CMS diphoton result approved

Todays LHCC meeting is currently being webcast and slides are going online here. Colin Bernet presenting the CMS update has confirmed that the crucial diphoton results have now been approved. He said they will be presented at Moriond today but the schedule suggests that it will be tomorrow. This part of the Moriond meeting is not being webcast so we will have to wait for slides to come online for the results.


4 Responses to CMS diphoton result approved

  1. mfrasca says:

    Surely, the data will be presented tomorrow also ad Aspen. The interesting news is that CMS presented first evidence for tau-tau decay there. Even more Standard Model-like. Depressing indeed.

  2. Did I miss it? On the LHCC slides, I couldn’t find any updated CMS gamma gamma results…

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      They were not shown at LHCC. There was a talk about an hour ago at Moriond. Still waiting for the slides from there.

      • anon says:

        On twitter….

        Freya Blekman ‏@freyablekman

        @CMSexperiment #Higgs result at #moriond – now also with press release: . mu is ~0.8 @TaraShears press release soon

        @CMSexperiment Higgs boson in di-photon channel now presented at #moriond No new physics still, actually depressingly close to SM 😦

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