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  1. Thanks for posting the In the spirit of ‘Crackpots Who Were Right Series’. In the spirit of the closing lines “We are confident that one day the “crackpot” who was right will be someone whose contribution is recognised because they submitted their work to us” I refer you to my very very crackpot (but I think actually in the neighborhood of correct) theory of everything: http://s33light.org/SEEES

    Not only do I think that there is almost no chance that my ideas will be considered viable here, but my TOE actually predicts that will be the case, owing to what I might call an Occidental-biased epistemology (not a bad thing, just a ‘You Are Here’ on the spectrum).

    What will be found particularly offensive, I imagine, is that my hypothesis includes the possibility that photons (and maybe the whole subatomic microcosm for all I know) does not so much ‘exist’ as represent a lowest common denominator perception – a kind of quorum sensing for atoms, thus making sensorimotive exchange a cosmic primitive, and turning the entire Copernican revolution upside down at the Classical limit.

    Energy and time are not, in my understanding, physical phenomena, but rather intersubjective phenomena which generate significance (negentropy) with set complimentary physical qualities ( Matter, electromagnetismrelativity, space, = entropy
    Energy, sensorimotiveperception, time = Significance)

    This view opens the door to the development of consciousness and awareness as a negentropic accumulation of experiential events rather than purely a machine function of matter or neurology. I think that it solves the mind/body problem, and frames cosmology, quantum mechanics, and many other disciplines in a new light which has more explanatory power than what we are working with currently.

    By seeing our own naive perception not as a veil of illusion to be overcome in all cases by rigorous scientific debunking, but rather a fragile phenomenological presentation of the ‘interior’ if our inertial frame of the cosmos, we can see both sides of the coin in a more objective and scientific light. As long as we dismiss our subjective experience as metaphysical ’emergent properties’, ‘illusions’, or ‘interpretations’, I think we will continue to miss the elephant in every room. An elephant that is not an mechanical object in space, nor a pseudo-substantial phenomenology like ‘soul’, aether, or phlogiston, but is in fact the sensorimotive correlate which *insists* within or through matter, and whose dynamics are the polar opposite of mechanism.

    This view of energy as least common denominator subjectivity operates subtractively, (as hues of the visible spectrum are subtracted from white light), so that our physics knowledge of ‘energy’ the most literal possible view of this phenomenology. The phenomena, as it scales up through our microcosm and down from our astrophysical macrocosm, loses it’s white-light literalism and allows us to perceive the figurative (metaphorical, multivalent, cumulatively entangled, superimposed, multiplexed, etc) bands of our native experiential palette.

    Existence is in the eye of the beholder, but beholding is a function of existence. The two not only complement each other but they represent two sides of the same coin, a coin which I am calling ‘Sense’. It’s an unusual coin in that the closer you pay attention, the more it reveals that it is a continuum from one side to the other, with graduated regions or quantum steps which mark the progress between subject and object. It appears to be an involuted continuum, with pronounced differentiation in the middle (mundane naive perception) and blending evanescence at the periphery (profound, theoretical esoterica).

    Before you ignore this or freak out – please be advised that I am well aware of my lack of physics credentials, but again, my TOE explains why this kind of view is not likely to come from within physics or any academic discipline. I think that this is precisely my interdisciplinary impartiality which allows me to see this forest instead of tree DNA. I’m sure that’s what all the crackpots say.

  2. sorry for the typos.. crackpot cred I guess?

  3. Russell says:

    I still think Lisi’s right

  4. Paul Sagi says:

    Are the apparently faster than light results due to quantum entanglement or quantum superposition in the experiments? I think nanosecond timing is a bit slow, ppicosecond or femtosecond timing would give a clearer indication of what is happening in the experiments.

    • Paul Hoiland says:

      Or perhaps quantum level selection that pretects chronology will at times select a vacuum condition that allows FTL travel as long as it is forward in time.

  5. Sriharibarre says:

    Atom like Universe

  6. Any chance you could activate an RSS feed for this blog? It would be handy.

  7. pablo says:

    my head hurts

  8. Lovecraft says:

    The Nobel could worthily be awarded to Lene Vestergaard Hau and team for their discoveries in ultra cold Bose-Einstein condensates, slowing light, stopping light, copying light to matter and transferring it back to light, creating the equivalent of a black hole in nano tubes, and research on wave control of atoms.

  9. Mitchell Porter says:

    This book may be of interest to vixrans:


    “The Worldwide list of dissidents scientists”

    Over 1000 pages

    • Philip Gibbs says:

      HaHa I got listed for saying that there are things that can go faster than light in the Physics FAQ. They did not include the bit where I explained that I mean things like shadows.

      It would be better if they said I was a dissident because I say something else such as that causality is emergent, complete symmetry explains the holographic principle, physics is infinitely many times quantised or that energy is always conserved

  10. Tony Colella says:

    Dear Dr. Gibbs,
    My article “Charge, parity, and time violation caused baryogenesis” has the following abstract and Internet link.
    Abstract. There were three charge, parity, and time (CPT) violation arguments which supported each other and this article’s conclusions. First, the CPT theorem was invalid at the Planck scale. Second, highly curved space-times violated CPT because of apparent violations of unitarity caused by incoming matter information disappearance. Third, a quantum mechanics axiom stated the transformation from one state to another respected unitarity and entropy preservation. If quantum mechanics was invalid, both unitarity and entropy preservation were not respected.
    Antonio A. Colella

  11. Tony Colella says:

    Dear Dr. Gibbs,
    My article “The cosmological constant is not a constant” has thefollowing abstract and Internet link.
    Abstract. Our universe’s composition was established by 100 s after the big bang and remained constant for the next 13.8 billion years. Atomic/subatomic matter constituted 4.9%, dark matter 27%, and dark energy 68% of our university’s total energy/mass. Since the cosmological constant was proportional to dark energy density, as our universe expanded both dark energy density and the cosmological constant decreased with time. The cosmological constant problem existed because the Super Universe’s volume was 10120 larger than our universe. Proof of the Super Universe’s parallel universes was via two advanced optical and gravitational observatory techniques.
    Antonio A. Colella

  12. Tony Colella says:

    Dear Dr. Gibbs,
    My article “An Integrated Theory of Everything – Revision A” has the following abstract excerpts and Internet link.
    Abstract excerpts. Via a single string theory solution, an Integrated Theory of Everything (TOE) unified all known physical phenomena from the Planck cube to the Super Universe (multiverse)……………Higgs particles were God particles because they constituted approximately 82% of our universe’s total energy/mass………… The sum of eight Higgs force energies associated with eight permanent matter particles was dark energy…………Dark matter consisted of zinos, photinos, and three permanent Higgsinos. ……Stellar black holes included quark stars (matter) and black holes (energy)…….. In our precursor universe, a super supermassive quark star (matter) instantaneously evaporated, deflated, and collapsed to its associated super supermassive black hole’s (energy) which created our universe…………The prevailing cosmology theory “The Ultimate Free Lunch” satisfied only the third of three laws of physics and should be replaced by “An Integrated TOE” which satisfied all three………The cosmological constant problem existed because the Super Universe’s volume was 10120 larger than our universe……….Intrinsic or structural information was lost in a super supermassive quark star (matter)/black hole (energy) formation and none was emitted as Hawking radiation……… Charge, parity, and time violation caused baryogenesis……….Two steps were required for an Integrated TOE mathematical solution, a fundamental physics step and a two part mathematics step.
    Antonio A. Colella

  13. dissaVek says:

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  14. Steven Meyerson says:

    Notiify me of new posts via email.

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