Science Calendar

Here are some up and coming significant events in science, especially physics, to look forward to. If you know any that are not included, please add a comment.

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  1. […] some advanced warning of predictable events that are likely to feature on this blog, I have added a Science Calendar at the bottom of the right hand column. Suggestions for additions are welcome, but may be ignored. […]

  2. […] Science Calendar   […]

  3. […] Science Calendar   […]

  4. 11-15 July 2012, Euroscience Open Forum 2012, Europe’s largest multi-disciplinary science meeting. From LHC to Stem Cells.

  5. George T. Fleming says:

    You might be interested in this, given other space-related events on your calendar:

  6. BJM says:

    The James Webb Space Telescope project is now “…working to a 2018 launch date.”

  7. Bornerdogge says:

    Curiosity lands on Mars in August. I didn’t find a more precise date…

  8. ondra says:

    According to CERN LPCC calendar there will be CMS LHC seminar on 31st January, with topic Update on Searches for New Physics in CMS, Abstract:
    We present an update on a number of searches for New Physics, including SUSY and Exotica, based on the recent LHC data, up to the full statistics of ~5/fb recorded by the CMS experiment in 2011.

    ,could be interesting. There are also LHCb and CMS seminars scheduled at Fermilab ( at the time of Aspen conference.

  9. BJM says:

    The Dawn mission currently orbiting Vesta will arrive at Ceres in February 2015.

  10. arminrph says:

    I’d like to suggest a couple of conferences on the foundations of quantum theory for your consideration:
    Quantum Malta 2012, April 24-27 and QTRF 6 in Växjö, Sweden June 11-14


  11. carla says:

    The physics run for the LHC starts on April 7th

  12. mfrasca says:

    Update from ATLAS and CMS this week. Thursday for ATLAS.

  13. mfrasca says:

    Possible, I do not know. I have got the information from

  14. Bret says:

    “Science Calendar | viXra log” Bamboo Blinds definitely makes
    me imagine a little bit further. I really loved every particular component of this blog post.
    Regards -Andre

  15. Wes Hansen says:

    I’m a little behind the gun here since this happens tonight but I thought I’d pass it on as it looks interesting: It’s the annual Issac Asimov Memorial debate focused on the existence of nothing and featuring two astrophysicists, two theoretical physicists, and a couple of journalists.

  16. Wes Hansen says:

    I read about this in the newspaper and thought I’d pass it on. This is a link to the University of Pennsylvania/University of California, Berkeley, Aggregative Contingent Estimation Program team (; they’re taking applications for new forecasters. Anyone with a novel fuzzy logic/probabilistic reasoning program may be interested.

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