break through to some scientist flexible enough to see the above points that may introduce the much needed paradigm shift in science.

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      I have no problem with the antiquities of Tamil lore, in relation to the settlement of the Pacific rim, and in the still wider perspective, the traces uncovered by the Human Genome Project over some 150 000 years. Did you know that Mt Meru is in Kenya, Africa?

      With that said, I am also aware that consciousness (citta) is decidedly not fundamental in either Samkhya-karika or Siava-siddhanta. Both present conceptualist philosophies in which intellect (buddhi) pre-empts consciousness. There remains the tantalizing formula sat-cit-ananda, which one might approach by the long route of Sakta or tantra, but the textual reference in the range of science rather than theology is to a badly compromised manuscript known as the Yoga-sutra. Hence my reference to Samkhya-Patanjali cosmology.

      If you can’t respect experiment there is no basis for dialogue. And what, please is otherwise the significance of Krisna’s insistence on combining the ways of knowledge and action? Knowledge in and through action is experimental knowledge.

      Yes, harmonics (in interval scales) was the foundation of ancient science. for the Yellow Emperor in China, as again in Sumeria and Babylon. Sanskrit was the lingua franca of that age. Any reconstruction of the ancient harmonics, by any route, is interesting, and bears interestingly on experiments ongoing in White Russia.

      • G Srinivasan says:

        Chitta vrithi nirodha. Chitta is cerebral substratum and vrithi is vortex or the perpetual dynamic state as PHO within it. Same as space or air. Hence experiments should be predicted to very and ascertain not to create a theory in abstraction. Logic action and reaction drives all manifestation which is predictable accurately if based on axioms. Consciousness is the dynamic state of the cerebral substratum throuthe Guna or PHO state of activity. Hence Krishna told Rrjuna to be wothout the gunas meaning -stress or vortex- to get over his .quandary. Axiomatic intellectual derivations are certain whereas experiments are at best statistically validated. Good dialoge. Cheers

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        I see your research starts from the antiquarian Whitney. In those days there was no archaeology of Asoka’s inscriptions, so they late-dated Patanjali by the Mahabhasya – internal reference to Chola kingdoms – and in time seemed dated and controversial. Certainly they messed up with the Siddhanta astronomy, and i’m pleased to see that you clear all that up.

        Its a real pity that the antiquarians are disregarded today. Your horizon of some 35 000 years can be reached from the horoscope of Dendra in Egypt, and was known to Berossus and Herodotus. Its when Europe opened to modern humanity,and an archaeological trail soon picks up in Hungary, which still echoes in the Bohemian lore.

        I’m sure the Tamils watched the whole saga of outrigger canoes, and what is called “mystic rigging”, bearing of the force of the wind and thus atmospheric pressure. Did you know that the Mystic River itself runs up to the heartlands of the Iroquois? Stephen Crowley is now up the creek somewhere there.

        The lore of the arrow is another vital source for Rg-veda and Arthavan. I noticed in Confucius that archery scores were anciently found to vary with the weight of the archer – and derived the law of action and reaction.

        Most important, the 7-point integer scale updates through the 7-point projective line (i.e. via Euclid’s Porisms) to current work on octonions and their reflection symmetries (see above). Newton knew this current of natural philosophy, and made a special study of double internal reflection in Icelandic spar crystal. So the Icelanders were watching the saga from their end too.

        Hand van Leunen has an octonion model on Science 2.0, does the whole SM, but with a few extras, which could throw very important light on your model. Do have a look.

      • Orwin: I’m sure the Tamils watched the whole saga of outrigger canoes, and what is called “mystic rigging”, bearing of the force of the wind and thus atmospheric pressure. Did you know that the Mystic River itself runs up to the heartlands of the Iroquois? Stephen Crowley is now up the creek somewhere there.

        Me: Up the creek or up the raging river… I studied Yoga pretty heavily for about a year and *nearly* became a certified instructor but I got stage fright when it came for the final test of teaching my own class. I basically couldn’t understand why I could “see” energy manifest from within student’s bodies and organs and it would kinda freak me out. I realized the complexities of the physical reality of the manifestation combined with my own propensity to alter and edit what my senses receive left with no good answer.. of course the teacher calmy told me “it’s just prana”.

        I’ve also had events occur near me that I could only describe as a gamma ray flash… the kinda thing that would tempoarly register on a geiger counter but more of on an ultra-high frequency scale that lasts probably less than a second. I think they call these “leakages of light” in the RICH system at the LHC.

        Btw, I’m in Texas and the US isn’t even a member state.. who the hell is aware of these world-wide links? We take trans-oceanic fiber optic cables for granted these days.

      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        @ Orwin O’Dowd
        Regarding your comments:
        1) “Did you know that Mt. Meru is in Kenya, Africa?”
        2)“the Mystic River”

        AD 1: The Mythical mount Meru is foremost a sacred mountain in Hindu, Jain as well as Buddhist cosmology. The mountain is said to be 84,000 Yojan high which is around 1,082,000 km (672,000 mi), or 85 times the Earths’s diameter.
        This can only be understood when connected to the galactic centre which mythologically is named “The Primeval Mound” on where 2 oppoisite rows of peoples are towing a huge rope, “churning the cosmic Milk”.
        – Many scholars goes very wrong interpreting celestial myths and objects to be located on Earth which of course is non sense.
        AD 2: “the Mystic River” can only be the Milky Way River. Read more here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milky_Way_%28mythology%29
        More Milky Way myths and Stories of Creation here on Vixra Forum – http://vixra.freeforums.org/stories-of-creation-the-primeval-toe-t10.html

      • Wes Hansen says:

        A Gamma Ray Burst
        Detonated in my Mind,
        Revealing the most Ancient Fragments,
        Fragments born of the Unmoved Mover’s
        Unmoved Movement.

        Ghost Mother, send me a Shock Wave;
        Remind me that our Blood
        is of the same Well . . .

        Ghost Mother is, of course, The Muse in one sense and Gravity in another . . .

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Hi, Stephen. The rainbow of the alchemists is known in solid-state as a sign of phase-transition, and I’m sure RHIC run into that. So the interest is more and more in error-terms, noise, entropy, everything that makes the experiments hard. From what I gather they have a heat problem in the LHC beam and loss of luminosity, which suggests uncertainty in temperature and action. Since temperature is a pure number, that’s verging on numerology, or the pure logic of degrees of freedom, which is an old fascination in mystical lore, East and West.

        And makes the hypergeometry of scaling very interesting. I guess there’s also a matter of non-linear mean free path due to electrostatic deflection – the kind of factor that is still mysterious in electromagnetism, due to Maxwell’s work-over of Ampere’s law, introducing the displacement current, without a physical model. The favour is very geometrical, but its like the dimensional bits of geometry, more algebraic/numeric than pure topology.

      • Wow! This kind of holistic reconstructions of ancient science are almost offensive against ancient scientists. Even thousands of years ago, knowledge was accumulative and people was rational, and this includes old alchemists and old astrologers. And old mathematicians. I hope it is just a particular amusement of yours and that it is not part of some corpus of sectarian teachings of some modern mysteric school.

  20. Quoting Lubos Motl

    “However, I am confident that we pretty much know that this “seemingly infinite” process inevitably stops at some point – the Planck scale. There are no distances shorter than the Planck scale that may be physically resolved, that make sense in the usual physical sense”

    I think Lubos made “Sacred cow” from Planck length.

    It seems to me first and foremost to solve problem of discrepancy of Planck units.

    I mean to separate Planck mass from Planck length .

    Does all Planck units are sacred or only one?

    We don’t have guarantee G, c, are real constants during

    the evolution of the Universe.

    We don’t have guarantee they depend of each other or not, or both depend from density energy of vacuum, or they two sides the same coin.

    Imagine that G and c simultaneously vary,because energy of vacuum vary following the evolution. Doesn’t matter the Universe shrinking or expanding.

    No comprehensive proof of the cosmological constant running, there is no proof of the non-running either.

    But we believe naive:

    1.Schwarshild black hole R radius G/c^2

    2.Planck unit L of length G/c^3

    3.Planck unit T of time G/c^5

    4.Planck unit M of mass c/G

    What is correspond to real world?

    If all,it would be absurd.

    To my opinion only #4 linear link between G and c is real,eternal

    and vary together..

    And #1,2,3 are fake that only teasing physicists

    Possible conclusion:

    1.Only Planck unit of mass have sense.

    2.Only h is fundamental constant.

    • G Srinivasan says:

      Yugos you conclusion is correct. but the value of h as mass or time delay or inertia is h/c^2 = 1.34E minus 51 kgs and us derived as catalan constant 0.915/ c^6 . See web site “www dot kapillavastu dot .com index html” and PHO state for a complete axiomatic derivation. The entire planck and universal mass parameters fall out of this single mass parameter called moolaprakriti in Sanskrit.

  21. Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar Nandakumar says:

    Citation :Pole shifting pulsars out of magneticfield variations under spirality and linearity forming poles

    Super charging space domain atoms thus forming high resolution lenses which strip of electrons away from atoms creating ion domains with strong plasma ejections. forming X ray Bose condensing pulsars.of Tornado out of super charging X ray pulsars emitting xray lasers that strip of electrons and ionizing forming spin worms.

    Weve shown for the first time that the quantum fluctuations in a light field are responsible for driving the motions of objects much larger than an electron and could in principle drive the motion of really large objects,

    Dualistic character of heart like expanding and contracting pulsar forming poles out of neutrality towards poles that can depict Einsteins energy change in between spiral and linear quasi-nature light rays forming mass and mass change over as x ray energies is possible correctly proving Einsteins mass energy equations as x -ray laser pulsars that pushes the pole from neutrality to positive and negative cores from neutrality to ejection of xrays sometimes and radio waves thereby an Einstein energy equation is fulfilled under the variable magnetic field reversals.

    A typical conversion of energy stored in the form of mass and real conversion as x ray emission is also possible stating the duality nature of a pulsar producing a linearity and spirality in between energy is transferred.

  22. Robert L. Oldershaw says:

    If Lisa Randall was a slightly overweight and frumpy male, would the media still court “her” as assidously?

  23. Ivar Nielsen says:

    When reading the content in some of these replies, I get very dissy in my brain. It seems to me that modern cosmology has gone far astray and very unnatural indeed.

    In my head everything is very simple and understandable:

    1) Everything is electric and magnetic
    2) Everything is moving in smaller and larger magnetic curves and fields which gives us a perception of expansion and contraction.
    3) The formation and division in a bilogical cell is similar to the formation in a galaxy.
    4) The hydrogenic CMB represents the eternal Aether and the mythical “Primeval Waters”.
    5) Everything is eternal changing between formation and dissolution.
    6) The Universe itself has no beginning and no end.


    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      So the Jains thought a long time ago indeed, and you’ll find Matti Pitkanen on that trail now. And the world still takes the appearace Shankara had as mithya. But Mt Meru is close enough to the navel of humanity as traced by the human Genome Project. Ad Krsna set up camp off-shore in the Bay of Bombay, doubtless battling pirates running, as they still do, rhino horns from Africa to fight the pollution in China.

      The Samkhya-karika of uh.. Lord Krsna (Isvarakrsna) notes the pain and the wastage in the opening verse. Then it turns metaphysical, and the idiots of academe insist on reading :adi as adi – etc. etc., and proved themselves completely useless, as Swami Veda Bharati now insists openly.

      Royal Samkhya was a language of accounting (sam+
      khya) which developed east of the mounds of palace accounts piling up in cueniform, where Indians with Vedanga arithmetic were seeking employment, as they still do in the Gulf.

      “The currency of Nature (moola-prakriti) does not transact production in the first instance…” With the first intuitive insight into these matters in the 1920s, people were expecting to find non-conservation in the nucleus.

      • Orwin, I have noticed that even in those non-scientist who dabble in the so called sacred geometry have core issues to dispute in their world views… I address this lately on my blog… but in the early days of 95 I talked with both men and their views: Dan Winter and Stan Tenen He talked of Meru as in http://www.meru.org


  24. Ivar Nielsen says:

    You have to excuse me . . .
    Do you really and seriously mean that the (mythical) Mt Meru “is close enough to the (geographical location) navel of humanity as traced by the human Genome Project”.
    And that “Krsna set up camp off-shore in the (again geographical) Bay of Bombay”?
    – Or are you just playing ironic and sarcastic?

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      Ivar, the whole of modern archaeology is based on finding history in myth: that’s troy, Mycenae, Knossos, the inscriptions of Asoka in India, and recently, the camp of Krsna off the west coast. And yes, the cradle of humanity as traced in the female line (mitichodrial DNA) is just the highlands of Kenya. The goats run wild there, and were honored in Egypt s Mendes, whence mendicant, a priest dedicated to poverty and healing.

      As for the state of our knowledge, try:


      The Maharishi’s venture has come a long way, and now offers clean sutra texts, but only in Sankrit. In place of speculative translation they offer Ayurvedic semantics, from the craft context of the original literature.

      And remedies by season, in time, which means that the dimensions of the model of human constitution are Lyapunov, and hence fractal.

      This is what now fascinates me, but I’m not trying to get in your way. Nandakumar above is saying that cosmic astronomy is the new frontier, its where discovery continues. So we certainly want to life people’s eyes to the skies again, with all the mythological tracery of our vision. Archaeology can actually follow too, because we are far from understanding ancient astrology and early astronomy.

      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        Hi Orwin,
        Thanks for your reply.
        I´m a great admirer of the traditional Ayurvedic Medicine – and I also can folow you when it comes to efforts in searching for the human origine.
        What I dont understand is the archaeological part of “finding history in myth: that’s troy, Mycenae, Knossos, the inscriptions of Asoka in India, and recently, the camp of Krsna off the west coast”.
        I´ve beeen studying Mythology for some 35 years now and I reject any ideas of connecting primeval myths with geographical locations.
        – Yes, many cultures have build temples and other structures on the Earth, but just as remembrances of the CELESTIAL order. “Olympus” does not deal vith Eartly issues in the first place. And the deities on Olympus certainly cannot be placed in historical aeons, periods or times. You obviously cannot tell the age of any deities and therefore you cannot connect any deities with historical events.
        Primeval Myths and tellings of the prime and superior deities deals only with the “eternal collective knowledge” and stories of creation and not with any specific locations on the Earth.
        – Just think of it. “Krsna” is just one of the many names and characteristics of Vishnu, who represents the “Great Omnipotent God”. Should he/it /this really historically have” lived in a camp on the west coast of Africa”? I don´t think so 😉
        Read more of the many confusions that takes place when interpreting myths historically or literally – http://www.saturn-myth-delusion.net/
        Read also “Stories of Creation – The Primeval TOE” – http://vixra.freeforums.org/stories-of-creation-the-primeval-toe-t10.html
        Cheers Ivar

  25. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    Ivar, I’m talking about a royal dynasty with a genealogy recorded in the Puranas which confirms the archaeological date. I’m not obstructing your theological interest, just committed to healing.

    You admire Ayurveda, but can you imagine how to do anything for them? And what about your own traditions, lying neglected under all sorts of obfuscation, and the jobs they could bring to you country?

    • Ivar Nielsen says:

      Orwin, you wrote:

      “I’m talking about a royal dynasty with a genealogy recorded in the Puranas which confirms the archaeological date. I’m not obstructing your theological interest, just committed to healing”.

      AD: I know that you are not obstructing my, (not theological), but MYTHOLOGICAL interests.

      But I am certainly obstructing your interpretation of mythical texts that you and other connect to historical events and geographical locations.

      Quote: The Puranas (Sanskrit, purāṇa, “of ancient times”) are a genre of important Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religious texts, notably consisting of narratives of the history of the universe from creation to destruction.

      Do you really think that these texts describe specific historical events and archaeological findings in the western Africa? So how can you possibly make such a connection?

      No, this is another and typical case of mythological confusion where the Hindu mythical “Mt. Meru from where everything is created” is confused to be a geographical location on the Earth where the myth really are talking of the “Primeval Mount” located in the centre of our Milky Way.

      But OK, I´ve made my points and I rest my case – in this case 😉

  26. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    If TOE is not the same as {TOE} there can be no TOE.
    But if TOE={TOE} then you can’t make ordered pairs like { ,{}} and set up your Cartesian coordinates: the schema collapses into nothing.
    So the only TOE is in a measureless void.

    That’s where N=4 SUSY still lingers, and won’t go away.

    Physics meanders on using Zermelo set theory which distinguishes sets and classes, and assumes logical atoms like a,b,c,… That’s very much like admitting that “the currency of nature does not transact production in the first instance,” and no, chemical bonds do not form or break by exchange of quanta.

    If there was a TOE, how could you communicate with it?

    • Ivar Nielsen says:

      There already is a TOE, namely the ancient mythical one.
      The only way to communicate with (TO)-Everything is to make the natural connections to everything – which only can be achieved in the spiritual realms. This cannot be achieved by technological instruments or mathemathical equations.

      • Ivar, not necessarily… recall that even Maxwell’s radio waves were thought metaphysical before Marconi showed otherwise. But in some ways yes this is outside of the trends of science that tends to leave mystry outside the debate… I wonder if this area of posting is becoming a forum of dialogs on these cosmic issues?

        Wes, perhaps evil can apply somehow to all this, but “axis of evil” is a cosmology term of a line of galaxies like the center of the universe 65 million years away (very close actually) that should not be there from one view. Names, irrational, imaginary, schizophrenic numbers… some of these more formally stick but it is a problem— then again the coining of new words- well I would send you to my blog today for a discussion on the information era raised but I can barely read it all myself… I do feel after some better understanding that I was so in the dark- as if in the rise to new viewing I really did not live in depth, at least in the world of ideas.

        The PeSla and by the way Ivar all things are not necessarily connected, not even the idea of a place in phase space that reflects the whole. (well, there is my fractal like holographical quasic third physics…

      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        L. Edgar Otto,
        I guess that I were just “riding my favorite horse” of the ancient Stories of Creation – which I really take as valid cosmological knowledge of everything.
        Though: One has to let out the personalized deities and interpret these as “basic forces of formative creation”, as stars and planets, as star constellations and especially as projected humanized images of the Milky Way contours. – Read more here- http://vixra.freeforums.org/stories-of-creation-the-primeval-toe-t10.html
        Cheers Ivar

    • Wes Hansen says:

      Mr. O’Dowd,

      “the currency of nature does not transact production in the first instance . . . ” Where does this come from? I’ve posted a topic in the forum, The Theory of Theories: An Evolutionary Perspective (http://vixra.freeforu=ms.org/evolving-the-theory-of-theories-t20.html), which references Peter Winiwarter’s essay, Autognosis: The Thoery of Hierarchical Self-image Building Systems, which points out that Hoene Wronski’s metaphysics was really an early venture into systems theory. Mr. Wronski talks about auto-genesis according to auto-thesis with both related to his Absolute. I highly recommend the paper.

      “If there was a TOE, how could you communicate with it?” I think the communication would have to be direct – via experience. I believe to communicate ABOUT a TOE one would have to use Non Well-Founded Set Theory, you know, because it’s circular. But then, to quote Louis Kauffman:

      “Of course the map is the territory. Territory is itself a map. Reality is identical with the appearance of reality. Universe is what there would be if there could be anything at all. Universe is the map of timespace process, Flower of Nothing in the Void of Perception.”

      Mr. Nielsen,

      If I understand mythology correctly, the “Primeval Mount” is not only located in the center of our galaxy, it’s located in the center of the Multi-verse, our Universe, every galaxy within every Universe, as well as within every human being (perhaps every sentient being). And every culture throughout the world have their profane manifestations of eternal archetypes; in the Lakota Sioux (friendly serpent) tradition, the “Primeval Mount” is what we palefaces call Harney’s Peak (it’s in the Black Hills). In the book, Black Elk Speaks, the medicine man Black Elk points this out but then says, “ . . . the mountain at the center of the Universe, it exists everywhere.” Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong . . .

      Mr. Otto,

      Yes, you see, this is a contextual malady; the line of galaxies is not evil (unless perhaps one lives in George W. Bush’s whacked out mind), the general ignorance regarding said line of galaxies is what is considered evil. In all things, ignorance is evil and enlightenment is good. Entropy, the bastard son of that dark one Eris, is what most consider evil. But of course it’s all an illusion . . . It’s all about context!

      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        @Wes Hansen,
        You wrote:
        “If I understand mythology correctly, the “Primeval Mount” is not only located in the center of our galaxy, it’s located in the center of the Multi-verse, our Universe, every galaxy within every Universe, as well as within every human being (perhaps every sentient being)”.

        AD.: When dealing with the global mythical Stories of Creation you have to imagine what the ancient cultures could observe physically.
        The largest physical observable structure above the Earth is the contours of the Milky Way – and it is not that many years ago that our Milky Way was the only scientifically known galaxy.
        So I still hold on to that the “Primeval Mound/Mount” refers to the bulged and luminous centre of our Milky Way to which the full contours of the Milky Way is mentioned af the “World Serpent” – and if you divide the 2 Earth hemispheres with the 2 Milky Way crescent contours, you get the “Great Goddess” on the southern hemisphere contours and the “Great God” on the northern hemisphere.
        Have a look at the mythical explanations and illustrations here on my Mytho-Cosmological site http://www.native-science.net
        Also note my http://vixra.freeforums.org/stories-of-creation-the-primeval-toe-t10.html

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Mr. Nielsen,

        When you speak of what the ancients could observe physically you miss the core point: mythologies arise from introspection – the inner journey. From Black Elk Speaks:

        “Then a Voice said: ‘Behold this day, for it is yours to make. Now you shall stand upon the center of the earth to see, for there they are taking you.’ I was still on my bay horse, and once more I felt the riders of the west, the north, the east, the south, behind me in formation, as before, and we were going east. I looked ahead and saw the mountains there with rocks and forests on them, and from the mountains flashed all colors upward to the heavens. Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.”
        Correlation to the profane realm comes later but the correlation is, in effect, existential. This is a manifestation of the fractal nature of existence . . . Myth is metaphor; metaphor is the Twilight Language, designed to prevent harm befalling those who are not evolved enough to handle the information. All myths emerge from the one source, in fact, at one point in time all of the tribes were one – they were intentionally scattered and now are coming back together. This is the meaning of the Mayan Long Count.
        I find it interesting that Lord Krishna prophesied long ago that approximately 5000 lunar years after the start of the Kali Yuga (which is where we are now) there would commence a Golden Age which would last 10,000 years. Quite by coincidence, I encountered a blog post by Kevin Kelly of Wire Magazine in which he outlines The Long Now project inspired by computer scientist, Daniel Hillis. The Long Now foundation is building a clock in a cave in a mountain in West Texas; the clock is being designed to operate trouble free for 10,000 years! Is this an accident? I think not . . .
        The point is, the “Primeval Mount,” the “World Serpent,” the “World Tree,” etc., etc., all of these things exist both within and without. I could probably prove this with a two-column proof but . . . time keeps on slippin, slippin . . . Eventually I’ll read your stuff but right now I’m trying to catch up with The Pesla’s blog; man that guy is prolific . . . and his writing isn’t always the easiest to decipher . . .

      • Ivar Nielsen says:

        Hello Wes,
        “When you speak of what the ancients could observe physically you miss the core point: mythologies arise from introspection – the inner journey”.
        AD: No Wes, I´m certainly including “the inner journey as well” – which is both an inner personal journey as well as an outher collectice journey at the same time – because there is no division of realms.
        Regardin the global Stories of Creation most tellings deals with at state of latent primeval elements that begin to interact, creating the center of our galaxy from where the solar system later on was created. And form ancient Rock Carvings one can conclude that these images origin from watching the sky on day and night time, especially connecting the Milky Way contours to these Stories of Creation.
        – I hope you´ll find the time to look at my site on where you also can find something about spiritual journeys here http://www.native-science.net/Visions.Dreams.htm

      • Wes Hansen says:

        I forgot to include a link to the Long Now Project: http://longnow.org/about/

      • Anonymoo says:

        The Forum link’s got weird %3D redirection. I dont do FleaForums,I’m just a cow.

  27. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    Mr Hansen

    “The currency of Nature (moola-prakriti) does not transact production (Mahat) in the first instance…”

    That’s my fresh translation of the second verse of the Samkhya-karika of Isvarakrsna. I’m quite proud of it because it has no semantic gaps (fudged in awkward brackets) and captures something of the austerely Classical quantitative meter.

    Its an example of what I call technical Sanskrit, showing abstraction and philosophical thought emerging with the maturation of Bronze Age technologies.

    The Samkhya did not jive well with Vedanta monism, essentially because of the question I raised above about communication. In more modern terms, how does Spirit individuate in individual consciousness? And how can individual consciousness not be limited by its functioning in the life of the individual?

    It now seems that bugs (the insects) navigate by the Milky Way. That’s what they grasp of the sky because it suits their purposes. Do we have a good reason to grasp the Theory of Everything?

    I see good reason to work towards second-order and third-order model theories, so we can stop playing (dirty?) tricks massaging probability distributions into first-order shape, and messing up drug trials along the way, not to mention weather prediction. Such practical goals are interestingly related to Systems Theory.

    TOE could well be infinitely further away.

    • Wes Hansen says:

      Yeah, I call it The Truth Asymptote . . . it’s because we are in Nature and “the currency of Nature does not transact production in the first instance . . . ” I’ve got to get to work . . .

    • G Srinivasan says:

      Hi Orwin , was away and am pleased to see your deep interest in Sankhya. I am have been researching the Sankhya over the last 40 years as an axiomatic science that is complete and self proving. The main 68 Sutras are translated and on my website. It is a mathematical theory where the numerical values a are log indiex to base 10. . Kapillamuni derived it 33000 yeras ago and the timing is in the Nakshatradevatyam passages of the Atharvan which is to translated using the Pratisakhya which no one did. Sanskrit is a numerical language expressing equations through vocal enunciation and the Pratisakhya gives the rules.
      Any way please go through the Sankhya final decoded theorem and I would like to discuss it further with people who understand. it. Sutra 37 is a theorem on extracting energy from space and I have created a working motor -a gravity convertor -that is extrememely efficient. The moolaprakriti is fundamental unit of mass in the Universe and ahd has a valaue of 1.3 E minus 51 kgs . It has proof. See ” http www kapillavastu dot .com slash index slash html” > will love to discuss t with Sanskrit knowers..

  28. steve agnew says:

    It is so frustrating reading about everyone’s TOE. In science, we look for disprovable hypostheses that we can test with experiment. What sense is it musing about multiple dimensions or parallel universes without mentioning any testable hypotheses?

    In most of these musings, it is not even clear that these TOE’s are actually explaining something that is not now already understood.

    The trouble with a true TOE is evident once you come upon it. Any true TOE will necessarily unravel the patchwork of current physics and render most of these TOE meanderings meaningless. A true TOE will explain the universe in simple terms that anyone can understand. Any simple explanation will be difficult for anyone vested in the current paradigm to accept.

    • I agree this with 100% ! I can give you ToE which is simple and testable (and its tested). It also explains many known anomalies. But still… it won’t do the trick! People who study it say… mmm.. interesting, you might be right… that’s all, what a heck? 🙂

    • Ivar Nielsen says:

      Hello Steve Agnew,
      You wrote: “It is so frustrating reading about everyone’s TOE. In science, we look for disprovable hypostheses that we can test with experiment”.
      AD You´r quite right. And its my claim that an easy understandable and testable TOE already could have been made by now and for some time ago, namely when astronomers discovered the “galactic rotation anomaly”.
      – In stead of scientifically testing the consensus ideas of gravity, they just added “dark matter” and then they missed a golden opportunity to test the directly contradicted “gravity laws” and “laws of celestial motion around a gravity centre”.
      – In order to make a TOE, one has to discover circuits and their connections in cosmos. This is just what the astronomers and astrophysicists could have discovered if really looking at the formative movements in our galaxy.
      Instead of taking a full explanational stop with their “black hole” and the “singularity” and “event horizon” and the “dark matter”, they shoild have asked themselves this important question: If something is going into a galactic funnel, something must logically also come out somewhere.
      – If looking at the formative processes in our galaxy as a circuit of formation, the “galactic rotation anomaly” was solved instantly without adding a new epicycle to the clearly contradicted one.
      – Now this claim of mine is of course testable for those who are minded for mathemathecial equations and calculations – and for those who can read and understand a preliminary school English text that explains this circuit “so even a barmaid can understand it”, I´ll forward interested readers to have a read here: http://vixra.freeforums.org/stories-of-creation-the-primeval-toe-t10.html?sid=aa8084fb5221eb4e7ff780b8c91b5d32
      NB: I really hope someone in this forum will take this up this challenge of calculating my claim of a galactic circuit formation.

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      The moment when stargazers bought together their images of the northern and southern skies marked a spiritual horizon related to what we call globalism, or more profoundly, what the former German Chancellor Willie Brandt called the North-South Dialogue.

      To relate this theme to the unification of Egypt is to uncover something important about ancient trade networks, and there lie the neglected sources of ancient mysticism and indeed the Perennial Philosophy as seen by Aldous Huxley.

      But to speak of male and female in this context is awkward, and in the tradition of Shiva, the eight-armed deity, actually denigrated. And the schema of elements and principles is pure Aristotle (On Generation and Corruption), and he acknowledged from Egypt only mathematics.

      Far more apt are the two Columns of Sir Francis Bacon’s cosmology, related to the old alchemy of Mercury and Sulphur. Again, Earth as mere dust is Paracelsan, not Aristotelian, and his dimensionality was five, not four, as in the Chinese Traditional Medicine.

  29. G Srinivasan says:

    Hello Ivar, Hansen, Orwin, Reading your comments is pure joy. Let me state something born out of experience of my 80 years of wich 40 has been in research of the manifestation process that Sankhya has created numerically and through self similar and scale invariant processes that are beyond human comprehension. Simply put, there is a single law or mode of interaction that pervades all space which creates the diverse forms due to freedom of action that reacts equally with the cause as well as the effect or action and reaction are equal in TIME not energy. This forum discussion is good but highly distracting. Is there a possibility of using another means to learn each otheres knowledge and experience?

  30. G Srinivasan says:

    I am with you on your write up. Human beings are intelligent enough to see reality correctly but reproducing it meaningfully is indeed a problem. The Unified law is the the three Guna innteractive state that pervades all manifestation. See PHO state on my website. Try my gsvasktg@gmail.com and would like a one to one dialogue with an intelllectual like you. Cheers.

    • Of course we have parallels between the East and West for philosophy and physics. The fact of three dimensions has by many authors justified or explained ideas like that of the Trinity in our religious traditions. Lately some in physics have seen this sort of threeness of great information but little meaning as well those symbols like aleph 3 transfinite of great meaning and little information to actually say it is like an age of Christian physics, but what can this mean if we but see in a flat color wheel as we ponder uniformity of theory and its unity of many in one color space?

      L. Edgar Otto

      • G Srinivasan says:

        Simple observation of an interaction has 3 grades of time intervals, On two solid components colliding both stop at the meeting point . It is an “instant” . The two rebound and that interval cannot be less than that “instant” as it has to separate out. Depending on mass parameters the separation distance will be greater but proportionate..Work (energy) is time dependent and hence these three grades of time interval will have to be matched by some permutation combination if energy (work) conservation is a real equivalence, Why has Physicists looked tat this very elementary balance? Had they done so the planck’s constant h would never have been justifiable as an energy quantum. It is evident that if mass was a real factor then h/C^2 would have been seen as the real quantum. The hidden error of logic is that frequency was taken to be the holy cow based on the second. The question that has been blinkered by Hubble, Schrodinger, Heisenberg , Dirac and Einstein (and others) was that there had no way to derive a time algorithm except by measurement wheres the principle of equivalence waxed eloquent over state that can never change. The oodle of pages of discussion witnessed in these columns or in the Cern tunnel never once doubted whether the sacred second remained so even at the zero velocity reference level? I say this with certainty because a second as an unit of an interactive cycle depends on density and not relative velocity or any other parameter. As a clue i give you a simple equivalence that has stared us in the face since Newtons magnum opus, a factor t^2 sneaks in every where there is a change in timing as acceleration which is the axiomatic balancing point with density in Newtons gravitation constant or density x time ^2 = 1/ G Newton. Einsteins legerdemain in creating the Ricci tensor as ann equivalent parameter of the Newtons gravity constant ignored this simple but devastating fact that the Newtonian second and the relativistic second was not the same and never could be the same . Even today the lame duck second is defined by a cycle .of a nucleus we now little about. Is there an an axiomatic cycle that creates the second proportionate to mass or density? Yes very much so. Had this time parameter been discovered in Physics you would not be running around hunting the Higgs, nor wondering what the hell was this dark matter energy anomaly, nor would you be puzzled by the quantum entanglement
        nonsense. Would you want know what this time cycle constant
        is? It is in website “http://www.kapillavastu.com/index.html.”

  31. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    A reader on Not Even Wrong pointed out that QCD was already present in the analytical s-matrix, which summed up the results of first-generation synchrotron colliders. Digging a bit further, I find that string theory is just a holding position against negative energy/mass/probability, and still the only one. And the leading position is now just D9+1, the Japanese solution.

    Now negtive stress is required for Ads/CFT holography, and how can that be without some other negtives? One can already see some negatives (e.g. refractive index) become tractable in complex space, and complex refraction and dielectrics won’t go away. So the real problem is number-theoretic, a representation problem.

    • Wes Hansen says:

      Mr. O’Dowd,

      On Martin Perl’s blog (Mr. Perl was awarded the Nobel for discovering the tau lepton), Reflections on Physics (http://martinperl.com/), a J. R. Cudell comments: “QCD is really contained in the analytic S-matrix theory (or “Regge” theory as often called), and it has cuts and poles. So both are correct. But Nobel prizes only went to QCD.”

      A short time later a Chris comments: “Regge theory is not QCD and it is wrong. if you think otherwise, please show me a Regge explanation for Bjorken scaling and asymptotic freedom.” Mr. Perl edits his comments and he allowed both; so who’s correct?

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      Asymptotic freedom was a headline new result, so clearly QCD had become a movable feast. It recently failed with quark-gluon plasma, but was quickly fudged, so no-one has to notice any new physics or anything scandalous like that. But the fudge – talking about a ‘glassy’ state – reads just like the Ising spin glass which Onsanger demonstrated, and then K. Wilson generalized into Renormalization Group Theory. We remain within established methods, so there is no sense of of a new horizon opening new levels of model theory.

      Regge theory remains a good place to start in understanding the whole development, and remains the touch-stone in theory in this area. Since Regge terms have mass squared there is a curious sense that gravitation is implicit in it somewhere. And I guess that feeds the intuitive expectation that TOE is about to happen, in the conventional sense of a unification of the four ‘fundamental’ forces.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        The Renormalization Group Theory (RNG not RGT) covers first-order phase transitions, and the avante-garde interest has long been focused on the second-order Ginsburg-Landau theory of superconduction. This recent analysis uses quaternions, and I must say its the most impressive case I’ve seen for quaternions being necessary in physical theory, part of the intrinsic representation:

        arXiv:math-ph/0507020v6 Apr 2006

        The whole classical Hamilton-Cayley interest in quaternions was quietly simplified into tensor geometry, which Einstein used.

        And now, searching for quadratic Lyapunov (fractals), they are also relevant to the second-order phase transition:

        arXiv:1009.4631v2 [cond-mat.stat-mech] 29 Sep 2010

        Its clear by now that Type II superconductors have a fractal organization, so the whole question of second-order models now opens out onto fractals.

        Deep space is certainly cold enough to be superconducting, and a fractal organization of galaxies has been scanned in, although the most general background remains pretty random, as Einstein assumed.

    • You too are very close to a wider theory- and thank you showing me these concerns and cautions are also out there where theorists consider such things…It helps to know if our passing thoughts have some clarity on the frontiers even in isolation.

      I hope my new insights may be of help and that when we put things together with such holographic and fractal like methods and mathematical foundations it will not waste a billion dollars like the USAF program to combine computation systems- and in this tetras like game playing we can find better devices deeper than the breakthrough of printed integrated circuits.

      But I know the logic is a little odd, like the actuality of negative indexes of refraction…. But in the end we will have a real physics that is clearly intimate with the math.

      Thank you Wes and Orwin, Gibbs et al

  32. مهدي says:

    لم يتسنى لي قرآة كل التعليقات وأقول الجاذبيه والماده المظلمه والثقوب السوداء وما شاكل هي آثار لغيرها وبالتالي فأن إسغراق البحث بالآثار يوجب الأبتعاد عن معرفة المؤثر موضوع البحث. ومع كل إحترامي للساده أعلاه فأن الموضوع ليس من إختصاصهم إنما من إختصاص لجان فكريه تخضع للمنطق البديهي دون الخوض بهكذا قيل وقال.

  33. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    I’m a bit awed by the quality of information that has intersected here. It also strikes me that the logic and the ironies carry into digital color spaces:

    1. Absorbtion spectrum: RGB, sRGB, scRGB
    2. Emission spectrum: CMYK – cyan, magenta, yellow + saturation

    A. Incident light: 24-bit standard: e.g. BMP
    B. Reflected light: 32-bit extension: e.g. JPG photo images, PNG, etc.

    Reflected light is an overlay on incident light, in a relationship of transparency.

    The relationship between RGB and CMYK is one of exclusion, the logical complement. Goethe was the first to grasp this, in the paradox that darkness or ‘not-light’ is intrinsic to color.

    Illumination is largely due to scattered light: (Raman) scattering in the atmosphere produces the blue color, and in an interior, every point receives some illumination from every other, for a holographic effect which subtly blends the colors.

    David Hockney is famous for capturing this in the figures of 60s Glam London, now in retrospective at the Tate Modern.


    In computer color management this factor is called gamma. Photography requires high gamma, and stage and film sets are under abnormally intense lighting. The game industry know this, and typically ramp the gamma down (‘game gamma’) because the user experience matters to them.

    But the PC industry want you to store your holiday snaps on your PC and share them over the Internet, so they set gamma at sort-of photographic levels, which is non-trivially inconvenient to all concerned. A tray-resident gizmo may rotate your screen, but the brightness control got co-opted by power management.

    The settings involved work only at system level and cannot be captured or varied between users.


    The intrusion of film now makes the problem worse. Stream YouTube or the like to a news site and you must either wash out all the expensive corporate branding, or leave the video unwatchably dark.

    The media industry appears to be self-destructing, in an unscripted Part III of Goethe’s Faust. At the same time a digital Hockney now seems ready to dissolve into Abstract Impressionism and start an new golden era of creativity….

  34. This pulsar orbits another neutron star with an orbital period of just eight hours. Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicts that this system should emit strong gravitational radiation, causing the orbit to continually contract as it loses orbital energy. Observations of the pulsar soon confirmed this prediction, providing the first ever evidence of the existence of gravitational waves. As of 2010, observations of this pulsar continue to agree with general relativity.[10] In 1993, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Taylor and Hulse for the discovery of this pulsar.[11]Dualistic character of heart like expanding and contracting pulsar forming poles out of neutrality towards poles that can depict Einstein’s energy change in between spiral and linear quasi-nature light rays forming mass and mass change over as x ray energies is possible correctly proving Einstein’s mass energy equations as x -ray laser pulsars that pushes the pole from neutrality to positive and negative cores from neutrality to ejection of xrays sometimes and radio waves thereby an Einstein energy equation is fulfilled under the variable magnetic field reversals.

    An interesting opposing and attractive pole reversal and squeezing may lead to spiral and linera variable ejection forming a switch between interactive spirally and neutrality in between the poles which will be an additional information that can be gathered out of such combinations.
    A typical conversion of energy stored in the form of mass and real conversion as x ray emission is also possible stating the duality nature of a pulsar producing a linearity and spirality in between energy is transferred.
    The third link such as mass transfer switch provided by nature by the new quantum mechanics such as spirality and linearity pumping in mass transfer dynamics seems to very very interesting at the expense of expansion and contraction.
    Individual pulsars can emit radiation at a range of frequencies, from radio waves to gamma rays, and some radio pulsars have been seen to dim or even stop broadcasting all together. That finding had previously cast some doubt on pulsars’ otherwise impeccable reputation for dependability

    General relativity is now the “standard model” of gravity. But as in particle physics, there
    may be a world beyond the standard model, beyond Einstein. Quantum gravity, strings and branes may lead to testable effects beyond standard general relativity. Experimentalists and observers can be counted on to continue a vigorous search for such effects using laboratory experiments, particle accelerators, gravitational-wave detectors, space telescopes and cosmological observations, well into the 21st century.
    The simple E=mc2 is violated along combinational quantum mechanics of spirality and linearity as quantum balance at different juntures.The self generation of energy multiplication at by an interesting A new Nyquist Topological boundary effect of Hall’s effect by positive and negative magneticfield drifts: Hall’s effect require a new pretreatment based on Nyquist boundary of closed loop in between magneticfield of theta variations of positive force and negative force controlled by square to cross configuration in understanding the new gravity theory with reference to circular current directional reversals inside and such an electron may become a invisible cloaking dynamics along the boundary in understanding the dark matter cloaking screen. Here the transporting charge is analogous to Nyquist curvature boundaries that really gain amplification. As fluctuating geometry is involved with reference to electron- electron interaction by the interactive function.
    The two major physics discoveries of the first part of this century, quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of special relativity present new challenges when treated together. The energy “uncertainty” introduced in quantum theory combines with the mass-energy equivalence of special relativity to allow the creation of particle/anti-particle pairs by quantum fluctuations when the theories are merged. As a result there is no self-consistent theory which generalizes the simple, one-particle Schrodinger equation into a relativistic quantum wave equation.
    We had thought of pulsars – the dense remnants of exploded stars – as emitting radio waves, X-rays or gamma rays in bursts of such regularity that you could practically set your watch by them. Pulsars are spinning neutron stars, with strong magnetic fields that emit beams of radiation from their poles. The poles are offset from the axis of rotation – just as the magnetic poles on Earth do not line up with true north and south. This offset means the beams sweep around like a lighthouse as the pulsar rotates, giving the star’s radiation a distinctive pulse when viewed from a distance.

    When you have two young stars feeding from the same circumstellar disk, the gravitational influence of the secondary companion can cause hiccups, an inhibition of infalling material from the disk. But when the orbital paths approach closely, that material can rush in, triggering feeding pulses for both stars and releasing a bright burst of light.

    Sankaravelyudhan Nandakumar on behalf of Hubble telescope and NASA Research member.
    When you have two young stars feeding from the same circumstellar disk, the gravitational influence of the secondary companion can cause hiccups, an inhibition of infalling material from the disk. But when the orbital paths approach closely, that material can rush in, triggering feeding pulses for both stars and releasing a bright burst of light.

    A split personality can be disturbing, especially when it affects someone you least expected it to. Now it seems stars, too, can have disturbingly fractured personas. The discovery of the first pulsar that shines at different frequencies at different times is tarnishing the reputation of this class of pulsing dead star. Until now, pulsars have been relied upon as cosmic timekeepers, but perhaps we can’t take their regularity for granted any longer.

    We had thought of pulsars – the dense remnants of exploded stars – as emitting radio waves, X-rays or gamma rays in bursts of such regularity that you could practically set your watch by them. Pulsars are spinning neutron stars, with strong magnetic fields that emit beams of radiation from their poles. The poles are offset from the axis of rotation – just as the magnetic poles on Earth do not line up with true north and south. This offset means the beams sweep around like a lighthouse as the pulsar rotates, giving the star’s radiation a distinctive pulse when viewed from a distance.

    Individual pulsars can emit radiation at a range of frequencies, from radio waves to gamma rays, and some radio pulsars have been seen to dim or even stop broadcasting all together. That finding had previously cast some doubt on pulsars’ otherwise impeccable reputation for dependability.

    The latest discovery takes that to a new level, though. When Wim Hermsen of the Netherlands Institute for Space Research in Utrecht and colleagues took the first simultaneous measurements of both the radio and gamma radiation from B0943+10, a pulsar known to emit at both frequencies, they got a shock.

    Radio flip

    Rather than shining continuously as the team expected, B0943+10 flips at the drop of a hat, toning down its radio emissions for a few hours while pumping out extra X-rays, before switching back as if nothing had happened – a totally new type of pulsar behaviour. “This variability has never been seen before,” says Hermsen.

    The pulsar’s first personality is similar to that of its more stable siblings. In this mode, the pulsar emits a beam of radio waves from its pole and rotates every 1.1 seconds, while also emitting low-level background X-rays in every direction.

    Every few hours though – exactly when seems random – the pulsar switches to its second personality. The main radio beam strength halves, though its timing remains the same, and is accompanied by another, even weaker radio signal just before the main pulse. Meanwhile the X-ray output doubles and pulses in time with the star’s spin. Some time later, it switches back.

    Astronomers already disagree over whether pulsar emissions are created by annihilation of particles close to the surface or further out but still within the pulsar’s magnetic field. B0943+10’s quirks throw a further spanner in the works because they don’t fit either picture. What could be going on?

    Cosmic act

    One explanation is that what looks a radio-to-X-ray pulsar personality transplant is actually just an act. The object basically remains a radio pulsar, but whenever the radio beam halves in strength, the pulsar’s magnetic field switches on a second radio beam in a different direction, which does not sweep past Earth.

    In this scenario, the second radio beam is accompanied by increased X-ray emissions. Since they are produced in all directions, they are visible from Earth. If that’s true, it would be rather like ascribing a friend’s odd behaviour to a personality problem – only to discover that there was in fact an explanation for the behaviour that was consistent with the person as you normally think of them.

    Even this explanation raises obvious questions, such as why a second radio beam is triggered and how that boosts the pulsar’s X-ray emissions. That’s a problem, given that pulsars are used to search for the effects of gravitational waves – these ripples in spacetime should change pulsars’ apparent frequency – and have even been touted as replacing satellites in a kind of GPS for deep space. “Whatever is creating this beam in one mode stops in the other mode, and for that you need something drastic,” says Hermsen. “None of the known models can explain it.”
    K.Klitzing fkf.mpg.de

    • mythocosmology says:

      @ Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar,
      I presume that you are quoting K. Klitzing?
      – It seems to me that it could be a good thing to compare the context with the ideas and hypothesis of Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology?
      Electric Universe – http://www.electricuniverse.info/Introduction
      Plasma Cosmology – http://www.plasmacosmology.net/
      Cheers Ivar

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      When Roger Cotes was bought in by Barrow to edit Newton’s Principia for the second edition, he had already made a name for himself by integrating both the parabola of Apollonius and the spiral of Archimedes. This reminds me of the complexity of forms you emphasize, the spiral and elliptical galaxies and their complex interactions. Cotes learned his calculus from Varignon, who was the first to apply Leibniz’ calculus to Newton’s work. He later became the mentor of Euler, who then solved the Ephemeris, giving the exact position of Sun and Moon in the sky.

      The Calculus of Variations followed, but is still little used in physics. All I can say at this point is that it looks like a new epoch in physics opens, where it will be more important. Meanwhile many fundamentla results in Control Theory come by the Calculus of Variations, so hopefully we can look forward to applications in optimized technologies, capaable at long last of clearing the smog of those Dark Satanic Mills which have kept us in oppressive dependency for thousands of years.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Perhaps you could direct one to a good textbook covering the Calculus of Variations? It would be appreciated . . .

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Nope, that’s the ragged edge. I picked up that trail buying a Russian book in India, detailing methods used in oil exploration. The last past-master of CV was Julian Schwinger, who rode it clear out of physics in a fascination with fields without sources, via cold fusion. So there’s even a cloud over the topic.

        I have a draft out on the philosophical approach: Critical Foundations of the Contextual Theory of Mind http://cogprints.org/7661. In general CV requires”regularization” to define the arena in which a solution is sought. This is the burden of ontology, as hit philosophy in Schwinger’s generation. And now emerging in medicine: http://www.jbiomedsem.com/content/3/S2/S9/abstract.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Here’s a suggestive reframe in JCER of the wave-particle humbug in relation to what could well be local gravity waves:


        This would cover the hyper-sense by which some animals can anticipate earthquakes, from shifting tectonic stresses.

        For the record, de Broglie left physics and Halvorson has famously given three no-go theorems for particles in QM:


        In the same edition of JCER the latest florid claim to have bagged consciousness itself, from interesting evidence for natural places and their sympathies, the great lietmotif of pagan naturalism. Why ever should Nature have sympathy for private prejudices and aspirations?

        I sense a historic parting of the ways around now, between those who would pre-empt new physics with claims about consciousness, and the slow knitting together of human knowledge and purpose. In which Spirit, here’s the Higgs as scaling factor for Kaluza-Klein compactification, which amounts to just gravitational potential energy:


        The ironic implication is that the “mass” must vary through the year…

      • GUT and TOE solution was published last March in a book called ‘Absolute Relativity Theory of Everything’, then more recently by the same author ‘Gravity Explained’ via Amazon books. Also in a paper in this site. It posits we have to perceive in 4 spatial dimensions, and exclude temporal time completely. The Primary Dimension is the constant emergence of ‘New Space’ which is a homogenous manifold where time is constant. This approach solves the mystery of gravity unifies the other forces – including light speed.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Yes, Einstien’s general relativity “freezes” due to Bianchi identity, but Cartan fixed that by moving to a symplectic manifold. So Cartan theory is strictly a lattice of centers of gravity, but that can’t focus micro-curvature holding gravitational potential energy. Otherwise one can use 2D images to capture relativistic effects, which integrates Lotenz nicely, but not the big picture. So overall general relativity is “broken”.

        Here’s a neat contemporary view of cosmic expansion, using de Sitter space/holography:


        In fact, close behind Virgo is the Cosmic Void, and its huge, about 10% of the observable universe. Space is not homogenous or isotropic, and this is the next crisis in physics. Locally, mass density attenuates towards the Void, and light accelerates accordingly – the “accelerated expansion” phenomenon. To get real about this, we have to transpose the problem out of cosmic time, into the local geometry. For a philosophical view of this kind of move:


  35. The so called TOE was well presented and described in a book published March 2012 ‘Absolute Relativity theory of Everything’. also in a more recent book ‘Gravity Explained’ by the same author via Amazon books. The problem with not knowing what either of these two roques are, is because regular science exists in a political dogma, and obsessed with infinitesimals. They have reached their limit – now frustrated they invent a new mathematical dogma which involves multiple dimensions and not even understand how this one works! ( Amazing bit of donkey follow carrot ).

    These mysteries could have been solved even by Newton had he lived long enough. But now we are stuck in the dogma of 1905. Which is nothing more than a very brilliant bit of mathematical theory of so called curved spacetime which most unfortunately for the dogmatic includes temporal time = stuck!

    Nothing will happen to change the public view unless sites like this continue to offer the alternative intelligent view. The regular scientific community believe like the Pope did centuries ago that they hold the key! This is their first big mistake. Like Plank, Einstein & especially Newton it takes imagination, not pages of irrelevant mathematics which do not deliver the milk or newspaper, and only impresses the other scientists suffering from a malaise suffering the lack of it.

  36. Gravity is not a particle, TOE is no a particle. It is far more simplistic than that. A particle can only exist if matter exists. Then one must ask what is the ‘state’ if matter does not exist? Then one is very close the answer. It is because nature does not need lots of dimensions. We have Euclid 3D only because matter exists. And we ( scientific community ) cannot escape from this incredible trap. If you want to extend your thinking you have to see what matter is for its own sake. Just particles of converted energy causing our perception of Euclids 3D. That is as far as it goes. Nature has its own secrets which are not really that difficult to understand. But impossible, if one remains completely stuck with this frame of reference. Forget 3D forget Mulitple dimensions. Nature is not that complicated. It is a simple engine which does wonderful things with only very few tools. It does not require a computer the size of the universe to make it work.

  37. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    Here’s utter simplicity, from the poor north of Greece, where they still live by it. Of course it gets put in the much despised general physics category on arXiv: arxiv:0804.3080v2

    The whole of string theory is just a category in the mathematical sense, envisaged by C.S. Peirce. And in a few equations is resolves into Weyl’s metric, for the distance between two spinors.

    But Weyl did the hugest double-take when he found his metric morphing into the Schroedinger equation, simply because this was already derived from Hamilton’s Principle of least action. Two spinors in the Schroedinger equation is just a Pauli orbital.

    Now add Narendan’s gravity waves, and the string appears to oscillate like its vibrating by an intrinsic tension – the old harmony of the spheres again.

    Actually that old physics was based on the speed of sound, and the tension was in the air and chanting voices, and also the weather which is never Ideal in the mathematical sense, but much like two brats playing, whom we call La Nina and El Nino.

  38. Wes Hansen says:

    You see, this, to me, is a manifestation of The Infinite Living Mind! In Complex Systems Science there are a number of what could be termed “archetypes”; the dual-network archetype is prevalent. The dual-network is expressed in both the Jewish/Christian Kabbalah and the Tantric Kundalini system; one aspect is ida/mercy (mercury)/mental the oth
    er pingala/severity (sulphur)/physical. Of course these two aspects unite as one in the central channel which is what David Bohm was referring to when he said they are really the “form and content” of the one same thing! Of course it’s also interesting that the masculine physical is nested within the feminine mental – the mental creates the physical. All the physical really is is the mental in discrete form – and there’s actually “scholars” in this world who insist on Causal Closure – Ha, Ha, Ha . . .

    But you see, this is a manifestation of the dual-network as well – in mythology it’s called the Brother-battle theme or archetype, the best example of such is contained in the Mahabharata (http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Sanskrit_in_Classics_at_Brown/Mahabharata/MBh2Story.html). Humans, indeed all sentient life forms, manifest as either White Magicians (faithful to the feminine mental) or Black Magicians (faithful to the masculine physical) and they think and act accordingly. This is necessary to realize autopoiesis or self-maintenance. The fact that they interact like two unruly children facilitates adaptation or novelty – or the illusion of such anyway. On a Universal level I view these two aspects as a superconducting tank circuit – a capacitor and inductor connected in parallel. When the play between these two unruly children finally evolves into complete harmony – ENLIGHTENMENT – which leads to the birth of a whole new Universe somewhere in the Multiverse.

    Now, regarding the “ancient trade routes” facilitating the Perennial Philosophy, this is a possible correlation but certainly not the principle cause; the principle cause is simply shared experience! Every religion in the history of humankind has been propagated by a Hero/Savior completing The Left Hand Path of VamaMarga – WITHOUT EXCEPTION! In his paper, Tantra and Veda: The Untold Story (http://www.integralworld.net/bjonnes1.html), Roar Bjonnes references a book, A Brief History of India, by Daniel Danielou. Mr. Danielou suggests that the god Shiva, in the Hindu pantheon, was an actual historical figure who existed sometime around 5000 BCE and was responsible for the systemization of Tantric knowledge. From this one can only conclude that Shiva was a Hero/Savior who walked The Left Hand Path of VamaMarga with Parvati, his Divine consort, assuming the role of Virgin Mother (http://www.lotussculpture.com/parvati1.html). I find no reason to doubt this, however, Mr. Danielou goes on to say, “Although—due to scarcity of documentation—the importance of this great fundamental religion in the formation of later religions has been largely under-estimated, it was almost universal,” and with this I cannot fully concur.

    It’s the Hero Journey, the SPIRITUAL BIRTH of an individual which is facilitated by an encounter with the VIRGIN MOTHER, which is universal, not any particular Hero Journey. I wrote a short paper about this topic, Didicare Omnimodus: A New Ontology of Introspection (http://vixra.org/abs/1301.0037), which White Magicians may find interesting. To any Black Magicians who may read the paper, if you think you can handle the heat . . .

    And 3D space is a function of the mental domain not the physical. Why, just the other day I was exploring a volume described by an equation constrained to a region in front of the yz-plane; there wasn’t any matter in sight . . . this led me to formulate my own non-mathematical theory of everything:

    Ponder this . . .

    Life is just a Stream,
    Thought, in Mind Divine,
    It moves beyond Perception
    Where time, collapsed, remains unknown.

    Newly born Stars, Planets spinning,
    Naught but New Ideas unfolding;
    Plants and Animals, All of human consciousness,
    Just a thread within the Stream.

    Inspiration comes, a Shock stirring the Nebulae,
    Awakening potential, the birth of emergent form.

    Cause becoming Effect, Effect becoming Cause,
    a convoluted return to what has always been –
    Infinity, boundless and eternal.

    Scientific or Mystic, the approach matters not,
    the conclusion, Universal, transcends Duality,
    a Singularity giving birth to Thought Divine.

    Relative stillness, demarcation unknown,
    the result an Experience where
    Time, collapsed, becomes Time Present.

    Death and Re-birth, the slightest shift,
    Awakens a New Paradigm. And yet,
    Ancient and Perennial, It’s spoken of
    often and Available to All.

    Pure Heart, Pure Love . . .

    Ponder . . .

  39. JCER Editor says:

    For physicists building TOEs, Consciousness should be addressed as already remarked by Matti Pitkanen.

    Indeed, Max Planck realized and commented long time that Consciousness is the basis of everything: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” (Planck, as cited in de Purucker 1940, ch. 13).

    In this vein, please check out the latest issue of JCER on “Groundbreaking Results in Consciousness, Quantum Brain & Nonlocality Research by Michael Persinger’s Groupat” at http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/issue/view/31

    • mythocosmology says:

      If thinking of how our ancestors have gathered knowledge of micro- and macrocosm, it is obvious that the concept of consciousness shall be included in a modern TOE.
      “Consciousness” is a question of connecting the human mind to the creative forces in cosmos. We are all vibrating beings made of these cosmic forces and by connecting to these we gain knowledge of how we are created and how the creative forces interact and work in general.



      Cheers Ivar

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      Consciousness as the hardest part, approached though two distinct integrative functions: http://vixra.org/abs/1110.0046.
      There are profound reasons in evolutionary theory, game theory and the philosophy of freedom to regard consciousness as the most inaccessible aspect of reality. I place it on the same level as space-time and the continuities of conserved quantities, which is not to say in mundane space-time.

      To me the place of consciousness in any ultimate, comprehensive theory belongs to metatheory, which is scarcely envisaged at this time. How could ultimate knowledge break in on a world so full of conflict, stupidity and inefficiency?

  40. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    Panini’s unsurpassed semantics, with the origin Normal Form as in computer science, is not monsit but pluralist. A bodily action does not parse as the action of a conscious subject. And all monisms are ambiguous in terms of real semantic pluralism, just like Russell’s tacky logicism which no-one actually uses.

  41. Orwin, just to understand it all as to why our narrow view and lesser respect for life… I think what you said is the best reason yet why we need a theory of everything. So much of the picture is just hinted at and not seen that I am slowly coming to realize my picture could be better than those offered in our strange science fiction like offerings by todays theorists.

    I have a lot to say lately on consciousness and how it realtes, hardly something metaphysical and without embodyment for these correspond on some level. But it is not the key to physics- not even of the mind. Where it is that could be some sort of bordering on what are perhaps religious views.

    But if we do not look at and discus some things how can we know if any theory reaches further than others?

    Russel when thru his stages- those old guys did some interesting flirting with physics and philosophy… Hegel… Projective space… linguistics… I use principia as part of the bigger picture. Metaphorically, I today, as in my blogspot pesla.blogspot ask between the monist and pluralist totality in what sense does the earth sleep like a seal with half its brain? Is there really another place to which all weather is the same as here and now?


    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      Its been justly said that the Principia Mathematica of Russell and Whitehead was full of rhetoric and self-promotion, and hugely unfair to Peirce. I don’t want to sound rude about monism as theology – Sankara was called contradictory by Saivists, and his fifteen-branched yoga does run to paradox like Zen, but I’m sure he used that to therapeutic effect. Pitty no-one has managed to follow him.

      Vagueness and ambiguity have found a place in philosophy now, starting from the Sorites paradox on the Stoic trail that Peirce re-opened in modern times. Quine found a whole world of ‘virtual classes’ implicit in Russell, a notion which might interest you. Quine did the Sao Paolo circuit, where virtuality merges with Magical Realism and the combinatorics of Borges, with semiotic commentary by Umberto Eco.

      Still today the only thorough understanding of Peirce is from that world:


      I have noticed the weather doing curious things with pollution, as though it likes to neutralize the polarities, which runs with Goethe on Elective Affinities. They now say that lightning storms accellerate all kinds of muck into the upper atmosphere, from where it may rain down again as meteoriets: so the Mars of some astronomer’s imaginings may be a metaphor for things closer to home….

  42. Wes Hansen says:

    Speaking of consciousness and all: Johns Hopkins University’s Psilocybin Research Team is asking for volunteers who have had a challenging Psilocybin experience to complete a survey. I’ve created a post in the viXra forum regarding the same subject but since, for whatever reason, traffic in the forum seems light, I thought I’d post the requisite links here as well. Hopefully Phil won’t take offense.

    The forum link: http://vixra.freeforums.org/johns-hopkins-university-psilocybin-study-t29.html.

    And the other links:

    Johns Hopkins University Psilocybin Research Team has a question for you:

    Have you had a Challenging Magic Mushroom Journey?
    The Psilocybin Research Team at Johns Hopkins needs your help.

    We’re conducting an anonymous, web-based study to characterize difficult or challenging experiences that people sometimes have on psilocybin mushrooms (i.e. “bad trips,” whether the person later regards them negatively or positively).
    If you’ve ever had such an experience, we’d greatly appreciate it if you would take our survey. Importantly, if you know of others who’ve ever had a ‘bad’ psilocybin experience, please send them the link and encourage them to participate. This includes people who had a difficult experience long ago.

    As you may know, our team has conducted survey and laboratory studies characterizing positive experiences with psilocybin. You can see our body of work here: http://csp.org/psilocybin. This new survey is an important extension of our research with this fascinating substance. Here it is. Please share. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/bt5.

    We deeply appreciate your help. Thank you.

    Roland Griffiths, Ph.D.
    Principal Investigator
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    IRB approved application NA00080653

    • Leo Vuyk says:

      I hope you are also able to measure the statistical ratios between RPI and RPII described by Benjamin Libet in the far past.
      If human choice making depends on instant inter multiverse entanglement, between CPT copy symmetric Universes, then we have to be aware of these strange effects and statistical ratios.
      Wavefunction collapse and Human choice-making inside an entangled mirror symmetrical Multiverse.
      Figure 6, The difference between RP I and RPII found by B. Libet, with off printed percentages for different numbers (8 or 12) of entangled universes to be found in future experiments.

      • mythocosmology says:

        Leo Vuyk,
        I´m really amazed how the human brain and thinking can be that artificial entangled to suggest more than 1 Universe.
        – In my opinion modern scientists have entangled natural cosmology in such a level that it is more confusing than explaining – just because scientists hvad forgot to build up their logical and natural senses by observing the natural formation processes.
        – We are vibrating beings and we are made by a lots of vibrating forces in cosmos. Physical things can be observed by our physical senses and what goes beyond our physical senses can unlimited and far out in cosmos be observed by our spiritual senses.
        – In this way there is just 1 eternal Universe in where the very same formational processes takes place over and over again in this 1 Universe.
        Such a cyclical, natural and simple explantion is just what our ancestors have experienced empirical throughout several thousands of years.
        Link: http://vixra.freeforums.org/stories-of-creation-the-primeval-toe-t10.html?sid=190fd4c745c080d0ed312f3a81a90a8a

        Cheers Ivar Nielsen

  43. Leo Vuyk says:

    Hi Ivar Nielsen,
    Sorry but I am simply convinced that we need a kind of raspberry shaped multiverse with anti-copy CP(T) symmetrical raspberries to explain the collapse of wavefunctions (schroedingers Cat) and our concious decission making.
    see my former mail..

    • mythocosmology says:

      Hello Leo,
      It is not that I refuse the term of “entanglement” which is known from ancient times – http://varglya.blogspot.dk/2010_05_01_archive.html
      Our ancestors did know that everything is connected and they connected everything via their physical and spiritual skills into 1 Universe.
      Cheers Ivar

      • Wes, I have found in a link from Ulla as to a neurological place or nerve center view from Yale university- this concerns the topic of the theory of everything and raises again the issues of what is the role of consciousness in it as also discussed here-, please visit my blog if you have not done so lately… in the confluence series I seem to be seeing this- on the other hand I still feel consciousness and symmetry and so on much deeper than what we suspect so far…if we are to make it the center of some TOE we need at least a mathematical approach to what we can know or imagine.

        The PeSla

      • mythocosmology says:

        @L. Edgar Otto,
        You wrote:
        ” . . . on the other hand I still feel consciousness and symmetry and so on much deeper than what we suspect so far…if we are to make it the center of some TOE we need at least a mathematical approach to what we can know or imagine”.
        AD: I dont belive you can make a mathemathical approach and equation that covers the very concept of consciousness.
        But I belive you can make a TOE by using your conscious skills and connect your personal consciousness to the greater consciousness outside you and out in the cosmos.
        This is just what our ancestors have done for thousands of years, thus building up their Stories of Creation which of course are very similar all over the world, simply because we live on the same Earth, in the same Solar System, in the same Galaxy and in the same Universe.


        Cheers Ivar

      • So, we agree with my point- do our myths guarantee something higher to connect to? Belief or faith is OK, I mean if the gods created the universe (the issue of one or more is hard to get our heads around if that is the case at the same time up there with is God one or many) what would the gods need for theoretical physicists? Yes, it seems that the use of that, as a TOE, for the mathematician or physicists (for or against what may not be accessible either in a personal consciousness or that of some higher being) this the point I think we agree or maybe miss each others points as the case with such cosmic debaters.

        So we can, as TOEs or science is useful here and now even to understand or connect with ancestors (because of shared genes and culture perhaps?) quite beside the simple mystery of time- suggest a place in the brain with certain properties to which is the seat of consciousness- as the recent Yale study suggests- one that my understanding of dimensions and such laws certainly seems to be- but I cannot make the leap to say what is in this condensing or focus of nerves- it is useful as a unified theory, reassuring that the question of something beyond or some deeper meaning leans toward it being the case- if a scientist needs more than faith in such matters. This mysterious place, empty or full or something of both attributes, is like a black hole of some sorts- physicists seem to reduce their equations to spheres after all for a simple case- but if this is so then may the emptiness not have structure? hidden super symmetries perhaps (if that theory covered everything one may be assured or claim there is nothing beyond, no place the information or meaning goes in our simple quantum understanding) Now if as in some of our theories that go beyond the standard physics and suggest these a theory of everything do we ever reach the truth that our universal experience of a tunnel of near death experience has more at its end than some hallucination due to say lack of oxygen, a wormhole taking long to consume itself back to oblivion?

        In any case the mathematics is there on my pesla blogspot come pages so just perhaps it is not a matter of belief if such equations exist- one only had to look at them- yet as we have been doing for thousands of years those who can see really say nothing new that was not already known yet often forgotten of the one set of universal laws we seek to find again. Did not the Babylonians use the sacred number 240 rediscovered in 1964 as the packing of eight dimensional spheres? 192 of Plato- is that not the rigid rotation of four dimensional cubes- just what do we know if we see these mathematical things after all- for the systems theorist mathematics is a faith and different from other faiths that It can prove it based on faith- somewhere in between I state otherwise for some things might be proven, such as consciousness as we can imagine, argue and see it- here or otherworldly there are no necessary realities in such matters- and some of that does not forbid the concrete anymore than “something not forbidden in quantum theory is mandatory” as the quip goes. I can cover the concept of consciousness in matrices and equations and still not describe if something is within or beyond it. We may much more easily imagine or prove a heaven than that it filled with gods- is that not what a natural philosophy is all about? Can our existing mathematics not do this and still remain logical? Hoyle said once if God is real He is a part of reality… is our consciousness not a part of reality- can philosophy reason out something from beyond the one universe?

        The PeSla

      • mythocosmology says:

        @ L. Edgar Otto,

        Via the human time conception origin from the revolving Earth and its orbit around the Sun, you can assemble several “holy numbers” and “holy geometric shapes” and in this sense have a “mathematical consciousness” but this says not much of the universal consciousness inside or outside us humans.

        – As a mythologist since 35 years, it is my firm belief that “deities” just represents “several creative forces”, (included the primeval elements that existed before the creation) and celestial objects as the Sun, Moon, stars, star constellations and the contours of our Milky Way which are very close connected to the many global Stories of Creation.

        From the Egyptian mythology one can read of both the primeval elements and their qualities and their connection to the creation of our Milky Way. Read these 2 links – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogdoadhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hathor where Ra, “the fiery light”, is the first entity to be created in the Milky Way centre and together with the “goddess” Hathor creates everything else.

        Regarding the concept of consciousness, we maybe could say that every one of us represents “the smaller consciousness” and that everything outside us represents “the bigger consciousness” and in order to communicate with “the bigger consciousness”, the smaller consciousness has to connect to this. We are all vibrating beings made of the creative forces of “the bigger consciousness” and via a connection we can communicate with the creative forces that have created us. This happened via a meditative state of mind and via an opening process in our hearths when letting our thoughts rest and let go of the ego-mind activity of our mind.

        In the best of cases such a communication can give relevant information of the creation itself and also of you self in the same time and this has happened for a lots of people more or less spontaneously throughout thousands of years, thus made a lots of Stories of Creation from all over the world and thus made several mytho-cosmological telling which really can tell of the TOE – as not just a theory but as real cosmological knowledge of creative principles.

        – For instants these creation myths tells that everything in our Milky Way is created from within the Milky Way centre and has moved out in the galactic surroundings in a galactic circuit. The “expulsion from the Garden of Eden” is really dealing with this explanation – which contradicts the modern scientific explanation of that “everything is drawn into the galactic centre into a black hole” – which again is directly contradicted by scientific observations with the discovery of the “galactic rotation anomaly”. Here the mythical telling is right on the very spot and the modern telling is insufficient and wrong. The only way the galactic anomaly can be explained is to reverse the supposed inwards going motion to an outwards going motion. Looking at the galactic formation as a circuit, it all comes together and then one can discard “dark matter” and the rest of “dark issues” that has followed.

        So, the myths are not just myths – the Stories of Creation are real knowledge if one knows how to connect the right telling to the right celestial objects or realms.

        Cheers Ivar


      • Why does the cause of creation have to be linked to any mythology? Why cannot it just be a very simple physical mechanism we continue to overlook because of existing scientific dogma?

      • mythocosmology says:

        @Edward Johnson,

        Both of your questions are very relevant.

        I chose to include myths of creation especially because they all tell stories of cyclical and eternal creation in contrast to the modern linear time scale beginning with the “Big Bang from nothing creation”.

        Despite their usual telling opening of “in the beginning”, these creation myths really should be interpreted as a telling technique of “how everything comes into physical creation and formation” and how the physical formation later on dissolves and so on, i.e. the creation is eternal and all atoms are reused in an eternal process in the Universe.

        It is precisely this very simple physical mechanism of cyclic formation the modern existing scientific dogma blocks. Take for instants the dogmatic explanation of the formation in a galaxy where modern science only can try to explain the formative motion “into a black hole” where everything disappear in a singularity – and here their explanation takes a full stop and pure speculations takes over.

        In contrast to this modern scientific explanation, the myths explains a whole circular formation process of how the primeval elements interacts and creates a big fiery light in the middle (a galactic luminous centre) from where everything is created in this galaxy i.e. has spread out from the galactic centre to where it all will return again = a full circuital formation is explained in the Stories of Creation and this is by far a more satisfying and logical explanation compared to the modern science.

        This is why we need to include the ancient knowledge and use these myths of creation to balance the modern cosmological science – and we also need some information from the modern cosmological science to balance the meaning of the ancient myths, especially when it comes to interpret personified gods and goddesses as “creative forces” and nothing else.

        Modern cosmological science and mythological cosmology can learn a lot from each other in the attempt to create a TOE.

        Cheers Ivar

      • I also believe in a cyclical universe, and wrote a book around the idea called Absolute relativity theory of everything. Not that many people have showed any interest. I have also published a further book called Gravity Explained. Not really books – well sort of short books with a different view on our beginnings and ability to exist in any event. Available via Amazon.

        My belief is that we exist in 4 spatial dimensions. The Primary 1D is actually creating New Space second for second in our understanding of temporal time. This is the dynamic which caused the creation of matter in the first place and the ability of things to correspond – including different living species and and of course gravity as an operator.

        I also believe that matter can only remain persistent providing that this New Space continues to emerge at the value of ‘C’. This also determines the value of light speed. On the basis how can you move into a space which has not yet occurred? Hence a photon or a proton or anything else is totally dependent upon the ability of new space emergence second for second. All these Ideas I put into the above books and a paper on this site called gravity explained. I would like more people to discuss it as I think it opens up all kinds of new doors of consciousness..

      • I like this response and the ideas- I feel it important to get down to the nuts and bolts of what is going on in our heads, to our physical benefit, and yes perhaps it related to new insights on consciousness.

        The cyclical universe ideas- and in myths of eternal return or the eukyroptic brane classing ideas- have their advocates as philosophy- I understand Einstein was thinking along these lines also as perhaps his last equations tried to phantom.

        * * * * *

        I like your reply too, mythocosmology. I think btw it is a wise move to label our new Higgs data as Higgs-like rather than an assertion of certainty although a miracle is found there- as I have called it and dark matter ideas all along.

        It would be interesting to find a chronological diagram of how these myths or physics theories connect- as well a map of what is going on and why in our attempts to describe a wider theory of everything.

        The PeSla

      • TOE – I think we are all making far too much of it. Yes in my view has a basis which can be explained by science – but they will not look at anything which they think is fully understood!? Instead invent multiple mathematical dimensions rather than really understand the one which we live in.

        If they could consider my view for one moment of time – it also has an explanation why flora such as orphrys insectifera can mimic a solitary wasp of the gorytes genus where they are separated by 130 million years of evolutionary time! This could not be an accident – a Darwinian chance, and many other examples like these two. They have to communicate or exchange information. Otherwise how could the life form without a nervous system and eyes fool the one with ?

      • mythocosmology says:

        @Edward Johnson,
        You wrote: “On the basis how can you move into a space which has not yet occurred? Hence a photon or a proton or anything else is totally dependent upon the ability of new space emergence second for second”.

        Of course everything has to move in some kind of cosmic/universal media and here is what one can read from the Egyptian mythology:

        The Primeval Waters (The Ether)
        The story of Atum starts by establishing the existence of the primordial ether, a vast, amorphous, water-like wasteland called Nun. The Egyptologist R, T. Rundle Clark describes it as follows:

        Every (Egyptian) creation myth assumes that before the beginning of things the Primordial Abyss of waters was everywhere, stretching endlessly in all directions. It was not like a sea, for that has a surface, whereas the original waters extended above as well as below. There was no region of air or visibility; all was dark and formless . Water is formless, it has no positive features and of itself assumes no shape. The Primeval Waters being infinite, all dimensions, directions or spatial qualities of any kind are irrelevant. Nevertheless the waters are not nothing. They are the basic matter of the universe and, in one way or another, all living things depend upon them. The waters are, then, “the waters of life” and the Primordial Ocean, known to the Egyptians as Nun, is “the father of the gods.”

        Quote from “Genesis of the Cosmos” by Paul A. LaViolette – http://www.amazon.com/Paul-A.-LaViolette/e/B001JPAHTO

        AD: The author refers to this omnipresent universal media as “The Ether” and it is also my opinion that this universal ether media represents the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB), and if taking this mythical explanation for granted, it all contradicts the Big Bang hypothesis and the actual modern cosmology connected to this idea, because the “Primeval Waters” has always been and will be.

        It is in this “Watery Ether” that everything moves eternally in cosmos.

        NB: Have you thought of posting your ideas on the http://vixra.freeforums.org/ in order to discuss these?

        Cheers Ivar

      • “NB: Have you thought of posting your ideas on the http://vixra.freeforums.org/ in order to discuss these?”

        Thanks and yes I have posted a paper into viXra called Gravity explained. I was first intrigued by the Aether concept some 40 years ago having just found Einstein’s STR and GTR. Then discovered the Aether had a longer history all the way back to Newton and beyond. If the Aether does exist in my mind at least – it is manifested by the ( waters – Nun ) of constantly emerging New Space which has a construct of absolutely nothing but constant time. The emergence invokes motion, motion invokes a kinetic. Then in my thinking this kinetic causes the solidification of infinitesimal matter form – which we refer to as a solid or mass ( big bang ). Once this has been formed it produces another plane of reality which we refer to as space time. Spacetime as Euclid advises has 3 spatial dimensions. Spacetime is like a fly on a fly’s back. Two entities of reality exististing in parallel at the same time. We have a missing dimension – or at least 1D not correctly identified and realized. Temporal time in my mind is far from being a candidate to be called a dimension in its own domain. The primary dimension has to be the N01 dimension which is creating new space second for second. Nothing moves if this is not being created ( emerging ) in every second of temporal time. It caused the conversion of it kinetic to form matter and will switch matter off at some stage in the future. It is only apparently constant for the past 13.7 billion years. If its value changes by even a small degree all atoms will simply become extinct – all of them!

      • mythocosmology says:


        You wrote: “Thanks and yes I have posted a paper into viXra called Gravity explained”.

        AD: I meant on the viXra Forum here:


      • Thank you,

        as far as new physics goes we are in agreement- but we always try to inquire beyond the questions of landscapes in our day. Nothing forbids that world view. But whatever is happening within the range of a consciousness has some relation possible to a theory of everything that persists despite our half hints neither may be real. So we can discuss at least the mechanism of our mind in the brain if our concepts do not set us to do disservice to science by overlooking and objectively evaluating anything…

        The PeSla

      • Yes, however – GUT and TOE are not so difficult to perceive ( in my view ), but subject to science breaking away from the 4thD as a domain for temporal time. TOE cannot and will not find its place in any text book whilst this belief continues. Matter = spacetime. IF one could remove all matter then spacetime and temporal time would disappear with it.

      • The ultimate nature of the background, the phaneron, can indeed have this grounding- but there is more than one such “belief” there is Einsteins, Newton’s, Mach’s, and that of Liebinz (and certainly we will encounter new others whatever time dimensions are or just how close matter is to being made of empty space such as knots- or in the dynamics of things how fundamental physics values with the accompaning conceptions have a constant such as c or h that from a higher relative view are relations of structural hierarchies. That said any of the backgtrounds stand or fall together logically somewhere…but on what can we measure time anyway let alone its arrow- does the now exist spacious or not- does yesterday or tommorow or as time unfolds at any speed? What difference can it make how long it is complexity in life evovles- must it return into itself and end, eventually for all life of species in all worlds? If it did not the stuff of modern myths occur where time is meaningless if it can go on at maximum speed or forever- even if in such an empty universe all matter, cause and continuity has vanished.

        If one “believes” in a cyclic universe does this not take the foundational stance of Aristotle that all motion is in a circle and not linear? All this is abstract but not necessarily mystical.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Paul A. LaViolette on the weather interpreted for 2012:
        Cosmic Events and the Mayan Legacy:

      • mythocosmology says:

        @Edward Johnson,
        In my opinion “Spacetime” is an artificial speculation that origin from the “linear world view” – nothing in space really moves in linear motion but in cyclical and circuital motions.

        @Orwin O´Dowd,
        I dont know enough of the astrophysics of Paul LaViolette to comment on the supposed “cherry pickings”, but I know enough of the Velikovski Catastrophism to say that he and his followers totally have confused specific Milky Way Myths to be “planetary myths”. For instants they interpret “The Flood” as a deluge ON Earth instead of the Milky Way River that runs OVER the Earth. – read more of these strange “Velikovski Society” confusions here – http://www.saturn-myth-delusion.net/

        Cheers Ivar

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Ivar, I’m really pleased to hear you speak out against Velikovsky: he seem to be mixed up with cray Russian fundamentalism that has no history older then their monastic libraries.

        With LaViolette the non-linear view of the weather has interesting implications. Everything bifurcates, because the basic heat capacity differs when taken at constant pressure or volume. So in self-regulating you can thus opt to conserve water or mind your blood-pressure. The elements of Aristotle bifurcate too, ij the sense that he allowed that the cycle of the elements can run in either direction. I see a storm cycle hot>wet and a dew cycle cold>wet, which is important in Mediterranean ecology and herbalism.

        So that gives 2×4=8 matching ancient Egyptian symbolism, with a Primeval transcendental factor. Athanasius Kirscher studied the symbolism of the hieroglyphs and came up with an image of nine-fold harmony and the Harmost, a providential god of ancient seafarers. In Greek tradition the number nine was sacred to Demeter, and her tradition ran back into the Bronze Age in the north where Aristotle grew up. So your mythocosmology is just lacking a touch of complexity, as we now say.

        But as for the governing structures of the universe, astrophysics is just beginning to map them, witness the buzz right now about a supermassive black hole spinning near the speed of light. That’s energy over the horizon of the twentieth century. Light must wrap round it, totally distorting the image of space behind. Just another totally disruptive crisis in physics today. All bets are off now on the Big Bang itself, as also on the deregulation of banking which went by the same name, and landed us in the recent crisis.

      • mythocosmology says:


        You wrote: “So your mythocosmology is just lacking a touch of complexity, as we now say”.
        AD: In a way, I agree on this, though I´ve had my troubles finding out of the complexity of the ancient Stories of Creation and to which celestial realms they mytho-cosmologically are connected, namely the Milky Way and the primeval elementary state and stages of formation everywhere in the Universe.
        My main purpose of re-launching the Milky Way Mythology is that these have been long forgotten by scholars and mythologists in spite of they deal with the very origin of all of us and what is created in our Milky Way.
        The elementary principles in this ancient empirical knowledge can in my opinion be accounted for as our earliest TOE, but of course all kind of other relevant issues and complexities also can be included in these ancient tellings.

        Cheers Ivar

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      The more sophisticated ranges of ancient knowledge were reserved or veiled in various ways, which can be very frustrating for the seeker. With Demeter you come to the Mysteries, but she was not the Queen of Heaven or the Mother of the Gods. For such matters one can look to Gnostic lore “known to few,” as in Kenneth S. Guthrie’s Numenius, or Proclus’ commentary on the Timaeus.


      But there were still technologies of real strategic value reserved to potentates, like the spyglass, as its name indicates. Military historians may sense them by strategic analysis. There’s a whole discourse of Command and Intelligence in Rundle-Clark which matches this profile.

      That gives three levels of knowledge beyond the ordinary, which about matches the complexities of number and representation. Of course one can still question whether exclusive traditions really have higher value, but in that perspective there open ranges of ascetics, hermits and inexpressible mystical experiences, where Ken Wilber places his Absolute.

      Being aware of both social and spiritual vanity, I’m open to the idea that wisdom is providential but endlessly overlooked in its simplicity and nearness to everyday concerns. That’s where I value ecological perspectives, the arts, and healing.

      • mythocosmology says:


        You wrote:

        “With Demeter you come to the Mysteries, but she was not the Queen of Heaven or the Mother of the Gods”.

        Ad: When one read this scholarly explanation from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demeter#Etymology – it is easy to conclude that Demeter “is not a Queen of Heaven or the “Mother of the Gods”, but if comparing the different qualities and cosmological locations of Demeter, it is quite another case in my opinion.

        “In antiquity, different explanations were already proffered for the first element of her name. It is possible that Da (Δᾶ) is the Doric form of Ge (Γῆ), “earth”, the old name of the chthonic earth-goddess, and that Demeter is “Mother-Earth”.

        AD: There is a typical and general scholarly confusion because of their lack of understanding the Stories of Creation where the 4 basical elements create everything. Here the mytho-cosmological elementary term of “soil” = firm matter” and “physical forming” is generally confused with the terms of “earth” and “Earth”, thus transferring an extraterrestrial and supreme deity to be an Earthly deity, distorting both the telling of this specific deity and its cosmological connection.

        Chthonic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chthonic from Greek chthonios, “in, under, or beneath the earth”. The Greek word khthon is one of several for “earth”; it typically refers to the interior of the soil, rather than the living surface of the land or the land as territory.

        AD: When the globally myths of Mother Goddesses are connected to “the Underworld”, this is very correctly geographical and cosmological described. Under the northern hemisphere; “down under” – but UP in the Sky and “in the heavenly Sea”, you can observe the galactic contour figure that give origin to the “supreme female deity”. “Her cosmic Womb” resembles the very centre of our galaxy in the Star constellation of Sagittarius, from where everything is created and re-created in our Milky Way galaxy. – http://www.native-science.net/MilkyWay.MotherGoddess.htm

        Read more of these very common scholarly confusions here on http://www.native-science.net/Mythical_Confusions.htm

        Cheers Ivar

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        This is a tough one, Ivar. Socrates give e dedousia meter, “nourishing like a mother”. Demeter appears in the triptych with Artemis and Aphrodite, accomanied by the Mores, Hores and Charites (Fates, Hours and Graces), a very Indo-European pattern. And Triptolemos, the culture-hero who brings the plough, has it from Demeter, which is very Neolithic.

        I see more and more that the Indo-European pattern is just Neolithic: before that the migrations are not closely linked, and the larger grouping takes in most of Eurasia and the Americas.

        For a root image I’m more impressed by Ishtar/Hestia/Vesta/Hertha/Hathor, which is wider than Indo-European, the Goddess of Apuleius in The Golden Ass.
        Greece is also very atypical: right on the cusp of Indo-European and Indo-Hittite, but also subject to Semitic influences.

        Thanks for the insight on Hathor: I’ll remember that.


  44. Orwin O'Dowd says:

    Hello Leo,

    I think choice is an excellent point of departure for considering consciousness, because it relates to how consciousness is deployed in nature, and it relates well to Vico’s traditional view of human action in the ranges of the possible.

    But a mirroring of the physical world is not being found as many expected. Marni was on that trail, and signalled a double-take recently, related to neutrino research. Instead, abstract mirror symmetries remain a regular and unchallenged feature of models using Legendre transforms, which run between Hamiltonian (constraint) and Lagrangian (symmetry) representations.

    Affine Manifolds, Log Structures and Mirror Symmetry:
    Euler-Poincare Dynamics of Perfect Complex Fluids:

    The second paper relates strongly to Edward’s interests, and the technology of liquid-crystal displays. The spin orientions involved are not spinnors, and are separately represented by an order-parameter. In a word, you are dealing with pure pattern or information, and not physical structure here, running between constraints and symmetries, in the ranges of the possible.

    Hi Edgar!

    That neural “seat of cosciousness” idea is a bit of a snare, but forgive them, “the mean to make an aluminium bat” as Stephen Gould once intimated, for the nextgen drones, I take it. Ten years later that’s another 3 billion in refunding now before Pres. Obama, and stirring controversy.

    But there are topological “fixed-points” like where your hair parts in all directions, and fixed-point theorems really mark the farther boudary of first-order model space, the open frontier.

    As in this weird paper:

    Ads/CFT Correspondence and Symmetry Breaking:

    …which offers a choice of dimensions in which to realize the Legendre model….

    Yes, a choice.

    Please, Pres. Obama, an artificial brain interface needs to conform to this architecture of nature, and offer options for regulating its function in relation ambient factors like muscle tension and blood pressure.

    • Orwin, I guess this is why mathematicians get their underwear in wads over the axiom of choice. Personally, I feel that we embody certain aspects of our consciousness in non-local ways in such a way that sometimes being becomes quite mysterios. For instance, severl days ago a song starts going thru my head called “Black & Gold” and I humm the song to myself for a few days.. then, I get to my new job in new york to which I have never been before… sitting on the trading desk and there is a mannican with a wig on it.. what does it say? “Black & Gold” and I had no idea this was there previously. It seems that objects can take on very deep and mystical symbolic meanings which have utterly no “meaning” to anyone else unless it is pointed out that it is supposed to have meaning. There is a book by Dr Kirby Surprise called “Synchronicity” which I would suggest for anyone wanting to open their minds to the lighter side of existence sometimes..

      • Synchronicity in this sense is a real effect like Jung’s thermodynamic model of the mind which seems to see some short time into the future. What he realized and what we still feel is mysterious is that we have not treated such phenomena of consciousness as part of a wider system- to see it as hard science.
        What is truly mysterious about consciousness is much deeper. In the depth and span at a null or flat surface both views, usually discussed as illusion is quantized as both a discrete and continuous in relation to intervals of absolutes or the interchange of something like time and space- as such, to the extent our ideas of standard physics is concerned there is nothing unscientific and nothing mysterious as to what means something to us, that the mind-brain, the consciousness aware or not, is a quasifinite transmitter and receiver as well as if done by messages of energy and space. Have we not had these experiences of synchronicity? What is structure or motion and rest uses a much wider generalization of our current ideas of number and dimensions.

        L. Edgar Otto

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Hi Stephen! So you’ve hit the comfort zone by the fashionistas…That started with NegotiaTor(i)es starting bond finance in Babylon so they could buy up the Roman tax revenues and manage all the cash-flows….seems they got there shipping purple dye for exclusive Roman Senatorial togas.

        I hear NY is eyeing a tech university on an island in the river: they want to compete with Boston and get into the scene. Seems they want to support the finance business like London does with Linux clusters, recycling bit of the East End in the process.
        That could be something new to relate to.

        While you were on the road Chip Daddy Carver Mead starts a rant about the scientific revolution: he reckons it got stuck with Heisenberg and Bohr. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/02/20/carver_mead_on_the_future_of_science/
        He recalls laser pioneer Charls H. Townes taking his idea to them and being told he just didn’t get it. So forget that the statistical interpretation was Max Born’s idea, and allow that coherent energy was a great new discovery: that still leaves IBM looking over Chip Daddy’s shoulder scoping just when the real uncertainty limit cuts off their Moore’s Law chip boom (about now)…. So the consumer gets it both ways, they call it Convergence and charge an extra $1000.

        You can arXiv the mess under crystal-field and find Mobius lurking in there! They can’t agree on parameterizing the problem, its never been regularized because they don’t have the real QFT eigenvalues… No Townes didn’t deliver that, he just got the Templeton Prize for theology! Plug ‘n Pray, or so they say.

        Now up your end that Chinese Wall they’ve driven back through the banking sector seems to me to mark a kind of complementarity in markets between investment and retail. But what if all complementarities are Mobius surfaces? If that means markets keep turning in on themselves, yes, there’s something called inversion of the yield curve, an inflexion that happens in the dimension of time….

        Rodrigues was a banker, and you can do it with hypergeometrics: arXiv:0706.3003v1. I think you should enjoy this, its kinda level.

      • Orwin, my comment keeps getting thrown to the spam wolves. Interesting paper 🙂 I’ve started a new thread in the mathematics section on freeforums . Palm Theory, Random Time Changes, Invariant Transports . Peace

    • Wes Hansen says:

      Recently, while researching magnetic flux tubes, I came across this cool page on neutron stars (http://www.astro.umd.edu/~miller/nstar.html); I can’t help but wonder what kind of topological space is defined by a neutron star. Can you even imagine a magnetic field of 10˄15 Gauss!

      Yeah, consciousness is definitely mysterious – and eternal: A Minimalist View . . .

      Abstract: We explore the deductive implications of the hypothetical definition of mysticism as intimacy with death.

      “. . . it is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatsoever for supposing it is true.” – Bertrand Russell, On the Value of Skepticism (http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/jksadegh/A%20Good%20Atheist%20Secularist%20Skeptical%20Book%20Collection/On%20the%20Value%20of%20Scepticism%20-%20Bertrand%20Russell.pdf)

      To speak of mysticism it is first necessary to define mysticism. This is best approached with the question: what is a mystic? In the present exercise we will begin with the conjunction: Good and Evil.

      How are good and evil defined in the general sense? I believe most rational agents would agree that, generally, that which promotes life is considered good and that which promotes death is considered evil. But this leads directly to paradox. As soon as an agent is born into this perceptive life they are confronted with their impending and inevitable death; life is, to a large degree, defined by death, it’s temporary, transient. This begs the question: is all life then intrinsically evil? Perhaps, in the true spirit of Postmodernism, it’s all relative; perhaps life is evil and death is good.

      Getting at the heart of the matter, I would suggest that a majority of rational agents equate life with good and death with evil as a function of ignorance; agents are typically knowledgeable about life but ignorant of death; death is the great mystery! So what is a mystic? A mystic is one who is knowledgeable with regards to death. And how does one become knowledgeable of death? There is one, and only one, way: they experience death without physically dying; they are twice-born or, equivalently, twice-awakened, once to the physical and once to the mental.(http://reluctant-messenger.com/tibetan-book-of-the-dead.htm and http://reluctant-messenger.com/Tibetan-Book-Dead_Evans-Wentz.htm) Most all agents are quite intimate with the physical birth or awakening but few experience the mental birth or awakening; those who do are called mystics.

      So what, exactly, does the mental awakening entail? As demonstrated by mystical traditions the world over, the electro-chemical neurosystem forms a tree-like structure often referred to as the “World Tree.” (http://vixra.org/abs/1301.0037) When an agent is physically born there exists a “Divine Spark” or “Golden Embryo” within the prostate gland (Skene’s gland in females) and this “Divine Spark” is what animates all sentient structures. (http://www.integralworld.net/powers3.html) While this “Divine Spark” resides in the prostate gland the agent in question is dominated by three main concerns: physical survival; physical reproduction; physical dominance or will to power. This is characteristic of the physical awakening.

      Sometime during the course of this physically dominated existence, mystical agents experience a process of transformation. Although these transformative processes can be strikingly different, they all effect the same result; this is the transfer of the “Divine Spark” from the prostate gland (Skene’s gland in females) to the pineal gland. Obviously this transfer results in the end (death) of the physically dominated existence and the beginning (birth) of the mentally dominated existence. During this process one becomes intimate with death – the great mystery. With the “Divine Spark” residing in the pineal gland the agent in question is dominated by the absence of all concern; they have surrendered, quite willingly, to the “Divine Will.”

      Intimacy with death leads to the realization that the conjunction, good and evil, only has relevance relative to the physically dominated existence. This is what non-mystics have such a hard time with.

      In this day of terrorism and mass killings in schools and movie theaters, I often read the quotes of priests and preachers, these self-proclaimed spiritual guides, who often ask, in the aftermath of this apparently pointless violence, “Where is God?” This is such an ignorant question. To suggest that “God” is absent in these moments of perceived evil is to suggest that “God” is absent from life; it is to suggest that life itself is intrinsically evil. This is due to an improper, physically dominated perspective. As all agents who are intimate with death can attest, death is a non-issue. All that is lost in death is a temporal body. From the moment of its creation this body is destined for death and decay. The mental aspect of this body, the “Divine Spark,” on the other hand, is infinite in duration – indestructible. If this were not so it would be impossible to experience death without physically dying, hence, pointless to speak of mysticism as presently defined. The absurdity of this is demonstrated by the very existence of mystical traditions the world over.

      But what of the suffering, emotional, mental, and physical, which people experience; is this not evil? Suffering is the whetstone on which the sword of death and discrimination is honed; suffering develops spiritual (mental) discipline. This discipline, hence suffering, is of absolute necessity for the realization of full mental development; suffering is food, sustenance, for the spiritual body. From a minimalist perspective, suffering is the whole point of perceptual existence . . .

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Marni spoke recently about simply loosing sympathy with the noisy concourse of human aspirations.i her the calling of a diviner, who will sleep in leaves from an untrodden inaccessible valley to break the associations of the human miasma, and step outside all our rhetoric and self-deceit, which so easily plays into disease, and looses all the providences of Nature by taking them for granted.

        The World Tree is often associated with the Pole Star, which is also the easiest guide in navigation and the focus of the earliest star-charts. Curiously, also with a Nail, in the lore of Arcadia and the Etruscans concerning boar-hunting. That speaks of craft developing down-stream of the hunt, working bone into tools, and preserving a certain cold objectivity about animal nature.

        Here’s a thesis exposing the ambition, intrigue, rhetoric and posturing behind Grothendiek and the String Bubble:
        The Rockerfeller Foundation decided in 1963 to kick-start Theoretical Biology (fifty years after von Uexkull did the real work…) at an exclusive seminar in the Alps, and thereby wreaked
        it, opening the gap for Craig Venter and a bunch of colonials on the chicken run coasting with Monsanto to a Brave New GM Future…now at the Creation Museum with all the rhetoric of Primitive Nature (that use to be Native, see)…

        I need a break, or I’ll start sounding like Rorty doing the dialectic of irony, or is that sarcasm?

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Speaking of Monsanto, here’s a little “food” for thought: Giri Bala, the woman yogi who never eats . . . (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/7452/7452-h/7452-h.html#fig44).

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Oh yeah, and speaking of stench . . . Sheer Hellish Miasma (http://editionsmego.com/release/eMEGO+053V) a highly recommended sonic aroma – meditative, chaotic, catastrophic . . . of course I live and work in the Deepest Swamps of Hell (Houston, TX) so I could be biased . . .

  45. Along the lines of the topics here, of the theories of everything, this has become a front burner issue on the science magazines- soul searching our enterprise for example at http://www.newscientist.com/special/physics-crunch

  46. Leo Vuyk says:

    I AGREE, Edgar, HOWEVER WE ONLY NEED SEVERAL EXPERIMENTS TO GET SUPPORT FOR SUCH IDEAS ( E.G. about the QM base for the constancy of the lightspeed etc . etc).
    Those experiments could be:
    1: Lightspeed drag and extinction experiment inside a double mirrored fast rotating cylinder in the lab. Ref [3]
    2: CHAMP-GPS satellite distance outlier measurement focused on GPS elevation angle to the earth.Ref [3]
    3: Gravity drag related Lightspeed variation experiment between two balloons or satellites and the earth. Ref [3]
    4: Multiverse number count by a renewed Benjamin Libet experiment focussed on RPI and RPII ratio. Ref [6]
    5: Double Stern-Gerlach atomic Entanglement experiment. Ref [6]
    6: Double LeSage gravity experiment by a new massive oscillator. Ref [7]
    7: Monopole radiation based Magnetic field experiment Ref: [7]
    8: The laboratory production and exploitation of a micro black hole or ball lightning. Ref:[14]

    It is all about cause and effect because we seem to live in an instant entangled Multiverse to explain Schroedingers Cat paradox. God plays dice in CP(T) symmetrical universe…

    Reconciliation of QM and GR and the need for a pulsating entangled CPT symmetric raspberry shaped Multiverse.

    • Hi Leo,
      I had an extensive reply to you as a first reply before I can trace down the references. So I posted it here:
      I enjoy visiting your blog and share many ideas with you- I take issue with the role of experiment over theory here. Thank you for the comments.
      The PeSla

      • Actually guys personally I prefer the shape of a cut cauliflower for a natural geometric representation of a multiuniverse – . I was following some links for Thomas Edison – interesting reading – he initially thought that he had discovered evidence for the ether and become somewhat obsessed with this then came second in discovering the ability of wireless telegraphy….But his obsession may still be good?

      • Edward Johnson,

        a most interesting reply- what a time was Edison’s when the tinkers did such things some of which came useful later in new hard times on the farm. I have noticed lately that these independent innovators solving problems arising from the practical world of their lives or on the border with deep and abstract research is the source of new creative genius as much mathematics from the masses- I mean sometimes someone has a theory hard to express but it works for themselves practically which they do not seen in better read or trained eyes as state of the art and profound. The obsession question is a good one- why we try to do these things right up there with why we prolong our stay here at the core when we kick into modes of survival.

        Of course that fractal like cauliflower model, branching graphs and so on, applies just as well. But I am not sure something like the paranormal in a sense can arise anymore than it seems to do so as if in quantum theory.

        Many great inventors cannot get a patent for example because such theories are hard to explain or even comprehend except in the vagueness… yet in a way we can be seen to be looking for a deeper aether…but then we would have to feel clearer about how to explain that one away… perhaps nine rods of the microtubiles mean something in the structure of such things after all…

        Leo and Pitkanen have a natural genius or can see into the source of it as if the old creative genius as we explore theories that may just come closer to theories of everything.


      • Actually patent offices are not interested in your theory. The only thing that matters is that your invention does what you claim in your patent application.

      • If one can believe in the constant emergence of ‘New Space’ – this opens the door to understand many occult forces – including a phenomena which switches on matter in the first place…’Absolute relativity theory of everything’ – amazon books & ‘Gravity explained’ – amazon books

        Time dilation

        Temporal clock time increase moving away from a G field

        Velocity of light ( anything )

        The above are helpfully explained in the mentioned books.

        If you cut a cauliflower in half you will see ( which you know already ) regular repeated shape = all the same but all different. All substending to a central core. The core in my mind could be the manifestation of New Space emerging then the kinentics involved then converted into matter in separated areas – Analogue multiverse; – each one has 3D but separated by a dimension of distance. Or Digital multiverse where all 3D sets ( universes ) are woven into a unity 1D where New Space is emerging….

      • Leo Vuyk says:

        Thank you edgar for your link reaction at you blog.
        For monopole radiation, see nr 7 of the experiment listing

    • Wes Hansen says:

      Mr. Vuyk,

      You know, awhile back I worked through the outstanding free-access textbooks of Tony Kupholdt, Lessons in Electric Circuits (http://openbookproject.net/electricCircuits/ 2500 pages thank you kindly Mr. Kupholdt) and when studying resonance (tank circuits in particular) I couldn’t help but think of the Tantra with its “Breath of Brahman”; this seems to resonate (pun intended) with your pulsating raspberry somewhat, yes?

      Anyway, I was reading a number of the comments left on Phil’s entry to the FQXI essay competition and came across the rather humorous comment left by Cristi Stoica. I had seen Ms. Stoica’s name mentioned in the acknowledgements of Kevin Knuth’s work a couple of times so I downloaded her FQXI essay, Did God Divide by Zero? (http://fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/1357). It’s an interesting look at mathematical singularities; perhaps you would find it interesting . . .

      When I was a lot younger I had a friend, Cedric, the son of a wealthy French steel magnate, who had a lakeside corner condo on the 33rd floor of the Lakeshore Drive Mies van der Rohe building in Chicago, Illinois. It was quite spectacular, the building and the condo. Here in Houston, Texas, there are a few interesting architectural structures here and there. Dominique de Menil, the daughter of the Schlumberger founder and another French transplant, extended a number of commissions to Philip Johnson; Mr. Johnson designed the Chapel of St. Basil for her when he was in his late nineties (http://www.stthom.edu/About_UST/Catholic_Connection/Chapel_of_St_Basil.aqf). Ms. de Menil commissioned Mr. Johnson and Mark Rothko for collaboration on the Rothko Chapel (http://www.rothkochapel.org/) but Mr. Rothko was notoriously difficult to work with and Mr. Johnson bowed out before the project even got underway. Mr. Rothko committed suicide shortly after that one . . . not that that’s a reflection on the work mind you; I’ve spent many a contemplative hour in the Rothko Chapel – and The Menil (http://www.menil.org/) for that matter. Of course Houston’s best known architectural wonder is the Mayan temple gracing its downtown skyline (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heritage_Plaza). Quite frankly, I find that rather spooky given the history of the Mayan civilization . . . And if you study the intertwined history of the United States and Brown and Root it becomes clear that Texas is not shy when it comes to profiteering off of human blood sacrifices; “I open up my wallet and it’s full of blood . . . “

      Lyndon B. Johnson, whose strings were pulled by the Brown brothers, was JFK’s vice-president. Kennedy was balking at escalating Vietnam so he was conveniently murdered in Dallas, Texas. A convenient patsy with links to the CIA was framed for the murder and then conveniently murdered himself by a Texas nightclub owner with ties to the Mafia (a good question: where does the Mob end and the CIA begin?). Johnson took over the White House, escalated Vietnam, and hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars, saturated with the blood of young Americans and Vietnamese, are redirected to Texas and Brown and Root (known by then as Kill, Burn, and Loot). Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

      In 2000 George “Dumbya” Bush, whose strings were pulled by Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton, hence, Kill, Burn, and Loot, becomes president. In late 2000 early 2001 the CIA tells the Vader administration there’s credible evidence suggesting Al Queda is planning a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Vader and Co. conveniently determines the intelligence, or at least its analysis, is less than credible (this is from the New York Times but the Times link seems broken . . . http://www.democraticunderground.com/125193273). A short time later the CIA analysis is proven quite accurate. Fifteen minutes after the first plane hits the Trade Centers, Darth Vader is on the phone talking with Don “Dumber even than Dumbya” Rumsfeld about Iraq (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/bushswar/).

      The official explanation as to why the Trade Center buildings collapsed is convincing only to those who wish to be convinced; building seven collapsed in a manner consistent with controlled demolition AND it didn’t even get hit by any known projectile. A team of international chemists, many from the U.S., examined the Trade Center dust and found conclusive evidence demonstrating the presence of Thermite, a high-end explosive (http://www.benthamscience.com/open/tocpj/articles/V002/7TOCPJ.pdf). Most damning of all, NORAD is designed with the ability to scramble fighter jets to any portion of U.S. airspace in a matter of seconds, SECONDS, yet these hijacked airplanes deviated from their flight plan for thirty to ninety minutes without being intercepted (http://911research.wtc7.net/index.html).

      Darth Vader and Co. immediately begins a campaign calling for the invasion of Iraq. Hundreds of billions of U.S. tax dollars, saturated with the blood of young Americans and Iraqis, are redirected to Texas and Kill, Burn, and Loot. During the recent economic downturn every economy in the U.S., perhaps the world, suffered with the exception of Texas; is it any wonder? “I open up my wallet and it’s full of blood . . . “

      It’s just a hypothesis, me being a skeptic in the moderate sense of Bertrand Russell . . .

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        Of course your recount of events is spot on Wes. As a native Texan I have been disgusted by the fact that the weasel represents my place of birth in the minds of some members of the public. I personally don’t waste any energy thinking about that redneck but I do know that the Stephenville incident was highly spooky. http://lightsinthetexassky.blogspot.com/2012/04/stephenville-incident-revisited.html Personally, I think it was a spiritual phenomena trying to trace back the roots of human suffering to its source via whatever means it could… think of it, if an ‘alien intelligence’ encountered earth its going to see an extremely distorted view of things, interacting with the electricial grid and communication networks first and only later discovering the humans “behind it” … 🙂 Just a pet theory of mine, entirely speculative of source. Peace out.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        News flash ex Twitter: Cape Town Mayor Attacked by Rat…

      • Leo Vuyk says:

        Wes sorry I did not notice your posting.
        You wrote:
        “I couldn’t help but think of the Tantra with its “Breath of Brahman”; this seems to resonate (pun intended) with your pulsating raspberry somewhat, yes?”

        For me that is a new perspective, but yes the multiverse could pulsate by the changing balance between stability and instability of the Higgs vacuum.
        If new paradigm black holes are equipped with nuclei of compressed Higgs vacuum particles and black holes increase in number ( by sNovas) and “nuclear mass” they are supposed to “EAT” more and more the dense local Higgs vacuum lattice around them. ( see my Quantum FFF model)
        Then as a result this process will lead eventually into a big crunch with a decreasing oscillating vacuum pressure on all the concentrated or even merged black hole nuclei,.left over and concentrated in the center of the imploded (multi) universe.
        Then there could be a point that the internal Black hole nuclear Higgs pressure could overcome the decreased vacuum pressure from outside, which will start the splitting and evaporation of the big crunch black hole(s) as the start of a new Big Bang inflation..

      • There is no multiverse. Well maybe if you want….

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Back in the Old Dark Ages, the slow decline of the Bronze Age,after the Old Republican cities lost their freedom to the Stewards of Empire, they said: “Strong men rule the law.” My gripe is that this Steward idea is now the line from the Greens for their global empire of interventionism. And the OECD bureacracy in Europe seem to buy into it. Anyway they oiled into Africa recently to set up their style of effective consensus, and were tweeted out of their complacency at the speed of gossip…to those scumbag sewer rats from the badlands of the drug culture had to climb into the newsfeed….

        Seriously as the Apartheid state fell in the Old South Africa (a sort of ghostly revival of the Old Batavian Republic which was bankrupted as the Pilgrim Fathers departed!!!) their army were the largest consumers of antipsychotic drugs in the southern hemisphere…and a whole lot more from the other side…

        Anyway, its over now, with the latest pullback in Afghanistan: no I’m not talking about US troops in the crossfire, the Old Afghan police are being withdrawn, at long long long last….

      • We are still in the dark ages – >

      • I could never explain this. Several years ago I was feverishly working on the Riemann hypothesis and I was printing out a graph appearing in this paper by Maslanka, an astrophysicist. The file that I downloaded *did not contain this image anywhere in the downloaded data*. http://postimage.org/image/sfijhfl21/ it appeared superimposed on the graph. Look how the colors match and align with the socks … this image could only have been inserted somewhere between my CUPS driver on my linux system and the printer it was attached to. Also, before that, I had *just* realigned the printer and replaced the ink cartridge and ran out of paper at the same time… the piece of paper I grabbed just happened to be the only sheet of glossy paper there, this after I had a preminiation/dream that someone broke into my apartment which actually occured several hours later… strange things happen….

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        Maslanka’s work I’m referring to can be found at http://arxiv.org/abs/math-ph/0105007

      • Leo Vuyk says:

        As a consequence of the splitting and higgs vacuum lattice evaporating big crunch black hole, this process created the FRACTAL shaped Lyman Alpha structure and inflation FIRST before all the Hydrogen .

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Thanks for the link to the letter; I’ll forward that to a few of my contacts! Here’s a link to Stanford University Physicist Nick Herbert’s Veteran’s Day blog post which you may find interesting http://quantumtantra.blogspot.com/2012/11/amber-waves-of-grain.html). I’m a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps myself; honorably discharged in April 1994. I moved to Houston, Texas, shortly after to attend commercial dive school and have, for the most part, been here since; I could tell some stories. As for the image super-imposed on your graph, it looks like Bartlemann has changed his sock habit – I think they refer to such anomalies as “quantum fluctuations.”

        Yeah, I read about all the UFO happenings in the Houston Chronicle. These things are pretty cool and really irrefutable. Here’s a viXra paper about the crop circle ASCII codes (http://vixra.org/abs/1112.0050) and I would also recommend a venture into Matti Pitkanen’s perspective (http://tgdtheory.com/public_html/magnconsc/magnconsc.html see “crazy stuff”).


        I finished the historiography on Deterministic Chaos Theory which, in the end, became a historiography on hydrodynamics; a fascinating read, thanks for that. In my professional life I deal largely with shear dependent “liquids” but my experience is hands on, I guess one could say experimental, so it’s cool to read the history, theoretical and experimental. Although I’m not exactly certain how, I’m convinced the onset of turbulence is related to the hairy ball theorem; I’ve posted a question to the Mathnerds forum in hopes of gaining clarity. I’m looking for a good introduction to applied topology, although I’m still knee deep in differential equations and statistics/probability theory . . . and I’ve started the approximate reasoning book. If you want to see topology taken to a whole new level, check out the computer simulations of Stanford’s Applied Mathematician, Ron Fedkiw (http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/).


        You’re in danger of falling off the infinite regress cliff; the question becomes, where did the Higgs lattice vacuum come from? I’m not suggesting that I have an answer . . . in my worldview the Multiverse is simply a set of functions mapping Consciousness to Perception – Consciousness has always been, Perception is an emergent property . . .

  47. Kimmo,

    Thanks for the comment… but I was talking about my great grandfather Nicholas August for example, a comment left here on the great American inventors also like Edison as a nation culture and science is catching up on the rise. Also I noticed a trait of sorts in my son of which his vague method for a certain calculation proves very powerful and practical in his work despite but an intuitive method.

    Nicholas made the Otto cycle, piston type engine which eventually was used for a wooden motorbike- or more importantly for ships in the Great lake when industry was thriving here as manufacturing and not the rust belt. But who cares about what interest a patent office may have- I think the change after 200 years of our USA patent laws as with many things initially set into our constitution will impede innovation in the end.

    But you are right of course, someone like Pearson who gave out the Nobel prizes and published weird theories- the proof of his influence was that many more can have their limbs reattached who could not before- if it works that is the proof and then we can try to find out why.

    ThePeSla L. Edgar Otto

  48. Kimmo,

    yours is a most interesting theory…I will read it carefully later: From the conclusion I quote:

    “Main consequence (at least to the author) of this new theory is ability to understand, modify and
    utilize FTE. Also proper understanding of antimatter opens new possibilities. There is already
    pending patents on these matters. Because patent legislation it’s not reasonable to reveal those yet.
    However, main distribution of these inventions is in energy production area.”

    I have very many copyrightable or inventions that work on a small scale that has made my life much easier of which it was obvious and the first advance at the simple foundations since a few centuries. I have yet to see some around me with some theory of new energy sources that generated anything but investors. I have not posted everything of a deeper nature and am not sure if it is an invention in it or not? Perhaps we should patent our own genomes or if we could the sphere… after all Nicolaus made the parts that support the wind farms possible and I saw hundreds of the windmills on a trip to Dupage Illinois last week.

    I could have used a penny for each lawnmower- but time is passing fast for me so why bother with secrecy… this is certainly a modern problem and evidently secrets are power as knowledge is. Then again after the fog or clouds clear maybe one of our new theories of everything is correct… if I understand the illusion part of your idea I am sure, in differernt terms many of us will agree.

    Thanks and good theory making…

    • Thank you! Supporting words are very much welcome 🙂 In future version of ToEbi there will be very interesting things on superconductivity. It will cover also Helium II phase.

      • Everyone is complicating it ) GUT/TOE) space is not a static entity – it is like a roll of paper – where the paper streams & constantly emerging. If one takes this view it all appears quite simple and natural.

        But alike the pre big bang where is it coming from that is the question…….

    • Who is lisa randall? Why is hers his more valid than my next door neighbour?

      • Edward, I read her book, Knocking on Heavens Door, I found it to be preachy, and arrogant and her theories not too convicing. I’ve found TGD theory to be closer to the truth but somehow it’s all wrapped up in the UFO enigma…

      • ? lots of good ideas around but I don’t know this person and whether her his ideas are solid or not

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Strange to say, I’m now thinking that String Theory is formally undecidable. This from noticing Varela on autopoesis resorting to Lawvere categories: autopoesis is a deliberately reflexive theory, with application in immunology, where the undecidability can mask organic identity. And I’m pretty certain UFOS register as a system shock: due to the extreme polarization and Bessell waves in electrostatics. There also follows a Clinical Exceptions Rule: in the presence of any toxin or pathogen, it remain undecidabe whether it is actively pathogenic…which goes back to Peirce insisting on space for miracles as good science. That was before the tyranny of Mean Field Theories gave statistics a bad name.

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        When I worked at yahhhh—-huuuuu (in the “telecom corridor” of north central texas) every time a fucking UFO would occur at the LHC crazy shit would happen in the office and everyone would shit their pants and you could literally “see” sparkling stuff in the electronics and carpets and could literally see it jump around like waves and bounce between people/equipment. Then this guy who worked at the CIA flipped his wig and started talking about the prescence of spirits and entities in the office. When it would happen everyone would get this “holy shit” type of thing and kinda freeze. It was freaky as hell and kind of hard to forget honestly

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        So the Templeton Foundation award went to the strains of The Grateful Dead: http://www.latimes.com/health/la-me-adv-immortality-20130313,0,6665109.story.

        That’s a collective being of there ever was one so we can look forward to a golden age of Gotheology, which should temper that holy shit reaction. And the new pope digs St Francis and thinks the church is full of hypocrites:
        We needed to get out of there all right.

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        I once had a doctor stare-off into space all dreamy eyed and asked me if it was “like the Tron movie” and said he liked string theory cause he played the guitar. Hey, whatever floats your boat. Damn right we did. I keep picking up freaky vibrations from the airport though… maybe something to do with the radar, god-forbid. Did you see my attempt to start a thread at http://vixra.freeforums.org/palm-theory-random-time-changes-invariant-transports-t37.html ? mass-stationarity.. statistical/portable reference frames?

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        New wave airport radar is heavily involved in tracking air-masses. And shock seems to hit directly on one’s thermo- and hydro-regulation, in the range of magnetohydrodynamics. I’ve seen an LCD blanch at an impending thunder-storm, and noticed the Mars rover hit a memory failure as it passed off the very acid native soil onto a fairly neutral meteor residue.

        This is in the way of wrapping a six-month struggle to get memory and cache glitches out of my net interface, which has kept me in low profile. Php has an inconsistent syntax and is the bane of blogware, causing, I think, these weird behaviors under heavy load, as just snagged Wes Hansen.

        Meanwhile the mystery of self-regulation seems to be tied up with the crystal field, and I’ve found that the Schussler cell salts offer a reliable support. It feels like the Higgs self-coupling is part of the picture too, which got me interested in self-referential mathematics.

        Here’s a real gem of a thesis, the journey of a life-time, dedicated to Gur Maharishi Ji under the sign of Krishna, but also just clear and honest and vary informative:

        Daniel Guy Schwartz
        Approximate reasoning, logics for self-reference, and the use of nonclassical logics in systems modeling.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        I read the first two chapters of the Catastrophe book (linked above) last night; it’s always nice to fill in a few holes with the historical perspective – an excellent read. On the other hand, I fail to see that structuralism is dead or, for that matter, even mortal. Without structure there is no logos; the Universe appears to be intelligible due directly to the structure. And the more I learn the more convinced I become that symmetry is at least one dominant form of the “grin without the cat.” But the “grin without the cat” is, by definition, fundamental structure! And of course what does symmetry examine? It examines the more complex structures which are invariant under transformation. People say that topology is the great mathematical unifier but really, or so it seems to me, it is symmetry which unifies. I mean, how is topology, itself a structure, defined? It seems to me a significant element of its formal definition is generalized symmetry in the form of homeomorphism and homotopy. No matter how you slice it, this Mad Hatter is becoming increasingly convinced the Multiverse is a giant origami – most probably in the shape of a lotus blossom. Sorry Leo . . .

        This Schwarz book seems even better. NASA was one of the first to implement approximate reasoning in industry; they developed their first version of “Decision Manager,” decision/risk analysis software based on “fuzzy logic,” back in 1994 (http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19950010854_1995110854.pdf). They’re on like version one zillion now, which, interestingly enough, uses Bayesian Inference (http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/codeq/risk/index.htm), but they have always used these tools in making their complex decisions, decisions involving a great deal of risk to billions of dollars in property as well as human life. I look forward to reading the Schwarz book . . .

        You know, I’m thoroughly convinced these “weird behaviors under heavy load” are associated with a conscious entity or entities – most likely entities. I live on a wooded lot situated next to a local bayou. There’s a road bridge nearby I refer to as the “Owl Creek Bridge” (http://fiction.eserver.org/short/occurrence_at_owl_creek.html). A good while back I somehow infuriated a fellow on this bridge (I’m still at a loss as to how). His actions indicated a desire for violence but I just ignored the fellow and kept on with my business. That night I took the dogs on their nightly walk. We would always walk around this bayou and finish by crossing the Owl Creek Bridge. Every time I crossed the bridge with the dogs, I would wait until there was no traffic and then jog across. The dogs would run along beside me like it was a game. On this particular evening, Nadua (Wanderer in Comanche), whom I refer to as The Old Man, didn’t cross the bridge, rather, he went under and swam the bayou.

        I thought this was kind of strange but then The Old Man IS kind of strange. But the very next night two of the other dogs, Turtle, the other male, and Cynthia, a female, followed Nadua’s lead and swam the bayou as well. By the third night all of the dogs swam the bayou except the matriarch, Moon, the alpha-female, Big Girl, and the Moon Cult Priestess, Purity. On the fourth night, due to the most bizarre circumstances, Big Girl and Purity were both hit and killed by a car in the exact same spot that I had the confrontation with the angry motorist. Nadua knew, four days prior, that something was fixing to go down on the Owl Creek Bridge.

        Big Girl and Purity were obviously quite secure in their pack status and didn’t think they were going to die. I hated it but found it interesting that I lost the second and third rank in the pack hierarchy, the matriarch being first rank. I can’t help but associate the death of my two dogs with the inexplicable anger expressed by the obviously stressed-out motorist. I mean, you tell me . . . it was like that bridge, or the specific spot on it, became infected with some virus and somehow Nadua picked up on it . . . We’re all just so many antennae . . .

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Hi Stephen, you’re way outside my current focus, but the problem does remind me of race conditions, contention for resources, which is where servers often fail. And some speak of market failure. I recently came by a new design for smart memory chips which avoid the problem. Interestingly, that’s pretty much where AI guru Ben Goertzel is working in HongKong.

        I’m also aware of metabolic race conditions which are certainly an issue in health science and will concern me at some point. It would be the Chinese traditionals that have solutions, and that’s making me want to scout measure theory on my way there…

        And the Fubini theorem takes you there on arXiv:
        General theorem: http://arxiv.org/abs/1210.4542
        Convergence again: http://arxiv.org/abs/1203.5191
        Entanglement and fractals: http://arxiv.org/abs/1210.4486
        Sounding like Matti: http://arxiv.org/abs/1302.0292
        I just think we need to pay more attention to fractals…its those aetherial mists that grace the Chinese mountains, and their art.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Yeah, contention for resources gives rise to fractal geometry according to Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe Institute; he predicts society is headed for a “finite time singularity” due to our out of control metabolism (http://discovermagazine.com/2012/oct/21-geoffrey-west-finds-physical-laws-in-cities). I would suggest that “finite time singularity” is the impetus for “punctuated equilibrium,” in this instance consciousness expansion – both individual and collective. Modern day humans, selfish apes, are not equipped to handle the change to no-growth economics, which is what Mr. West contends is needed.

        “Innovations reset the clock,” hell, the Big Bang
        reset the clock . . . Science is the endeavor seeking to explain the most phenomena with the least number of axioms; start with the axiom that everything in existence, including the Multiverse, has both a mental aspect and a physical aspect and see where you get to. The algebra gets reset by innovation, punctuated equilibrium, finite time singularities, etc., the calculus just keeps on trucking – sometimes in a stable manner, sometimes in a manner resembling madness . . . The only thing separating a stable calculus from a mad calculus is discipline wrought by suffering – it’s a pet theory of mine . . .

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        Orwin, I guess it’s much ado about nothing. My problem is, that whenever appliances in my vicinity suddenly start pulling electricity I literally feel an impulse in my nervous system.. even if motors are not suddenly switching on and off I experience a sensation of flow.. when I walk near these things http://www.city-data.com/forum/attachments/science-technology/61763d1272067907-green-electrical-transformer-boxes-front-yard-powerbox.jpg I literally feel energy interact with my body and eye-floaters which cause a jarring sensation. What type of energy I’m around appears to effect my experience. If I witness someone talking on a cell-phone I can “see” what appears to be photons eminate from between the ear and phone, which again, cause a jarring sensation, which makes me feel annoyed towards technology in general/the people associated with it.

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Stephen, cell phones do cause local heating, and that’s the real health risk. I have a cell-phone sock with Blah! logo, which tells the story. It irritates me too because its wasted energy, from bad memory management, and that seems to mean magneto-hydrodynamic entanglement which probably promotes inflamation, but it all depends on your blood-flow too. I’ve been experimenting with quartz crystal, but when i put it on the sound-system plug in an attempt to cure the dirty power, it started the fridge whining… What we know about these things is dangerous, and the theory business of the last century left a complete mess behind. As for the Forum, we don’t have the critical mass of interest here yet. I think Riviero’s onto something, but it means letting go of bosons as ‘force carriers’ – may the force not be with you then….

      • I don’t think we will get even close to a TOE or GUT until we understand the meaning of space ( space & time ). The current status is a fudgy mess of comprehension and not even the simplest description is available for a text book. Seeking and adding to the list of infinitesimals is this going to change the current knowledge deficit? I wish the concept of spacetime was not proposed in the first place by Prof Minkowski. Space time is a subject which is not thoroughly investigated or defined, in my opinion. So its definition is available for anybody to advise upon, and cannot help but think this is the key…..

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        Strictly speaking, the metric defines space-time and not the reverse. And the metric is just a Pythagorean theorem for things like acceleration and energy where the velocity appears in the second power.

        I was really stuck to find that the Occedelet theorem of the Lyapunov exponent, which measures fractal dimensions, gives only a time-average. Processes branch in time, and with feedback generate these fractal forms, which are intermediate between the classical dimensions. That’s where the classical intuitions give way to Bergson’s vision of a reality that is alive in time.

        In the way here is still A.N. Whitehead with his philosophy of process, but that actually failed and had to be refounded on topology, which gets very technical and all strung-up with structuralism and hype. The Standard Model seems to promise a pure geometry, what with neutrinos as the ultimate pure points of no mass, but that’s just where the Standard Model has now actually caved in, and Tommaso Dorigo is now blogging about the neutrino hunt…

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        In point process theory there is the “innovation martingale” which is the difference between a point process and its compensator. I looked at Whitehead before but it was just.. so dry. Any way check this out, http://www.sheldrake.org/Articles&Papers/papers/morphic/morphic_intro.html “Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields”

      • Orwin O'Dowd says:

        I must say, Sheldrake’s website has smartened up, and its good to see the key debate from Biology Forum. I’ve thought about it hard, and made my own observations about animals and the weather. With animals I prefer the old Arabic notion of wa’hm, which is just the hazard posed by another creature, transmitted as an impact, i.e.a a shock-wave. This is actually the origin of the Medieval intentio, and thus Brentano’s intentionality.

        Behind the Arabs there’s Aristotle’s On Memory and Reminiscence, and a very significant dialogue with Xenocrates on mathematical forms intermediate between mind and the concrete. I believe Cantor picked up that trail, and that’s where your martingales could prove very interesting indeed.

      • Stephen Crowley says:

        Ok maybe I was a bit harsh, Knocking on Heavens Door was pretty good, I just thought it was tacky to specifically hate on people or whatever. Orwin, I like that creature shock-wave idea.. that’s interesting. Also, in the markets, it’s very hard to estimate the impact ones owns actions have, manifesting in uncertainty feedback. I don’t see it as being a problem though, everyone should keep calm and carry on, as they say. 🙂

  49. I managed to write down superconductivity and Meissner Effect into ToEbi. It’s available at the moment from http://www.toebi.com

    There is only short effort to include that Helium II phase 😉

  50. Wes Hansen says:

    Has Phil started moderating comments? I posted a reply to Leo Vuyk’s comment and it says “your comment is awaiting moderation” and the comment failed to appear in the recent comment section. This is pretty damn weird . . .

    • Wes Hansen says:

      So this comment wasn’t moderated; this is really, incredibly weird. Is this evidence in support of TGD theory or did the AI singularity already happen? Is Big Brother monitoring this blog? Or the Brotherhood of Black Magicians perhaps . . .

      • Wes, probably all of the above. They have bots which automatically scrape web comments and throw it into a massive process to do ridiculous primitive word-frequency analysis and then back-cast the “response” based on IP geo-location which can manifest as glitches in the display device it is attached to. Yahoo tried to utilize this effect to “make things pop” or “stand out” on the page but it really turned out to be a very horrible thing for the eyes and confused everyone as to “what was real”. It turns out a lot of people were picking up random wavering of wi-fi signals and thinking something magical was happening or trying to correlate what was appearing on their screens with what was happening in the peripherary with respect to certain electricity distribution devices. They called it “The Grid” and tried to make it seem all utopian. The problem is there is so much damn latency in the system that people start complaning of “lag” and get all anxious… one guy would even press his face as close to the high-def television as possible as if staring at it more was going to inform him of some amazing news or something. It turns out that the majority of the traffic that is getting onto the display devices is irrelevant so in that sense it is like a virus or attack of some sort. It really does depend on what information you consume. Everyone is desperate to “control” the way their “message” is received by the “other end of the communication line”.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Yeah, they have more than just bots; I believe the official code name is “Echelon” (http://www.ncoic.com/nsapoole.htm). . . I have a dog named Spook; he’s constantly sneaking around. I have another named Weirder;I’m convinced she’s a plant as well . . . Why I personally would warrant such scrutiny continues to puzzle me; perhaps in the past I utilized too many words on the forbidden list . . .

    • Orwin O'Dowd says:

      Grief on the Internet (and there’s plenty) is very seldom coming from where you see it. It a classic deceptive appearance issue, forever the happy hunting-ground of fraudsters. Real-time contention for resources is an up-front issue in gaming and there the classic solution is Punkbuster. Something of that protection is built into Windows Gaming Marketplace, which seems to me a much better way onto Windows Live than the regular package – they hit a classic network topology mess with Skype and had to unbundle Messenger, around now. Both on Filehippo.com.

  51. There is a new version available (http://toebi.com/Theory.php) which includes the helium II phase and creeping effect. Now it’s time to relax and take a break from ToEbi development 🙂 Enjoy!

  52. Who is Lisa Randall? I came across a pre LHC DVD from the public library which talked about Hawking and his search for the theory of everything- and Lisa of Harvard was prominent in a few places with comments in that video… this was in 2007. It is a pretty good snapshot of that era of not so long ago… I commented on this in my blog posts of yesterday and some of the ideas as they were presented.

    L. Edgar Otto

  53. vmguptaphy says:

    Comment I
    PicoPhysics may be the theory we are looking for. It is based on single principle ‘Unary Law’, single interaction ‘Unary interaction – Interaction between space and energy’ and ‘unary paricle’ (Photon like actually photon is seen as being composed of two elementary particles K+ & K-. Other particles such as electrons are made up of more than one K particles, exampleelectron has at minmum 6Ks, and mesons 4Ks.

    Continued to Comment II

  54. vmguptaphy says:

    Comment II Review concepts – Potential Energy
    How we reach the destination, depends on how we successful we are able to analyse the past. The concept of Potential Energy will be the first one to be reviewed from past.
    It is not easy for me to specualte on how this concept came into existence in contemporary physics, I know how it was introduced to us in classroom. Evidently the conservation of enrgy breaks when Kinetic energy of falling body is computed by the relation 1/2mv2 as it gains energy from nowhere as it falls to ground. To protect law of conservation of energy, the perm potential energy is introduced. This term then gets applied in many engineering situations (pendulum, tension etc. as well where it looses graviatational expects of the origin. Next when thermodynamics is introduced we the potential energy is ready to be transformed into a new concept of Internal energy. Now the concept of energy, potential and internal energy is used extensively in physics.
    There exists lot of evidence against conservation of energy. Each time we come across this evidence, we have to hypthesize a new theory. Graviatation (Origin of potential energy) is handled in picophysics beautifully as below;
    The energy of radiations from distant stars/glaxies appear to be reduced proportional to the distance. Thus the reduction is proportional to distance traveled in space by the radiated particle (photon). Normal engineering mind will see it as a relaxation time of the system.
    However, science protected energy conservation, Since the experimental evidence can not be denied, the solution found was exploding/accerating/oscillating universe etc. So many theories to explain each new stream of experimental data.
    The simple solution of reading it as relaxation constant of space energy system is lost to science.
    Picophysics defines energy of a particle as the rate of consumption of space by constituting Knergy as logically arrived from Unary law that describes the ineteraction between space and Knergy. The consuption of space by knergy results in gravitational attractive forces experienced among them. It also results in the gradual increase in wavelength of photon as it travereses space. Knergy is Konserved (conservation sans neutralization).
    So space reamins three dimensional (Hetergenous medium), and universe acquires 5 dimensions (3 of space, one cronological, and other magnitude- density of knergy/matter).
    Picophysics directly explains the gravitational attarction and astronimical observations forming the basis of theories of universe such as exploding universe.

  55. vmguptaphy says:

    Comments III (Elemtary Particles)
    Tabulation of elements into periodic table and discovery of atom made science handle scores of similar particles but different. This together with dicovery of nuclear radiations broughts us the concept of ementary particles. Few indivisible identities as constituent of all matter in diverse forms.
    The first of three particles (electron, proton and neutron) were largely successful to answer the questions of chemical & physical properties of matter. Besides these particles in nuclear radiation, a fourth particle (Photons) was known. It will carry any amount of energy and seem to exist just because of energy. This lead us to first use this to re-inforce conservation of energy and relate reactacts and products in nuclear reactions. The linkage between energy of photon released and participating nuclear particles led us to hypothesize avalanche of fundamental particles. Since nature follows defined laws, an observation in one situation can be extended to interpret results in another situation, we havr scores of scores of particles identified to participate in nuclear reaction.
    Picphysics, consider all these particles to be composed of one unary particle ‘K-Particle’. It has two flavors. It is not exactly a particle, since it can not exist by itself alone. But all particles are energy carrying fields are composed of this particle. Photon is most elementary of the particles and composed of K+ and K-. While any free charged particle consists of at least 6Ks. The unit of chare being one third of electronic charge. inside nucleus since degrees of freedom for Ks is two, particles of charge 0,1/3 &2/3 are feasible inside the nucleus. They reply to probably bosons.
    K-particle is nothing but Knergy that is naturaly quantized. Quantization is the result of konservation, the defining characteristic of Knergy.
    All other elementary particles are considered to be result of interaction between space and K-particle. This Unary interaction is defined by Unary law and shown to be similar to refraction of light.
    Picophysics begins with formation of elementary particles from Knergy in Space, Explains the properties of these particles (Including Photons) like graviatational, electromagnetic and corscular properties (interaction with other particles). And finally provides an explaination of decay into low energy density clouds that act as source of Knergy for formation of these elementary particles. The universe (matter, glaxies, stars, decay, Cosmic Background radiations, and gluing to form Knergy clouds) is explained as an equilibrium co-existence state of space and Knergy.

  56. vmguptaphy says:

    Comments IV (Space)

    Space without any physical properties has baffled scientific minds. Over time, it has been assigned different characteristics, as extension of matter, filled with ether fluid, 4 dimensions etc. As human we are trained to identify by distinction. This needs identities to have distinguishable characteristic. Space is an identity without its own characteristics. It is undisputed, that contemporary science has learnt to live with space camouflage.

    The current understanding (at least after Einstein 1910-1950) has been as a mystic 4-dimensional uniform, continuum. In PicoPhysics, Unary Law ‘Space Contains Knergy’ defines space as container of Knergy. It is seen as complementary identity of Knergy. While Knergy is identified with Konservation (Conservation sans neutralization), Unary law defines Space as an identity that is not Konserved. The word Contain signifies the interaction between Knergy and space.

    Konservation answers the evolution question as not relevant. Formation of elementary particles, matter, the universe, collapse into black holes, gradual conversion Knergy from matter back to photons, retardation of photons and gluing to form a floating sea of Knergy in space thus completing the space-Knergy cycle is contained within the Unary law thus defined. Unary includes the basis of Unary particle and Unary Interaction as well.

    (Visit picophysics.org for some material on picophysics)

    • Hello, vmguptahy,

      After reading your posts here I put some commentary on my blog on the theory of which it seems too long to post here. I assume you are suggesting this theory as a theory of everything- so I wanted to discuss among other things your perspective especially from the Eastern traditions.

      I am just a visitor here so comments represent my own from independent study. At first I found it hard to see in depth- but ideas seem to shine through.


      L. Edgar Otto, the Pe Sla

      • One may comment the characteristic of space is its emerging void which orginates from 1 dimension but post emergence has 1+3D

      • vmguptaphy says:

        Thanks Edgar Otto & Edward Johnson,

        Dimensions of an identity pose a challenge for humans to understand. In our daily experience, identification and quantification are sequential processes. The first one is experiencing the identity with all its characteristics followed by comparing it to our experience repository (includes Units). Thus once space is identified, the quantification result to a numeric value (volume).

        Picophysics understands the dimensions in relation to this process of quantification – the number that can be used to represent the quantity of the identity. The number can belong to set of cardinal (KNERGY) or ordinal numbers (SPACE). When represented by cardinal number, it has only 1-dimension. When represented by Ordinal number it can have multiple dimensions. Infinite mathematics (Part of Picophysics) relates dimensions to infinite order of the number representing the quantity of identity.

        (To be continued)

        +1 905 771 0024

      • vmguptaphy says:

        Thanks Edgar Otto & Edward Johnson,


        The issue of dimensions has been discussed in essay at http://fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/1326 under the heading “5-Dimensional Universe”. The universe consists of two interacting identities space and Knergy as per unary law. The interaction result in chronological instants. The three dimensions of space, Knergy magnitude, and chronological dimension together are counted as 5-Dimensions of universe.

        This write-up, also includes the role, set theory and ordinal numbers play in evaluation and interpretation of observations – stating that only a subset of ordinals can be used to represent the magnitude. Each ordinal numberset (among the subset) is distinguished by infinite order identified with dimensions in contemporary physics.

        (To be Continued)


  57. vmguptaphy says:

    Comments IV (Particle Physics)

    A Pico-physicist is a layman in the realm of Particle physics. The contemporary physicist belief in particles as means of exchange forces between corpuscular-matter is not digestible to Pico-physicist. It is hard for him to see the logic of particle physics. When photons are exchanged between a light source (Incandescent light) and human body, we do not experience any force of attraction/repulsion towards light source. While we feel pull of gravity all the time, we don’t feel any exchange with other object. So the concepts of particle physics in contemporary physics are developed to identify, preserve and relate difference observations of natural phenomenon that results in change in characteristic of participants (corpuscular-matter) and need to be further investigation. (To understand and help interpretation Schrödinger wave function.) This is the interpretation of particle physics in Pico-physics.

    If preserve the facts of nature in any communication, due to invariance of nature, we will find the same to be true in many other natural environments. Thus a speculative interpretation of natural event as a particle is bound to be reproduce in many other events and may even be accentuated to circumstances of particular event class.

    With above view of Pico-Physicist on particle physicist, evaluates the current excitement on Higgs Boson .

  58. vmguptaphy says:

    Comments IV (Particle Physics Continued)

    Pico-Physics attempts to bring in order by explaining the action at a distance and wave-particle duality with a different logic based on unary interaction – akin to refraction of light, which in-turn is result of heterogeniety of space, which in turn is result of unary law (Space Contains Knergy). Corposcular matter is result of same phenomenon -refraction (unary Interaction), heterogeneity of space and Knergy (Konservation) from Unary law.

    Thus formation of corposcular matter, and interaction among set of individualized realizations is integrated into Pico-Physics.

  59. vmguptaphy says:

    Acceptance of Higgs Boson as a fact, poses a new challenge to PICO-PHYSICIST. To explain the euphoria created out of statically analysis of experimental results. Invariance principle explains the relationship of seed observation (leading to postulating Higgs Boson) and verifying observation (statistical analysis of CERN experimental result) sits at the core of such explanation. Higgs Boson as carrier of INERTIA is still a mystery to a PicoPhysicist. Since to him, Inertia in a sense is latency to change of space in interaction with inertial object.

    • The level of understanding wherein we are working, in the mainstream of physics is an explanation of our horizon of common sense perceptions and intuitions- we are within mysterious realm of being at the horizon or frontier, each separately or as we intertwine together. This is a distinct stance or view, and part of trying to sort out our theories is on what level we are working. This can be seen in terms of dimensions, energy or what have you as the ultimate concern. Many here are concerned with a higher and more complex level of physic- but this sort of speculation say on the Higgs-like entities will in retrospect seem more engineering that some pointless or imagined assertion of fact. We are hampered to in our lag or resistance as if inertia in learning, that more invariance than absolute. Fate and chance have their place but there is wide new beauty beyond our trap of some idea we need the word to call quantum gravity. Is there something beneath the pico that applies to us- if so how far down?

  60. I saw two interesting articles on science daily which were close to my current ideas in my postings at pesla.blogspot I see Lubos has his usual objections to the variation in light speed as crackpottery… I see the lasing from inside an atom leaving perhaps an emptyness as relavant, explained but not predicted of such abstract geometric structures

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